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Kesterpan chapter 16 . 11/22/2012
Yikes. Poor Tony... horrible dream, reliving the accident with such an altered outcome.

I found Abby's reaction to Tony's need to be protective in the face of that dream very interesting... I'm glad she toned down the independence a bit to help him, but I'm wondering of her initial annoyance actually masks insecurity on her part. Not about being in such a complex relationship so much as worrying that they'll never let her be herself... she's such an independent and strong woman in so many ways, it seems as if she's got to have that in the back of her mind, even if their behavior is understandable given what could have happened.

I absolutely loved Gibbs here - he asked for Tony's advice, he was supportive, he was a subtle rock for both of them. Also loved Tony not hiding anything from Gibbs, taking the initiative to talk to him openly about the nightmare and about Abby. Certainly bodes well for that part of the threesome!
Gibbsredhoodie chapter 15 . 11/20/2012
Firstly, I second the notion that Gibbs looks that good in hoodies...especially a certain red colored one...*flails* I love the image of Abby snuggling up to him after her bath too and his thoughts on how beautiful she looks. Love this...Gibbs kissed his way across her cheek to bury his head in her neck, inhaling deeply as he nuzzled her skin, the scent of whatever body wash she'd used in the bath tickling his nose. "God, Abbs... you smell good."

And I love Gibbs licking her pulse point and her reaction, then both men smelling her...there was a lovely playfulness to the moments but also a tenderness that just made me sigh.

Loved the exchange between Abby and Gibbs with her wanting some gel on her and him getting his first look at her back and that tattoo, I think you really captured his longing and him really being lost in her. Though it would’ve been a struggle for the poor guy and I think it says a lot about the type of man he is that he’ll put her above this...Gibbs leaned forward to press a gentle kiss over centre of the cross on her spine, and Abby gave an involuntary gasp at the soft touch of his warm lips...Gibbs pulled back, trying to concentrate on what she'd asked him, not what his own body was urging him to do.

There was so many emotions wrapped up in such a simple thing of him rubbing some gel on her and it was almost as if time stopped while he was looking at her and touching her, so I think you did a great job in conveying the magnitude of the moment they were having, despite what it was they were actually doing.

Like how you’re still touching on the moments on individual jealousy and awkwardness that they’re having too, cos that’s gonna take time to get used to for all of them. I do love the teasing between them though and it comes across so naturally, and I suppose a lot of that is from knowing each other so long and having been able to do that as friends, so you’ve carried it across into this new relationship as things continue to progress between them.

Think you’re doing a great job of mixing in serious issues, but making the combination of everything flow so well and seem completely naturally, and I like how Abby sees things from their point of view too...she might not be completely happy about them fussing but she can see why and is willing to tolerate it for a bit longer because of that. And when she sees Tony’s bruising, you blend the seriousness and humor wonderfully, love the comment about the tattoos on their butts! :p

And seriously, them getting ready for bed had me sighing and flailing all over the place...and the Gibbs buffet is one I want to permanently eat at, like every meal LOL But the whole ending was just beautiful, Abby curling up to Gibbs and him letting his guard down with Tony, truly wonderful that all three of them are finally together and get to rest and hold each other...think I’m gonna be sighing until the next chapter :p
Guest chapter 15 . 11/18/2012
update soon please
Kesterpan chapter 15 . 11/18/2012
Great job continuing the intimacy with this chapter. I know it's tough on poor Gibbs, but I think in the long run the way they're easing into the relationship will be a good thing.

Love the banter about sniff-a-thons and passing out! And then there's that little bit of envy from Gibbs about Tony's and Abby's shared past... you didn't make a huge deal out of it, but it's very real that it exists. And the way their working out their dynamic... there's a swing from Tony/Abby focus to Abby/Gibbs focus to Tony/Gibbs... again, very real. I also like that Abby's got those little moments of annoyance still... perhaps seeing Tony's bruises will help her understand where the guys are coming from. It's actually an interesting contrast... the intimacy, warmth, and togetherness offset by those reminders of what could have happened. No wonder Gibbs feels off balance!

The ending to the chapter was possibly my favorite part - Tony taking on the role of protector and being a rock for Gibbs. Something we don't get to see enough of! Also very revealing that Gibbs is letting himself be vulnerable and so clearly in need of the support... I'm wondering if it's because of the new relationship and that's how he is when he loves and trusts someone enough, or if it's also a side-effect of their injuries following the accident and whether he'll revert to type, at least somewhat, once the immediacy of that fear has faded away.
Ron's Sweetie chapter 15 . 11/18/2012
Please update soon
ncislove chapter 15 . 11/18/2012

And yes, I do think you enjoy making me, er, all of us wait!

Loved Tony getting to be the strong one at the end where Gibbs was finally letting some of his vulnerability shine through. Interesting to see him take the lead on comfort, as it's so often the other way around.

