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daisesndaffidols chapter 133 . 4/14
It's been way to long since Angela called Booth "Studly"
and I love Booth's explanation about Angela and boundaries.. " They aren't where you expect them to be" very true on explaining Angela..
daisesndaffidols chapter 132 . 4/14
At first I was a little irritated that Hannah left Booth on Christmas.. but I'm glad it worked out in the end
Dyna63 chapter 133 . 4/14
Angela and her good intentions backfired. I can see Hannah's annoyance, sounds like Angela over did it. While you can trust your spouse, I can see where this would set anyone on edge. Cute how Brennan never noticed any of it until it hit the fan and she still doesn't know what happened. Not sure how she will react to this, one I think she will be disappointed in her friend, but then again love her for being the friend she is. Poor Booth, I feel for him and what he has to deal with in the aftermath of this.

Looking forward to the next chapter
Spitfire303 chapter 133 . 4/13
She got jealous to easily :-(
MaryT72 chapter 132 . 4/13
Love this - I wholeheartedly believe you've written the story the way many B&B shippers wanted to see this triangle play out instead of Brennan being in danger of being the "consolation prize" given that Booth was willing to propose to Hannah. It always seemed to me that a woman as smart and savvy as Hannah would recognise the love and ties between Booth and Brennan and act to resolve the situation in the way she does in your story. I never felt comfortable with the direction HH and Co went with this and wish they had written a script which left all the characters with pride intact. I'm aware that there are many viewers of the series who couldn't give a rat's toss-bag about this issue but congratulations, I feel you've done all the characters proud.
Biblioteque de Lis chapter 133 . 4/13
querendo se livrar da barbie afega. mas amei tudo,e amei o que angela vez
mphs95 chapter 133 . 4/13
Angela Angela Angela...sometimes she needs to just butt out. However I like the result this time.
SamBrace chapter 133 . 4/13
Oooh interesting idea I'd love to see a follow-up to this chapter I want to see the fallout between Hannah and Booth (and what it means for him and Brennan)
iamwriter chapter 132 . 4/13
best thing hannah could have done
ratgirl71 chapter 133 . 4/13
As much as I like the idea of hannah being jealous and insecure over her relationship with Booth, Angela does tend to go a little overboard in her plans-and I think she doesn't always consider the possible fallout.
DorothyOz chapter 133 . 4/13
Ouch! Angela playing games... bad girl tsk tsk... Then again if Hannah doesn't trust Booth, then the sooner he learns it the better...
lavicalinaezza chapter 133 . 4/13
grerat udapte ! Angela 's very funny sometime
queenbee1711 chapter 133 . 4/13
Angela is bad bad bad - so good. A little sad Booth went after Hannah. If she is not secure in her relationship with Booth maybe she does indeed need to leave. She doesn't trust Booth and that is essential in a relationship. Hannah should feel good that Angela likes to flirt with her hot boyfriend especially when he already told her it means nothing. Can't believe Hannah did not find any of this amusing because I laughed all the way through it. Thanks I needed a good laugh today after having no power since yesterday. Can't wait for another update.
julieann.l.wilson chapter 133 . 4/13
Please please continue with this story line ... Love flirting Angela.. She is so cute
semprence86 chapter 133 . 4/13
love it would love to see a few more chapters of this have booth and brennan get together and have angela do the same thing but brennan doesnt mind and have hannah return to witness you do itll b great as wait to read SOON :)
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