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Orange3WhiteSkew chapter 16 . 4/20
The wizarding population is sooo messed up and grrrr. Poor Harry and Ginny.
Orange3WhiteSkew chapter 7 . 4/20
. .Umbridge.
Orange3WhiteSkew chapter 5 . 4/20
Just about everyone but Harry is being ridiculous and horrible.
J.T.P2013 chapter 16 . 1/10
It is a good story, a bit confusing but good none the less. I look forward to the next chapter
Senator of Sorcery chapter 16 . 1/7
I must say first that I am deeply impressed. You have a way with words, friend, one that is rarely gifted. This story is incredible, even with a few minor grammar errors, and the emotions feel very real. I can feel Harry's loneliness and the desperation as he's in Azkaban. I can feel Ginny needing people to believe her. It is all so real, I can think of no other word to use but real. I eagerly await your next chapter.
Evangeline the Gothic Angel chapter 16 . 12/21/2014
So... When Sirius and Harry break out of Azkaban are they going to break Ginny out of St. Mungos?
Emerald Stag chapter 16 . 12/20/2014
Nice update! Looks like both kids are stuck in impossible situations left to the mercy of those in charge with not much shred of hope. Does the paper reach Harry so he can see what's happened to Ginny? Is this how Sirius seems wormtail? It'll be interesting to see how you approach the situation you've put them into. Great job.
Selande chapter 16 . 12/20/2014
Ugh - the people in this story that don't believe Harry and Ginny - so infuriating! This is driving me bonkers. Please update! I hope the next chapter throws us a bone though... It's looking so bleak right now. Need a happier chapter!
timefreak chapter 16 . 12/17/2014
Good work.

Love the plot twists and characterization.

I hope you flesh out your characters and properly develop them.
PrettyGirl07 chapter 1 . 12/16/2014
Hey, I love the way you are portraying the working of the wizarding world, I always wondered what would happen if the Potters were more like Blacks or Lily in Slytherin bcs of Gryfin Slytherin conflicts, I realised that I had never reviwed this story until even though it was in my favs:)
davi chapter 16 . 12/16/2014
Please Review! you want us to review!
We will all be old and grey by the time Harry and Sirius escapes Azkaban.

You have to update 100 times faster. This is one of the best stories right now and you update once in 5 years!
Lilykees chapter 16 . 12/15/2014
Please let Harry and Sirius excape and resue Ginny. Then they all disappear.
sirenmergirl chapter 4 . 12/15/2014
I'm going to start a nasty rant here, so if you don't want to read it, just skip it:

I'm getting tired of Dumbledore being depicted as a controlling/manipulative/evil asshole. He kept secrets... so that if his plans went south, all the blame would fall on him. He screwed up a lot: believing that his students were safe while the PS was in the castle, didn't get Harry to fess up about the hissing voice sooner, believing Sirius was guilty just like everybody else... but he regret each and every one of his mistakes. He tries to protect Harry from his fate by keeping the prophesy secret and having friends and the Order keep track of him, but with Sirius's death, realizes that Harry's fate is inevitable. Harry wants to fight the moment Voldemort comes back, and it takes a year for Dumbledore to finally break down and start using Harry as a chess piece in the war (with Harry's complete awareness and acceptance). Ultimately, the piece he ends up sacrificing is himself. He left the choice of sacrificing Harry up to... Harry.

People give Dumbledore way too much credit for all the crap that happens to Harry... he's not God, he can't protect Harry from everything, and if it weren't for him, Harry probably would have died a lot sooner (with his luck being the way it was). I think the theories that he master manipulated Harry into facing Voldemort in PS and the like are complete BS. Even during the GoF, in which Harry was used as bait for the then unknown enemy, Dumbledore couldn't protect Harry from competing because of the contract the goblet forced on him—he had to sit there and watch Harry struggle to survive, believing that Moody was protecting him. Dumbledore was also extra harried in that book, so with everything else going on, he slips up and Harry falls into Voldemort's clutches. Rowling made Dumbledore her powerful Merlin-like character, but how can Harry face the obstacles he needs to in order for the story to progress with such a powerful force protecting him? Easy: make it screw up, keep it busy, then kill it off. I admit, Dumbledore does manipulate circumstances... but in the best way possible, and in the end, his most risky plot ultimately saves the day. And he has never forced anyone to bite off more than they could chew, all of his soldiers did their part willingly and in full awareness... but he does f*ck around with Lucius, Umbridge, Slughorn, and the Ministry (and we love him for it).

And don't get me started on the Dursley thing. It was never mentioned that Harry was beaten or starved to death, and I don't know much about 1980's British child protection laws, but I'm guessing the case against the Dursleys would have been somewhat weak, in both Muggle and Wizarding world, and certainly not enough to take him away from them due to child abuse. Fact: He was neglected, verbally abused, unappreciated, and unloved. Also fact: Harry NEEDED to stay in Petunia's home—no other house would have hidden him from the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters, and who knows how many of them searched for him during his childhood. And I fully believe Arabella did her job and reported that he was somewhat healthy and mentally stable, though suffering from misery and boredom daily. Dumbledore could have had Remus or someone visit Harry to comfort and support him, but then Harry's cover might be blown, Remus had enough burdens to worry about, and Harry would have to suffer knowing about the world of which he couldn't be a part of until he was eleven (knowing Harry's personality and Rowling's patterns, this excuse is viable and expected, though not accepted by every reader).

*IMPORTANT*: I understand that you probably changed Dumbledore on purpose for the sake of your story... this doesn't mean I can't be ticked off about it, especially since this is about the hundredth time I've crossed this cliche, and now I'm taking my frustration out here. I promise I don't hate you, I just don't particularly like where this fanfiction is going.

Okay, rant over.
AwesomeA13 chapter 16 . 12/14/2014
I really, really like your story. Sirius is heartbreaking and so very well written. I am literately feeling frustrated with everyone for not listening to Ginny even after they gave her Veritaserum. Sigh. I really hope Harry gets out of Azkaban soon! Keep it up, you're doing fantastic!
Guest chapter 16 . 12/13/2014
Lovely chapter. Rather short though! Are you planning on updating more regularly from now on?
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