Reviews for A Torn Heart
NightReader chapter 1 . 10/6/2012
This the the most unreadable effort of fan fiction I've ever seen. Have you ever had an English class that mentioned something called "punctuation"? Obviously not. Also you seem to have no clue to the fact that there are several words that you either spell incorrectly or simply use the wrong word. On your last page alone, you have "corners" when it should be "coroners," and more than once you use "barry" or "barried" instead of "bury" and "buried," and there's "parish" instead of "perish." PLEASE take a class and actually STUDY before putting anything on the web for public consumption again! I couldn't even force myself to the self-torture of reading beyond the first two screens. If you had a decent plot, it got lost in the land of eternal run-ons and abused words. Pathetic.