Reviews for The Two Champions
Jordansdevil chapter 3 . 9/1
Love the singer reference
DaSalvatore chapter 10 . 8/12
My only complaint about this story? I wish it was a full-length tale rather than the skips you wrote simply because of how great you managed to tie everything together and make the Hawke's family unit fit around Harry. Well done.
Kittens Kat chapter 10 . 6/15
Awesome Story! Thank you!
fandomwatcher77 chapter 10 . 6/12
OH! please write the Iron Bull/Draco story. I think I would laugh my ass off !
Mystical-Elf-Of-Sorrow chapter 10 . 5/17
Absolutely amazing story. I adored it
jen71Lumos chapter 4 . 4/21
OMG I nearly choked laughing when I read the line about scorched nobles! Hah! Great writing. Even though I'm old and uncool, therefore not knowledgeable about this Age of Dragons story, I'm loving this crossover!

Jenlumos71 (reading 4-21-2017)
vampire moonlight chapter 10 . 4/10
this was a great story! thanks for writing it!
thing1jack chapter 10 . 3/26
oh my God write Draco with the iron bull please
Foxdenrider chapter 10 . 3/6
So much fun to read! Now of course I'm craving more DAxHP xovers so thanks lol
Guest chapter 7 . 2/17
Snape...Fenris-talking in the same room...Think I died for a moment.
mokona-pyuh chapter 10 . 2/2
A very nice story, with a nice tone and a good scenario. I like how you linked the HP world with the DA world, and I'm kind of in awe of how well you managed this story.
I really liked it, so thank you for this amazing read, thank you for writing it and for sharing it with us !
Cheers !
Lavonya chapter 10 . 1/13
Haaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaa... I would of LOVED to read a story of those two together!
LunarisDraconis chapter 9 . 1/7
Why, why do good things have to end?
Madd Madds chapter 10 . 1/3
I absolutely loved this story! If you do write Draco's adventures i'd love to read them too!
peachgrl44 chapter 10 . 12/22/2016
Omg, beautiful ending! And a story about Draco as the Inquisitor? 1000000/10 would definitely read.
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