Reviews for Harry Potter and the Escape to New York
Zucht413 chapter 35 . 7/20
Please, please finish this story.
Tarix chapter 26 . 6/17
There is no character development on Harry's, Fleur's or Miones side last ten chapters or so. Especially the girls are like some static background figures.
Tarix chapter 9 . 6/16
I like Fleur in this story.
Runecutter chapter 27 . 6/14
Whow. Dumbledore has clearly lost his marbles. What "good" can ever come from steeping so low?

All in all the mirror scene was a strong imagery, but it bordered often on too strong language and emotional messages to feel really comfortable. The triad magic reminded a bit of "Charmed" concepts and the idea that intent makes up for missing spells or rituals and power and a good idea what you want to do are half the magic already works out beautiful... if only the whole thing had not quite seemed so blown out of proportion. I fear that while the result (both Vincent feeling more connected in himself to both of the halves of his life and those around him, close and more distant, starting to accept that he HAS to be both these parts to make up the vincent they've leaned on for so long already) is appreciable, the method to go there has crossed over into railroading and the heavy handed approach to achieve it (too many comments of doom for example) has not bettered the story but harmed it a bit.
LuxEterna1 chapter 32 . 4/24
you know why is hermione always titled as lady granger potter but harry is at the same time only mister wells and not lord black either the british titles mean something in america then harry should be regarded as lord potter wells or they dont care about it and hermione would only be mirs granger potter (same applies to the chapter before ps why was/is it a problem for an agedifference of 4 years between gabrielle and jacob but no problem with atleast 3 years between harry and fleur?)
PenNam chapter 35 . 4/9
This is a really good story. Just picked it up two days ago. Finished today. Really looking forward to the final chapters. Thank you for your writing, all of you.
Guest chapter 5 . 4/6
If there is a place in the universe of total absolute filth and scum then that is where the soul of Albus Dumbledore dwells.
atymer chapter 35 . 3/30
I hug myself in satisfaction. Hats off to the jury. lol Take that you psycho old coot!
thekingofsweden1 chapter 35 . 3/24
Just came across this story, and it is utterly enthralling. A must read, and I certainly hope it gets completed, though I would recommend regardless.

Excellent character development, especially for the Beauty and the Beast characters, and a plot that draws you in. Bravo.
thepkrmgc chapter 2 . 3/21
unless its the new york equivalent of neverwhere's london below im not familiar with this iteration of the classic tale
thepkrmgc chapter 1 . 3/21
interesting take on dumbles, and in a world of magic, a childs wish is a powerful thing
ilanit.harary chapter 35 . 3/15
thank god he wasn't set free cuz i would've killed him with help from the girls.
ilanit.harary chapter 6 . 3/12
poor siri
ilanit.harary chapter 1 . 3/12
can i just kill dumby? please?
Bronze chapter 35 . 3/5
I know not when this was posted but I finished reading up to this point on 3/6/2015. I hope you have the final chapter up fairly soon as I hate to see this die at the final chapter. You had a damn good story going here and kept me coming back to read all of it. I hope you and you partners can make you separations work out and find a way to continue your work together.
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