Reviews for Puella Magi Yūko Magica
eacox1787 chapter 17 . 56m
Wow, I thought the white-haired boy in Madoka's dreams might be Kyubey as a human, but I didn't think my guess would be right!
eacox1787 chapter 13 . 4h
I'm so happy that poor little Yuma was saved, and is with kind adults now! :)
eacox1787 chapter 12 . 5h
Wow, so little Nagisa gets another chance at life, I wasn't expecting that twist at all! This story is awesome.
eacox1787 chapter 7 . 8h
I don't get it, how was "natural waving" a pun?
eacox1787 chapter 6 . 9h
Well, these Wish Coins are a cool addition. It's like a video game, where the monsters turn into money when you defeat them. And they can actually get another wish with these coins, that's a pretty big change.
eacox1787 chapter 5 . 9h
So, Kyubey is a cute and cuddly magical girl mascot in this universe, but the nasty Kyubey from the old universe is still around and wants revenge. How exciting! In the scene where Homura is outside the guidance councilor's office, it says "bug" where it should say "big", but that's the only major error I saw.
eacox1787 chapter 4 . 11h
This story is pretty interesting so far. The last word of the German sentence at the beginning didn't translate when I typed it into Google Translate, what does it mean?
Kyogre chapter 2 . 11/7/2016
You've probably heard this before, but Homura's name doesn't need the line over the "o" since it's not a long vowel. And you have it as "Yuuko" with a long yu in the title, but as "Yukko" with a small tsu at the top of the chapter.
amimai002 chapter 18 . 8/6/2016
A very nice light hearted storry
Xyzantylzethyrioses chapter 15 . 4/28/2015
I can't identify with the villains in this story.

The original universe's Kyubey was working to prolong the universe. He didn't really care that anyone got hurt, but yeah his methods were fairly humane other than making contracts without giving all the information. He didn't try to build up Madoka; since his memory was wiped in every reset, he was just trying to go for the best energy sources available (Madoka) each time. He wasn't planning ahead. He didn't set up Walpurgisnacht to make Homura go through the loops and build up Madoka; it was just there.

These villains have the emotional capacity to actually care about what they're doing, and seem to have an absurd amount of control over time and universes. Seems like they just want to be evil for the heck of it. Doesn't really make for an engaging conflict.
Xyzantylzethyrioses chapter 11 . 4/27/2015
Shoes. Cool. Actually making the random useless enemies interesting.
Xyzantylzethyrioses chapter 9 . 4/27/2015
Everyone seems much less OOC in this chapter. And non-English is mostly explained. Nice.
Xyzantylzethyrioses chapter 8 . 4/27/2015
Appropriate character detail.
Xyzantylzethyrioses chapter 7 . 4/27/2015
The heck? Healers are better in France?

Why can't Sayaka try to be friendly?

The elements stuff doesn't feel right. Maybe I'll like it eventually.
Xyzantylzethyrioses chapter 6 . 4/27/2015
Well, let's see...
The multiple languages are rather distracting. Sure, Madoka Magika is originally Japanese and some Japanese words are familiar to many fans, but I can't the symbols and I'm sure most other readers can't either. If it's foreshadowing or subtitles, it seems pretty useless. If it's actually important... well, you can't copy-paste stuff from fanfiction, so that really sucks.

So far, the lore of the world is much less engaging to me than the original Madoka Magica universe, or even Madokami's universe or the post-Rebellion universe. Maybe it'll get better? Dunno. Some changes seem really unnecessary.

Wish coins... can't say I'm a fan.

Also, quite a few typos in this chapter (and maybe the previous one). They look like they were incorrectly "corrected" by some sort of spellcheck, so it's probably hard to find...
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