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Uraharaisgod chapter 20 . 11h
Slight personal issue here. If this really is a non-Hollowfication Ichigo, his Bankai abilities would not be Black with Red, but Black with Blue. His original Bankai power was depicted with a pale blue aura surrounding it's black reiatsu, it wasn't until the Hollow appeared that it manifested the red edges.

After he suppressed it, against Byakuya his reiatsu returned to black with pale blue during their final clash, but distorted back to red edges when the hollow impeded later against Grimmjow, and became permanently red after he became a full Vaizard.

Blue represented his early stage powers (and later was retro-conned into Quincy influence from young Yhwach), while red represented the Hollow influence. If your truly doing a non-Hollow Ichigo, his reiatsu and the Kuroi Getsuga should now show black/blue if Old Man Zangetsu is his true Zanpakuto.
Uraharaisgod chapter 18 . 11h
Lol, Isshin arrives and the first thing he does is just upright calls him son, and Ichigo doesn't even realise what it means. I'm curious if Isshin is just going to keep it up, constantly referring to him as son with Ichigo being none-the-wiser due to their different family names. Would be a magnificently trolly thing for him to do, keep him in the dark while outright proclaiming their family relation to him and anyone who asks with nobody actually twigging it.
Uraharaisgod chapter 17 . 12h
Philosophers stone...and Alucard's Zero Seal Release Incantation...oh god, this is not gonna be good.
Uraharaisgod chapter 16 . 12h
Glad somebody finally remembered that Orihime is meant to be an equivalent of a black belt Karate user (according to Tatsuki), so very rare to find any fanfics where she gets to use it
Tomon chapter 32 . 7/18
Honestly the only negative is how the Fullbringer had zero plan for any escape. They knew they may be found out, was afraid of it but... didn't prepare anything? Oh and course Tatsuki, she is pretty much always a negative but on that it's going to be you who disagree ;)

Otherwise good chapter.
travler66 chapter 32 . 7/9
Xcution Status: Fucking Annihilated
Stepford Smiler chapter 32 . 7/7
Whoops, I meant "Darkness Induced Audience Apathy". I guess I was too quick to post that last post. :l
Stepford Smiler chapter 32 . 7/7
To Lord22's review I will say that I didn't even think of "Darkness Induced Apathy" as an item for by previous "Trope Observation/Application list" and agree that it may fittingly describe things perfectly.
The question is then, is it Ichigo or us reading audience that shall become more affected?
Guest chapter 32 . 7/7
Lol great chapter. I'm getting sick of Tatsuki, but if this is the purpose or a clash between friends, then great job nonetheless.
Guest chapter 27 . 7/7
Great chapter, not really fond of Tatsuki butting in between a father and son moment. She wasnt ooc but Ichigo should have told her to butt out.
Troll King chapter 32 . 7/7
Oh wow, how BLOODY hilarious is it that you release this chapter with notes complaining about the use of the Fullbringers in canon when the very next day the manga updates with them of all people being the ones to "rally Ichigo from the brink of true despair" as of Bleach 681! XD

I wonder if Bleach will be over with by the time you guys next update. :P
Lord22 chapter 32 . 7/7
Well this chapter was good. A bit startling and disappointing, actually, as I had hoped the Fullbrings would have a greater part to play in events. Kisuke Urahara just keeps coming up with new ways to make me hope Aizen removes his eyes ears and tongue. I really hope he dies before the end of this story. Soi Fon at least, is simply a professional, and I don't find her effortless defeat of the unupgraded Fullbrings to be entirely implausible. One of the things I liked about this story most is the fact that the Captains are more of a force of nature than a traditional enemy. They really do feel unstoppable, and I look forward to the Espada.
I can't help but feel as though Tatsuki was taking this thing a bit too cool, but I get that she's supposed to be the Blue Oni to Ichigo's red.
Still I can't help but feel as though the last couple chapters were somewhat wasted. Maybe its because there was such a large amount of time between them, but it really seems like the Fullbrings could have been picked off one by one or something. I mean we go through all that buildup to establish them and they just die off a chapter later. The only thing which has come of this arc has been Ichigo becoming more alienated from the Soul Society, and in particular Kisuke Urahara. At this point Ichigo and co DON'T at some point end up working for Aizen, this entire arc will feel like a red herring. Kind of like all that foreshadowing about how the Soul Society was an awful place in the original story. Actually now that I think of it one of the big problems with the original bleach was that long running subplots frequently didn't go anywhere, and Kisuke and the Soul Society being major league designated heroes is has been present throughout the whole plot of this fic. As of this point Darkness Induced Apathy has really set in for the main protagonists, and I think it would be hilariously karmic if at some points they withdrew support at a critical moment.
On a separate note, I regard this engagement as a loss for Kisuke, and what will be his downfall is that he does not realize it. To sum up, he gained two mediocre subordinates, who are quite likely to screw him over for revenge at the first opportunity, and alienated some of his best subordinates with his ruthless sadism. If Ichigo defects to another side, its entirely possible and even likely that Isshin will as well. Its almost certain that the five man band will defect as well.
From what we've seen of Urahara's resources the chances are good that such a loss would be devastating towards his options. He'll have Yoruichi and thats it. Worse still, Ichigo doesn't necessarily have to defect to Aizen to no longer work for Urahara. He could just choose to keep working for the Soul Society, and oppose Kisuke's revolution. Rukia is on the Gotei 13 side, after all, and she has no reason to support Urahara. Isshin would probably not be willing to fight his son, so that could more or less take him out of any plans. Ichigo is far more important to the continued success of Urahara's plans than he would like to admit. At least thats how it seems to me.
On a separate note, its been awhile since I've read this story. Will Ichigo be getting a hollow mask at any point, or will this be AU in that regard. Or has he already gotten one, and I'm too lazy to reread.

One more thing: Am I the only person who thinks that Aizen would make a much better King of the Top than Kisuke? He just seems like a much more pleasant, less insane, and dare I say it, more moral individual.
artfully chapter 32 . 7/7
I am so glad that you are still around
Stepford Smiler chapter 32 . 7/6
Some observations:

"Gray on Gray Morality";
"Silly Rabbit, Idealism is for Kids!";

Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest have always been the way the world works!

But what else to expect in a "Grim" tale like this?
Back to watching the real world news for more of the same! :)
Scarease chapter 32 . 7/6
quit interesting.
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