Reviews for So Very Happy
Takani-sensei's Nurse chapter 22 . 3/26

Thanks for the updates! Congrats on your acceptance! Takani-sensei would be very proud! hehehe;)
EndlessLoveEternally chapter 22 . 3/24
Congratulations on getting into the nursing program! That's so scary and stressful when you're applying! Love the story also! CONGRATULATIONS.
Szahara again chapter 21 . 2/19
I think you wanted to say at the end there: a complete one-eighty. A 180 degree turn is an about-face, 160 is I don't even know what... Unless this is a phrase I don't know, in which case sorry. :)
This is a good series, I like the different drabbles. Such a cute pairing, good job.
Takani-sensei's Nurse chapter 20 . 2/14
Incorporating real events into "reel" events! I would agree that any child or a doctor's would even have the MMR and varicella immunization. But hey, natural immunity is still the best, right? I think this fic was very realistic!
EndlessLoveEternally chapter 21 . 2/13
rdex chapter 20 . 2/7
Okay, this is beyond cute! I loved the warm and fuzzies it gave me! haha I'd have to agree, those kids would have their vaccines!
Takani-sensei's Nurse chapter 19 . 2/6
i think this was a sad yet very suitable scenario on how couples handle tragedies in their lives. Good job!
I also commend you on your metaphor! You are truly an "otaku!"
rdex chapter 19 . 2/2
Wow, that was sad. I loved the line that spoke of the baby having so much of his parents' love even before his birth.
Takani-sensei's Nurse chapter 18 . 1/24
Notaro in da haus! (literally)
Adelaide MacGregor chapter 18 . 1/24
Aww, I'm such a sucker for a dog. And even better Megumi, Sano and Notaro!
Crystal chapter 18 . 1/23
Aww! Notaro's actually in the series, right? This was adorable. You should have artwork for each of these chapters. I wish I were an artist - I'd totally draw you covers and chapter illustrations! Maybe in another life!
rdex chapter 18 . 1/23
That was super cuuuute. I totally thought 'Sano' initially. ;)
EndlessLoveEternally chapter 18 . 1/23
So cute! Haha! I saw what you did there! Making us think it was Sano when it was really Notaro. Super cute!
Adelaide MacGregor chapter 17 . 1/22
Lovely! Very well done, and I loved the time periods you chose!
Crystal chapter 17 . 1/6
This was such a sad story! But I'm glad they finally found each other at the end. Thanks for the good ending!
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