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Red Blood Hound chapter 58 . 10/28
Oh well this chapter is really sad too (Hmm I think I'm reading this story backwards since I'm reviewing backwards too), and about the song that fits the mood is Yamaha by Delta Spirit since the song really catches the emotions running through Noah's mind like putting someone you love in a devastating state and failures that you have done but they are the one's suffering from it. And about Noah, it really is a blow to his soul to be left by there alone with someone you actually grew fond of with the last few days, especially someone you have kissed too unexpectedly. As I read through the later chapters after this, if I were Noah, I don't think I'd still want to stay in a group I felt I have let down with all the failures and careless mistakes I have done for I'd think that I don't deserve to be there with them. But If he were to separate from the group, I think the best thing to do is to fight the Civil War and gather support since he still is a Cousland by blood and rights and should be the Teyrn of Highever while Fergus wasn't still around and found. Noah is still respected as a Noble since he was the Champion of Highever, and I do think he still have uncles or aunts in Storm Coast since that is where Eleanor was from and her father was the Bann of the land. Anyway I hope you could update chapter 62 soon.
Red Blood Hound chapter 59 . 10/28
Aww, reading the scene where Noah was left all alone in the ruins really made me think that the best song to play while reading it were Iridescent, Leave Out All the Rest, What I've Done... oh and Shadow of the Day that's all been sung by Linkin Park, What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts, Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace, and Hate Me by Blue October. All songs really makes the mood gloomy and sad while reading it. Great and sad chapter to read! I love it!
Torrie Jones chapter 61 . 10/11
Awww still no updates, but I'll still wait patiently. Anyway, I think I would want to see Noah change and the change I meant was his appearance like cut his hair short a trim his beard clean and start a new life... and that goes for Alistair's rebellious mustache also (when I read about the mustache part, I just couldn't stop thinking of Dorian's own). Please update soon! :)
Gluttonous One chapter 61 . 10/11
Well after binge reading this story, it really caught my eyes cause it really has a nice flow of the story. While reading it, I could understand the meanings of each word being spoken by the character, And even though the pacing is slow, it just really shows what the outcome of every missions or decisions is and not hurrying about going out again for another recruitment like other stories while not bothering to think of what the characters experience is; like if they were in shock or something. This story has great new dimensional view and I love it.
Guest chapter 61 . 10/1
I wonder when will this story be updated since its one of the few stories I always check this site for an update. Please update soon!
Stacy63 chapter 61 . 9/24
Nice filler chapter! I picture your Noah as a look alike of Henry Cavill... well except for his blue eyes cause yours was brown, though I don't know how Fergus eyes is brown too, aww too bad that on your story none inherited Bryce's blue or Eleanor's green eyes it would've been nice if Noah had blue eyes to counter Eilleen's green.
Annelli chapter 49 . 9/5
I wonder if Eilleen have dreamed this kind of scene with Tamlen, since she loved him before all hell broke loose.
Arkin chapter 61 . 9/5
Great story! A whole different scenarios that could change the outcome of the entirety of the story. I love it!
Guest chapter 61 . 8/29
You upload chapters, however, it seems 60% of them are pointless and nothing really happens lol. No character development, no new plot points, just the same unresolved issues that should have been fixed, or at least addressed five chapters ago.
Carl Henry chapter 61 . 8/29
Cool chapter! Aww Shaw-Shaw is really a caring... and stubborn mabari. I enjoy that part though, having a master and hound moment, ever the vigilant and protective dog. Good to see Lanaya standing up for the truth, she'd make a better Keeper than Zathrian. I'm thinking of how the group will be now, a lot of things to watch out for. Good luck!
Guess Who chapter 61 . 8/29
Yes! Another chapter. What a relief that Kallian is finally back and healthy, and it's also great to see that all of them were alright, well seems not all because Grumpy is nowhere to be found. I noticed that Mahariel's attitude seemed to change a bit, as well as Alistair's, maybe because of the incident I guess. Nice chapter too! Waiting eagerly for the next update.
JamesWalter6230 chapter 61 . 8/29
Great! Thanks for answering my question. Wonderful chapter as always. Talk about a stubborn person or in this case, persons since half of the clan begs to differ, refusing to believe the truth and continues believing the wholesome false. It seems it's really hard to please everybody if they weren't there to witness the situation at first hand. Wow, now you've left us on a cliff-hanger, I was beginning to wonder 'Somebody's Been Brooding' since Noah isn't on this chapter, maybe thinking things over and over, ah it's hard to guess what happens next. Oh I wonder why Alistair and Eilleen are avoiding Kallian, did something happen while she's asleep? Why does Kallian describe Alistair's face like 'someone's about to depart'? And what will Kallian discuss in this meeting she wants assembled? I can't wait for the next chapter!

Oh, and one more thing: YOU'RE the ONE who ROCKS for writing these amazing stories! Happy writing!
Judy chapter 61 . 8/27
Nandaleah chapter 61 . 8/27
Dear HikariYagami22,

Ive been lurking in the shadows for some time now and silently catching up with your beautiful story. Every story alert makes me so happy because its one of my favorite fanfictions in the Dragon Age Universe. And after reading your new chapter today, Ive realized that the time to leave a review has finally come :-)

First THANK YOU with all my heart for sharing this wonderful tale with us and respect for your hard work.

Normally im not a huge fan of first-person perspective, but your story really makes the difference. Ive never read such passion for detail. How do you manage to create so many gooseflesh moments because of the emotional and imaginative depths in the characterization of your wardens is amazing!

Ive to admit Im a huge Alistair fan, its my all time favourite dragon age charater. So I love all your scences with him. But now Im a huge Kallian Tabris fan too - a wonderful character. And the growing feelings between them are excellent written. There are so many highlights for me, but my favourite chapter so far was chapter 60 :-) the intensity of the feelings and the crackling tension left me really breathless.

To the actual chapter: Wonderful written as always - no sign of writers block :) Well I hope Kallian and Alistair get their chance to talk.

And I hope that you are kissed by the muse again :D

I look forward for your next chapter, but please take your time!
JamesWalter6230 chapter 60 . 8/12
Great chapter! After the events leading to this outcome, it seem like Noah's attitude is really like that; he doesn't listen to reason very well and thinks that he knows everything when all the choices he did was the wrong one. He really needs someone who could shed some light on his mind to think clearer about the possible consequences of his actions, and from my point of view the only person who could do that is Eilleen, but after what happened, it seems his chances to make things right are pretty slim considering she almost died to broker a peace between the two factions. I really love how you write their character development and how their relationship grows stronger while each moments pass by and how you narrate the feelings inside ones characters mind is really believable.

But I have a question that I hope you could answer: How frequent or what possible dates are you going to update each chapter?

Looking forward for more chapters!
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