Love, love, love.
CindyCinlou555 chapter 14 . 11/16/2012
They are really thinking of eachother at every turn. To my shock I'm really enjoying their realtionships.
Guest chapter 14 . 11/14/2012
now I believe u r holding back the good stuff on purpose lol update soon please
Talldi chapter 14 . 11/16/2012
So sweet. Am looking forward to the next chapter!
Gibbsredhoodie chapter 14 . 11/14/2012
Love how you started the chapter with them trying to settle into this new life together, could just picture them all sprawled out and comfy together and the image of Gibbs and Tony trying to fit on that couch was hilarious. There was some really wonderful humor in there, loved this... "Stop fidgeting, Tony," grumbled Gibbs. He wrapped one arm around Tony's back, trying to anchor him in place, while holding Abby's waist with his other hand as she hovered over them. He grinned up at her. "I'll pitch him on the floor if ya like and there'll be more room."...*LOL love Tony’s response too*

And if I was Abby and had the choice of all this...’Not interested in watching the game, Abby divided her time between dozing, wrapped up warm and safe in Gibbs' arms, or stroking and tickling Tony's neck until he laughingly batted her hand away, or luring Gibbs into a make-out session, squealing when Tony turned to swoop in for kisses from both of them’...I can assure you I wouldn’t be interested in any game on tv either, she’s a smart one :p I really love the gentle intimacy that you've started to develop between them. Don’t think I missed that neck nuzzling either...*sigh*

Poor Gibbs, having to refuse to share a bath with Abby cos of her injuries...that took some super human effort on his part I’m sure, cos at any other time he wouldn’t need to be asked twice. I love that they are so easily comfortable with touching each other now and use that to reassure one another when any doubts come up, like this... Gibbs tilted her face until he could meet her eyes. "Wanna touch you... taste you... make you moan. Don't ever doubt it."...*Slides to the floor*

Really liked this too...’Abby stared steadily at Gibbs, seeing the sincerity in his eyes before leaning in and brushing her lips against his mouth. He pressed into the kiss, deepening it and kissing her slowly, thoroughly, trying to convince her with his actions, even if he couldn't find the right words.’...*I guess it may take them all a while to fully believe this is happening and to forget any doubts they do have, especially since they all never really expected to end up in a relationship with one of the people they cared about, let alone two.*

Think you’re doing a great job of bringing up all these reminders that they’ll have of the accident as well, cos the memories don’t fade just because they’re all safe now...having come so close would leave scars for them to deal with for some time. And while it’s expected in a way that Gibbs and Tony are always in danger, it’s something completely different when it comes to Abby. So it’s understandable that the two men would have trouble trying to deal with the emotional strain that’ll be there for a while...but it’s also wonderful that they have each other.

And OMG that last line...whimpers...flails...and passes out. Arrogant Gibbs is so damn hot! Bring on his undivided attention! :p
Ron's Sweetie chapter 14 . 11/14/2012
Wow great chapter update soon
ncislove chapter 14 . 11/14/2012
Tony nuzzled into his palm. "Well, I'm not gonna say no... I've a feeling I could get off just from watching you both. But she deserves to have your undivided attention."

This time Gibbs' grin had a tinge of more familiar arrogance. "She'll get it."

The End - I'm dead. This kills me and is SO Gibbs. Omg, i can't even... I think it's the arrogance.
Kesterpan chapter 14 . 11/14/2012
Love all the visuals of Gibbs and Tony trying to fit on the couch! Too funny.

I get why they're so freaked out about Abby, and not just because of the accident. It's strange to see her so quiet - she's always moving, always doing something. The only times I can think of her being so quiet have been when she's been upset. So even if they know rationally that she's alright, that association is likely floating around in their subconscious somewhere.

The simple intimacy and domesticity of this chapter was so nice to see. Goes well with the title - they all just fit. Tony's unselfish offer for Gibbs to go take time with Abby was great... have to wonder if it was maybe in part due to some continued guilt about the time alone that he and Gibbs have already had?
ncislove chapter 13 . 11/10/2012
Sounds like they were doing a lot of telling, rather than showing.

You are dragging this out both deliciously and painfully at the same time. Love that worry that the boys share, and the fact that Abby not only recognizes that it's because they care, but that she would be the same way if it was one of them.

More, more, more.
Kesterpan chapter 13 . 11/10/2012
The bunny catapult is well-guarded... you're out of luck!

Abby was too funny at the beginning, messing with them just a bit to get her point across. I should think that with those two, she'll constantly be reminding them that she's not made of glass.

It was really interesting to see how their concerns mirrored each other; they're pretty much all on the same wavelength, with a few subtle differences. The conversation you gave us here is one that really did have to happen some time soon. Navigating this sort of relationship can't be easy, and there are three strong-willed personalities here! Very true, though, that they all already knew each other well, and that should help them a lot. If anyone has a chance of being successful with this, it's them!

It seems as though physical contact is reassuring for all three of them, and that it's likely to be what saves the relationship in the future. I'll be curious to see if any of them pick up on that!
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