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serus black antihumannature chapter 36 . 11/28
good work i find this to be a breath of fresh air there where a few mistakes saying people where in other squdes recovering when thay where in squad 4 also i thought u would not make izen want to become the soul king just kill yamoto and zero squad and honstly if izen did not want to become the sole king in canon then he would have bin the good guy but the best case sanaruo is if ishida ichiogo tuski orahemaie start a revolution after the fight with izen
OrionRaiju chapter 36 . 11/26
Brilliant chapter, I'm glad to see that they're of healthy lengths. I also like how you handled the Espada this time around, at least in regards to Nel. I'm also gonna guess that you added Luppi in too, knocking Aaroniero and Szayel out. Considering Yammy's post release strength it makes sense to keep him permanently at No. 10 (if that is in fact what you did). Anyhoo, I look forward to the next chapter.
reality deviant chapter 36 . 11/26
This updated! finally.

And i mislike your take on Urahara, very much.
Fellowman chapter 1 . 11/25
*Sees Ichiruki fanfic* Finally, I found one!
Scarease chapter 36 . 11/25
Good comedy at the end happy to see a update .
NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 36 . 11/24
... I would totally watch a show of Aizen and his throne being dropped in Westeros.

Anyway, that one was quick! Good job, guys! And things are progressing quite nicely, I must say. I especially liked the conversation between Ichigo and Tatsuki, it really... I want to say, "humanize them", but that'd imply they weren't before, which definitely wasn't the case. Let's just say I found the whole thing highly relatable. Aizen's meeting was quite nice to see too - though I must say, I didn't expect Ulquiorra, of all people, to make a snide remark while unprompted; I felt like he was a bit too passive for that. Also, pretty intrigued by the brief focus on Hinamori - is she thinking of providing psychological counselling to Grimmjow? That'd be a sight to see.

The Vizards showing up was to be expected, but I do wonder what role they can have in the narration. Leaving aside the fact they were almost useless in canon, I feel like that, thanks to Kubo's habits of fighting writer's block by throwing a dozen new characters in the narration, they come in play a bit too late to really be engaging, and are more distracting from the already established characters you want to see more off than anything. Nonetheless, it should be interesting. also, I see that the division zero was mentioned. I'll be honest, I half-hoped they weren't a thing in this fic, because while I was a bit skeptical of the Vizard's utility in canon, I do believe squad zero was an utter waste of space - part of the blame for that can be attributed to the rushed ending, but in general, almost everything in their characters and the way they were introduced annoyed me. Nonetheless, since this story has been improving canon since day 1, I can stay optimistic toward their future introduction.

And I realize that with each passing chapter, I'm rooting for Aizen more and more. Well, rooting is a strong word, but he seem to benefit from the underdog syndrome, which is pretty strange. It's just that with the Gotei, the Vizards, Urahara & co and the Karakura wonders arrayed against him (and his own auxiliary Fullbring forces quickly dispatched), he seems to be in such a de-favourable position that I can't help but wonder how he'll manage to at least make the good guys sweat. (plus, omake!Aizen is the best)

Anyway, keep up the good work, and see you soon!
KingPlotBunny chapter 2 . 11/3
ok this is hilarious reminds me of what Bleach was in it's early days with the teen comedy and character interaction mixed with action before it became nothing but overly long fights and training for the sake of fridging and to be fair to GKR pretty much all the non-Shinigami were unimportant generally they weak and there fights ended with them getting hurt and rescued by a Captain so no shame in killing off Chad
Cheek chapter 1 . 10/22
Two things to fix Bleach.

Keep Ichigo firmly rooted in the modern/real world. All the shinigami are old af. Rukia is a relatively new shinigami and she's 150 years old. Ichigo as the stranger in a strange land is something that was lost early on in Bleach.

Change Ichigo's Bankai. Forget about hollow masks, quincy powers, and every other gimmick that was basically unimaginative rip offs of super saiyan. Make Ichigo's growth directly correspond to his understanding of his sword. To make this work you need to change Ichigo's Bankai to something complex and interesting. Super speed is boringly straight forward. Ineffective, ineffectual super speed is fucking stupid.
Mondtanz chapter 15 . 10/16
I'm just rereading this and couldn't help but notice the similarities between "Tsuki no Kizu" and "Kaze no Kizu". Coincidence? I don't think so
artfully chapter 35 . 10/15
well that was a sledgehammer.

good fighting scenes.
Lord22 chapter 35 . 10/14
Okay so there was good development for Rukia and Ichigo in this chapter. The fights didn't drag on and I knew what was going on. However I have some concerns.

As of this moment, with the Fullbrings getting wiped out and Grimmjow's failed attack Aizen has suffered two defeats. Moreover the soul reapers haven't suffered a single casualty as of yet. I really hope you aren't going to go the canon route where all the Soul Reapers survive and all the Espada die, because that took all the tension out of the story. A villain with no victories is not to be taking seriously, whether they planned it all or not.

In the next engagement between the Soul Reapers and Arrancar I really think you should kill someone. Maybe several someones. And possibly someone major. This will instantly add a lot more suspense to the story, as we'll no longer be certain everyone will make it out alive, and we'll also be able to take the villains more seriously.

Anyway, that is just me. Take my advice or leave it as you see fit.
jcampbellohten chapter 35 . 10/12
I like how a couple good guys way weaker than their opponents only sneaked out a win by getting really lucky. I also like how, in that way and other ways, you're so far showing that the arrancar are just as strong as they were initially hyped to be in canon before the protagonists' plot armor nerfed them. I eagerly anticipate finding out how you break out of the corner Kubo painted himself into.
The Lone Revenant chapter 35 . 10/11
thank you for updating. i look forward to more posts and i really enjoy this fic.
FireVentus chapter 16 . 10/11
Ya know, if Orihime did anything a fraction close to what happened here, there would be truckloads LESS salt about the ending...that includes me.
reality deviant chapter 35 . 10/11
this is...different.
I dont know if Nell being still an espada here is better or worse. but i do hope she wont end up an enemy and dead, here.
also kinda hoping grimjaw will get to outlive aizen. i kinda like the angry cat... from a distance.

Will there be a nonhostile/friendly arrancar for Ichigo to meet at the hueco mundo arc? i hope so.
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