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Please-delete-account-8703863 chapter 182 . 1/30
This was such a great story I really enjoy reading it.
Michelle Bones chapter 182 . 1/25
Me encantaron sus Historias de Hannah. Muy buenas y definitivamente mejor que lo quese vio en la serie.
Un prompt. Que pasaria si Hannah vuelve despues que Brennan tuvo a Christine y ella todavia se esta acostumbrando a los cambios fisicos luego del parto? Quiza podria sentirse algo insegura...
latetobones chapter 152 . 8/30/2016
I love kick butt Brennan! Protecting her own!
Miss Anne Thrope chapter 86 . 8/1/2016
Just because I'm paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not all out to get me.
Miss Anne Thrope chapter 70 . 7/31/2016
Booth's comment about looking as dumb as a rock was hilarious.
Sarai chapter 182 . 4/22/2016
I like it!
Guest chapter 182 . 10/4/2015
Please write more
marjoriefoster chapter 182 . 7/7/2015
Read all 182 in two days! Loved them all. Thanks for killing Hannah in so many ways!
Snowgirl01 chapter 182 . 6/12/2015
please please post more
Incognito3 chapter 182 . 6/3/2015
I just wanted to thank you for this series. I have hated Hannah's presence since the first time she was mentioned! It's been fun reading thought the different ways she could have been written out!
Milene Rosa chapter 15 . 5/25/2015
I loved this chapter, I think pretty much the way you write. And his love is beautiful, and always will be. Soon I repeat I am sorry the Brazilian English errors
Milene Rosa chapter 14 . 5/25/2015
Well I think this chapter was a little silly in the end I would not give up my boyfriend for information from a friend. But other than that I'm loving the Fanfic, I'm just in love with fanfic Hanna. And I'm loving your fanfics, they all forgive me for the mistakes, I am Brazilian.
hjpstarwars chapter 3 . 3/24/2015
Love this one!
kris a chapter 182 . 3/22/2015
Thanks for the fantastic writing. I enjoyed every chapter.
Caroline's Bones - Dolphins chapter 182 . 2/25/2015
truly admire & love how you've given this story it's 'hopeful end, for b&b, 2b more than just partners
& very close friends'.

truly loved how you gave me, inner voice & introspective booth, truly thinking things thru, he'd given up on bren & on em, he always knew & believed in what he saw, envisaged, prayed, desired
& dreamed, ways in which to have this happiness his pops & his wife's life of happiness, laughter, love & a dance, want'g to re-create sum of that -piece of magic- that he saw in his pops & grams, for himself, parker, those thoughts & desires, day & nite dreams always included bren.
he said it so well, he never got it as a child, in a loving, harmonious household with two loving parents & their children, he never saw anything other than pain, sorrow, death & destruction in his yrs in the army, which he defended so strongly, so honourably his country & all whom live in her great nation trying to bring peace to the bigger picture on a larger scale, or what he's been doing since, on a smaller scale, more locally by his yrs of truly dedicated service, tireless hrs in the fbi, seeing some of the most horrendous ways in which fellow man, does to each other, regardless of age, station in life, the most sickeningly for the most pathetic & ghastly reasons, to un-lawfully take another human life, he's strived with his team, all so the innocent lives taken are identified & mourned by their loved ones & the perps are put in jail, away from all good society, in doing all this he's trying to set an amazing example for his son, to see the good, the blessings life has to offer, that evil doesn't triumph.
that one perp in jail at a time, he's making his son's future a safer & happier one, that he prays his son won't have to see for himself, all the horrors he's seen & been thru ...

everything he's been striving for, slipping thru his fingers, at the end of yet another romantic relationship, one where the woman, yet again doest see his true loving nature, left booth feeling
so defeated & deflated, thinking that finding, so out of reach, that true & eva lasting love, of a woman, whom isn't afraid of his past, 'the darkness & demons, in his head, soul & heart', he fears (wrongly or rightly) are what truly keeps a truly good woman from loving him, 'for that forever & always', he fears it's him, that's part of what drives them away.

to me, it's the mark of a truly good & decent man, whom wants to keep fighting the good fight, removing evil, even at the cost to his ova loaded mind in sleep, his heart & soul, whilst trying to surround himself & his son with 'love, laughter, happiness & dancing' !
whilst i'm sad of a 'hiatus', (temporary i truly pray & hope) the ways in which you've been able to twist n turn how 'hannah' in both the series season 6 played out as we saw it or creative twists upon pieces of actual ep's, done in such a way that at times i 'i went swinging like i pendulum', in ranges of emotions, either dislike, disdain, disgust (oops, too many 'd' words expressing my feelings)

also as tales of her return, 'could' happen, the imaginative ways in which hart & co, never braved to try, of having her depart from the lives of booth 'foremost' & the entwining, how she interacted with the entire team of bones.

