Reviews for Bound Together
Guest chapter 53 . 8/6
Guest chapter 7 . 8/4
I do recognize the story you're talking about! I'm having a hard time remembering it, but I think I saved it somewhere. Just a little warning though, I'm pretty sure it was left unfinished. I'll get back to you and let you know
Aaronna chapter 54 . 6/28
Okay. This whole thing has been awesome!
wrigglesworth59 chapter 54 . 4/29
Honestly can't remember if I've already asked you this but are you still planning on doing a sequel for this fic?
shell22 chapter 54 . 3/27
Your story was even better the second time around.
DollopheadedMerlin chapter 54 . 3/11
AWESOME! SO MUCH WHUMP! Though, whatever happened to Hunith and Jon? I guess they'll meet up with them eventually beyond the text X). I REALLY enjoyed this! The idea was awesome and the challenges you came up with were great! This is definitely a fic to applaud!
StateSideColleen chapter 54 . 3/9
Ha! That was great. Loved all the challenges and how you brought in both Arthur's and Merlin's different skill sets (fighting and otherwise) for both. Also, I just knew the dragon had to be involved at some point, or at least hoped, and you did not disappoint. I also had a feeling they'd be forced to fight each other and I love how you decided to handle that. Kudos!
StateSideColleen chapter 14 . 3/9
Enjoying this so far!

Usually I put comments/reviews at the end of stories but wanted to remark on your note on this chapter: I was also born jaundice, but they kept me at the hospital to be put under sun lamps because it was the middle of January and there was close to 2 feet of snow on the ground (which I remember because my mother likes to joke about how the snow was taller than me at the time) so being outside wasn't an option. That was back in 1984 just for time reference since you mentioned 'back in the day' :)
Jessiikaa15 chapter 54 . 2/21
This was completely awesome, I read it in one go :)
KnellaLuna chapter 54 . 11/30/2014
This was great! I love it!
AnitaHoward chapter 54 . 10/18/2014
Great story! Possibly a bit too touchy-feely in parts for my liking, but otherwise a rollicking tale with great humor; and the ending was just right :D In my opinion, Merlin is powerful enough to not worry about keeping his secret from anyone anymore; I don't think that Uther could capture him, or keep him for long if he did capture him.
So, to sum up: Loved it!
AnitaHoward chapter 22 . 10/17/2014
Oh, goodness, Merlin turning a snake into a neckerchief. LOL
AnitaHoward chapter 14 . 10/16/2014
Regarding your A/N about Mordred's recovery being Arthur's punishment. I saw it as not so much a punishment, but as destiny playing out no matter what. If Arthur had allowed magic to be freely used in Camelot, Mordred would still have recovered ... but of course, his destiny might have been changed. I don't know. But since Arthur refused magic, Mordred was healed so that he could fulfill his destiny. I don't think it was possible for Mordred to die until he had sealed Arthur's fate :(

Also, great chapter! Merlin is clearly enjoying his ability to use magic in front of Arthur ... perhaps a bit too much? :D
AnitaHoward chapter 10 . 10/16/2014
Lots of good lines in this chapter! Here are my favorites:

Merlin was still rather uncomfortable with that idea, but it was worth announcing it just to make Arthur equally uncomfortable.

"It's hardly fair, taunting me while you're lying there helpless - well, more helpless than usual."
Should he stop making that particular sort of jibe now that he knew the truth?

"No. I've got more magic than Camelot has clueless guards."

"No one. I've dreamed of the day when I could fight openly by your side." This one. Awwww. Love it!
AnitaHoward chapter 5 . 10/16/2014
Ha! I liked the reveal, it was pretty unusual. Arthur certainly turns a blind eye to all the strange things that happen, enough that you'd think he would be at least a little suspicious. And I like that it was Merlin who was rendered speechless, instead of Arthur. Also, in this chapter, I love how Merlin compares the spells to Morgana's makeup. That's hilarious :D
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