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ElenaFedotova chapter 46 . 11h
I'm already craving for more of this fic! Everything is about to change and I feel anxcious (as if I'm the one moving to another city ;)) Hope you can update soon because this story makes my day every time I read the update. Even if this chapter was sad and painful for everlark it was great in it's own way. All the details of their interractions with each other - the photo, their rings, hugs and everythings - they are soooo sweet! But poor Avory - he will be left alone with Iris. *sniff* Thank you Heather for your hard work!
KristinaAverina chapter 46 . 14h
Hey! I'm was so crazy when I saw you posted an update ) I missed your writing a lot and enjoyed reading new chapter. I'm filled with so much everlark feels it's not healthy ) Poor Peeta - he has to deal with all the problems and no one could really help him. His father is his own world right now as I see. Maybe I'm wrong. What about his cousin? Miss her. ) At least Katniss has Prim and grandparents (I feel they will be great!). But you know I always wondered why on the Earth they never tried to find the girls with the help of their school? Katniss never changed her school and their grandparents were able to look for them here. Was it Snow's trick? He is awful. Hope to read about him being arrested soon! Waiting for more of this beauty) Thanks!
everlasting1286 chapter 46 . 15h
I love this fic and that was a great transitional chapter for events and moving on. I'm excited to see how things will be with their grandparents!
hungrytribute chapter 46 . 11/23
Yes! I'm excited to see Katniss and Prim having a new beautiful life in the place they can be both safe and happy! It's sad that Everlark have to part for now and Peeta has to leave his dad later but Mr Mellark has Iris now and she will be well taken care of ) I'm sure everything is for the best. Amazing chapter and my favorite beautiful, strong Everlark. Please, update soon! Can't wait!
paintingsunsets chapter 46 . 11/23
I'm so happy to read this chapter! I was worried about everything. What if Snow could do some harm to them when they were on their way home? What if something happened to Prim or Mr Mellark while everlark were gone? And other awful things... But you made this chapter not so bad )) I'm sure Katniss and Prim will be good with their grandparents. Peeta will have time to deal with his dad and Mrs Everdeen. And they will get together soon and build their happy life! Excited to read more!
JacobB'sImprintee chapter 46 . 11/23
I am so glad you are back with this amazing story. It is one of my favorites and I have missed it so much. I can't wait for the reunion of Everlark and the demise of Snow.

I imagined Peeta saying to Katniss, "When we see each other again, it'll be a whole new world," like he did in MJ2, which was amazing as you said.

Happy writing!
janelysa chapter 46 . 11/23
Aww! The most awaited update! Sorry I couldn't review sooner but I should gather my thoughts together before writing something ) That was a heartbreaking but very beautiful chapter. There was everything that screams everlark love and even more. It is cute they have a picture with both of them now) You're amazing at writing all these little details. Like Mr Mellark and his cameras )) He made our Everlark nervous. Lol ) I hope to read the next chapter soon because I'm dying to meet the Everdeen's grandparents and others. Sure they won't be worse than Snow Lol )
Free17 chapter 46 . 11/23
Thanks for your update! Complete understand the sidetracked thing! I'm looking forward to you next chapter!
supergirl971 chapter 46 . 11/23
Je veux pas qu'ils soient séparés ! C'est trop triste... Surtout maintenant que les choses vont mieux. J'espère qu'ils se retrouveront rapidement et qu'il y aura plein d'autres moments Evelark !
Im-just-a-girl16 chapter 46 . 11/23
OMG! This broke my heart! After Mockingjay part 2, my heart is a little sensitive, but it was such a beautifully written chapter. I could feel all of the emotions the characters were feeling and that last paragraph, the visual, ugh! Seriously can't wait for the next chapter.
arden chapter 46 . 11/23
So glad you updated. I started bawling like a baby at the end my kids thought something was wrong and brought me chocolate.. I love this story! you are a fantastic writer. Looking forward to the next update
Jedi1 chapter 46 . 11/23
I don't think I am much better than any of them about this separation. Nice job.
Shellibug chapter 46 . 11/23
Wow. This was so emotional!
That last image of Peeta falling to his knees was heartbreaking :(
Does Peeta's Dad know they are engaged?
I'm looking forward to Katniss and Prim re-meeting their grandparents and finally feeling loved and secure.
I hope Peeta can follow soon too!
Thanks :)
PeetaKatnissEverLark chapter 46 . 11/23
YAY Your back discovered and read this story a in one go recently was thinking you'd given up on it
Mscallo chapter 46 . 11/23
WOW! Nice end to this chapter. Great to see you back again. Beautiful chapter but so sad- had me in tears. Katniss and Peeta are so beautiful together . I'm interested to see where this will go. I still get the feeling that something bad is going to happen. Like before they reach their gram s house...Until next time.
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