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Nicoconsd chapter 15 . 4/11
I really enjoyed this different twist. Thanks for such a great adventure. :)
luvyateamedward chapter 15 . 2/26
Wow! Great story! I think my favorite thing about it was that Bella was always had a strong presence. You didn't make her weak despite her being vulnerable at times. Thanks for sharing!
Loveforgreeneyes chapter 15 . 2/16
Lovely Tory.
misstwilight90210 chapter 16 . 2/16
Really enjoyed reading this fanfic!
RoryCullen chapter 15 . 2/15
I really enjoyed reading your story even though I didn’t like a few lifestyle, diet and family choices Edward and Bella made. As I’ve said I really liked getting to know the Volturi better to know that they can be kind and fare and loving and funny with each other at least. I really liked some of the conclusions you came to like that Alice had a vision about how destroyed Bella would be when they all left her. Also that Edward would go back to a Newborn state when he started drinking human blood and his body would need to get used to it again. There were a few other things like that which just made sense. I liked that Edward and Bella were allowed to live in their own home just like they had their cottage house on the Cullen property in the original books. I am from Canada and I enjoyed your story. Thank you.
RoryCullen chapter 14 . 2/14
Isabella Marie Swan Volturi and now Masen and not Cullen because she will never forgive the Cullen’s for siding with Edward over her. I know she left out Swan too which I think is disrespectful and whether she likes it or not Edward has been a Cullen for over two hundred years so yes he is a Masen just like she is a Swan but he is also a Cullen. I think that would be horribly insulting for Edward to give up that part of himself. I find this story fascinating and the writing is very good but I really hate how Edward has been torn from his family, that Isabella cannot forgive the Cullens and that she and Edward have become killers.
RoryCullen chapter 13 . 2/14
Destiny brought them together and made the choice for her to be a part of his supernatural life...I guess that is what Stephenie Meyers was trying to tell us...or certainly in the movies when Bella tells Edward she was destined to be one of them and her connection to Jake being do strong until after Renessme was born. I don’t know though; it seems to me that choice plays a part.

I sure hope Aro doesn’t destroy the receptionist for being impolite with his daughter. Does Isabella ever filter what she says to him? Maybe she should some times.
RoryCullen chapter 12 . 2/14
I still have a hard time hearing Isabella call Aro her father. It is just wrong and she felt that way practically from the start. When Emmett entered the room and heard Rose talking about desiring human blood she would have known he was there from hearing his approach, being close to her mate she would have sensed him and she would have smelled him even before he entered the room. I know you know all that. I was worried that Edward and Isabella would have broken up the family even more by Rose saying she wanted to come with them back to Volterra. Then Emmett would have gone too. Oh boy. Poor Carlisle and the rest of them if they had of left too. Although Edward was always their favourite, Carlisle and Esme’s I mean.

I never thought about what the Volturi are like as persons or on their down time. They have always been portrayed so one dimensionally. I have enjoyed getting to know them as individuals and as people. I love Felix and Demitri when they are not acting out Aro’s commands. Although I won’t kid myself...they do seem to enjoy killing or at least Felix and the twins do. I have also never thought about how Alice would have had a vision about how leaving Bella behind woul affect her. Then if that is the case wouldn’t Edward have been able to see it? I can’t remember anymore...did he leave his family right away after he left Forks? I guess he must have. That’s cool that you came up with that though...Alice having a vision about Bella demise. Makes complete sense that she would know what happened to Bella.
RoryCullen chapter 11 . 2/14
Not sure if you read any of your reviews, but I will still leave them just in case you do. Your chapters are so long; you could make 3 or 4 chapters out of each one and then your reviews would be up around 2,000 for this story. A lot of reviews would draw more readers too. Just a thought I had.

I keep reading this story expecting that something will happen to make Edward and Bella choose a different life for themselves. One where they could rejoin the Cullens and Isabella would grow a conscience and care about humanity again but that just isn’t happening is it. She will have her way and continue to lead Edward astray like some kind of evil temptress. She is responsible for ruining the lives of her parents and the Cullens and all the humans she has enjoyed killing just to feed herself. There is very little of human Bella left in her now. I don’t understand why you had her kill Kebi when she is not one of the guard anymore. I hope something will still happen that will change Isabella back to Bella and Edward can be the Edward he really is down deep.
RoryCullen chapter 10 . 2/13
Edward has sacrificed his morals and ethics for her; I do believe he has given up more than he can bare. He probably thinks he is a monster now. He probably blames himself for the monster Bella has become. She really is nothing like how she used to be when Edward knew her except leaving her dad the way she did does prove she was selfish back then too.
RoryCullen chapter 9 . 2/13
I assumed Edward planned for Bella to find him and they would somehow make it look like they had met their deaths. Originally I thought Aro had Edward imprisoned somewhre but then I thought it was feasible that Edward would need time to figure out how they could be together. Now I’m thinking Edward was imprisoned all along.
RoryCullen chapter 8 . 2/13
So Bella’s body was attuned to everything he did. She just lost her virginity and no discomfort from that at all. That’s good. Too bad he didn’t insist on marriage. Maybe she would of had incentive to return home, if she had to wait for him?
RoryCullen chapter 7 . 2/13
Things have become very interesting. Let me guess, Tanya is talking with Edward?
RoryCullen chapter 6 . 2/13
I can’t imagine Bella’s new promotion going over well with Caius or the Guard. Jane will probably kill her. She will lose her freedom and have to stay in the castle forever. She won’t have the benefit of her mood being altered by Corin - is that his name - so no peace and tranquility for Bella. There will only be boredom. She will not be able to hang around Demitri or Felix anymore. The thing is...Bella could hardly decline their offer even if she wanted to.
RoryCullen chapter 5 . 2/12
I don’t know why, but it doesn’t bother me how savFe she has become. Ark I’m sure did this on purpose putting her through what the others said was an unusually severe punishment. He always does everything for a reason.
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