there's also the 'rolls of the eyes' i'd do or 'a feeling of loss of patience' with her character, as i felt, she wasn't genuine or honest in her words v's actions in being in DC, to me just seemed to be a way to have a 'hot man on her arm, seen in public with', 'sex-no strings, fun n games', time spent that until her work, with that 'way too hot story', was to come along, which she'd take in a flash, leaving him, the life he was sharing & a belief he (is) building with her, to traipse which ever part of the world this -hot story/s- will take her, not really caring for how long in time that would be', but in b/w these stories, often felt, she has the automatic assumption, she assumes he's awaiting her arrival back on his doorstep with open arms & more than happy, raring to go, strait into the bedroom, till that next hot story would come a calling, that was wot more than most got my blood boiling, like in the show, jack & ange, their pregnancy announcement 2 their friends, found myself in a tug of war whom 2 throttle with a scolding hot iron poker 1st, booth/hannah, even a little bren (4 being so darn accommodat'g, shov'g her own hurt, humiliation & regrets, so darn deep inside, it ate her till all those conflicting feelings hit so powerfully,
punch'g the roof out & bursting thru, till she ova identified her situation in her life, to be too much of a mirror image, in that of the now dead dr, that she & her team investigated.)
i also felt that she 'hannah' often saw 'seeley', instead of a man whom thrives on the desires for being the committed, long-term boyfriend, (in a romantic sense, lead'g 2 more, being marriage, 'possibility' of more children, if not more, then at least true commitment, to assist him in being the other half, with him in co-parenting parker) he wants permanency, a lifelong partner.
what i saw in hannah, was the manipulative & twisted ways in which she tried to diminish or wipe out his romantic lifelong desires, replacing em with more of her own 'live n laugh in the moment, spice'g up life, being the sexual dominate, to try n wipe his mind & heart of his own desires for an eva aftr happily family future'.

whilst fun, frustrating, wanting to throw actual daggers at her or go thru each & every ep of the show, f/fic idea's or even looking thru the ways in which kathy reichs killed off victims, i wanted to do to hannah at times, whilst laughing sarcastically, that'd probably get me sent to 'an institute, bhind locked & bolted doors' (heehee!) i'm not one whom in all honesty, felt we needed hannah to get b&b to move forward - together, (yes, maybe they were at a stalemate, holding pattern, ending season 5, but i felt it was more of other's misguided, wrongly made assumptions upon their own parts, people pushing & interfering, when they should've know to let it be & let b&b to muddle thru.
hart & co, didn't want to go down the path of way too soon like sum curse, assuming it'd take off the shine, in the way b&b interacted together, thus ending too soon if/when things fell apart,
if these two with their own hang-ups, insecurities, mis-judgements about each other & the ways in which they assumed things would fail so spectacularly, that it'd all be ruined for their friendship & working partnership - for me thou, i felt, that it was booth, after his calling off his friends with benefits fling with cam -i to this day, still feel, bren wasn't as clueless as ange & others assumed, of her not knowing, but that she just turned the other cheek, looked the other way, maybe even saw way more of an intimate embrace, or gosh-cringe, more of a sex romp in cam's office, un-like ange, jack & others, kept her mouth shut, till booth came to tell her directly-)...too me the literal part of bren, the non confident in social, romantic relationships, just took that as a sign -he doesn't
see me in that way- i felt my thoughts confirmed, when booth finally spoke to bren the carousel, after all had settled down, from the hell epps put the team thru, where booth nailed the coffin shut on him & bren, in his talk of work place relationships & the dangers they pose on people involved, when emotions r involved & guards are down, dangerous situations occur, he pulled out his 'double standard speech', to me thou, i think bren took that to mean, 'to him, she wasn't worthy or worth the risk, so lets stay friends & wrk'g partners', it to me, was what lead to bren saying 'yes' to sully's advances, (almost like a petulant, stick the tongue out...nah, nah, nah, he want's wot you didn't so there!) thou i think, she may've been thinking why am i not a risk to sully, but booth thinks i am, is it, coz he truly doesn't see me in that way...?!
if that's what crossed her mind, it would've stayed as her mantra all thru the following yrs...'booths off limits', so his season 5, i love u, in a atta girl sorta way, did throw her, she stumbled, hopeful maybe? he'd changed his mind, but still confused & wanted clarification & qu's answered, but then her logic thoughts set in, she saw his behaviours after his brain tumour as inconsistent, not the usual booth she's come to depend upon, so it was best not to tempt 'to try', coz surely he can't mean i'm all of a sudden a viable romantic partner for him, as he's spent yrs telling & showing me the opposite...that cam was worth the risk to try, but he didn't & doesn't feel that way about me!

also sweets constant needling (in one direction & then the opposite - him & his darn book,(to which i've always fumed, that he'd beta av never sold any or only a couple of copes or if he had, so help me, he beta av given the $ made to charity, as he'd not deserved a dime! too harsh?)
to me it was the manipulations upon bren's emotional state, during & after booth's faked death & her not being told, 'thank you so very much sweets-not'...showing booth scan's with his ill informed 'bullshit speech to booth, about how booth doesn't love bren')
or wot of ange's constant, 'u need to have sex honey & u need to jump studly'! needling/meddling.

booth truly needed to hear & really listen to cam & dr wyatt's advise, to also look back, see & take notice of what he knows to be bren's true nature, her heart, he knew wot would open her up to truly connecting to 'probabilities', to his honest, yrs of dedicated true friendship, loyalty & support, talk of building upon that, a day at a time, not talk of decades in2 an un-knowable, frightening future, if he's not right there beside her, but he should not 'eva' av taken sum pie in the sky dare
& needling from sweets...whom truly derailed e'thing to hell!

all i could think of at the end of season 6, praying & crossing all i could that now
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