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Guest chapter 1 . 5/24
Hello it's the weird guest reviewer again, I just started reading this story and I love it already, please update. Just thought I should let you know. Thank you. With love from Nigeria, Africa.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/24
I'm not sure if this is going to sound/read weird because it has to do with another story of yours and not this one, but I'm on my virtual knees, mind you, they're blistered by now, please, pretty please, with all the cherry you want on top, I beg you, update Reviving Romance. It's an itch I have that's been begging to be scratched for quite a while now, you hold my scratcher in your hands. This is a dire situation and you are the solution. Thank you. Oh, and don't run for the hills if you spot a similarly slightly manic review on the fanfic in question, it shows the level of desperation I've reached. Thanks again. With love from Nigeria, Africa.
Cat O'Hara Butler chapter 45 . 5/17
Ok, so I was finally able to catch up on the 4 chapters that I was behind on! I'm a horrible fan. ;)

Anyway, this is amazing! I loved that Gale was all "Gale" and started a riot in the streets, and that Peeta got him out. It's so perfectly in line with their cannon characters.

I just can't say enough good things about this story! No joke, it's one of the few that I actually keep up with anymore. So many of them have become boring, or they plot has gone on so long it's flimsy and weak. That's so not the case with Sever, and I love it so much! I look forward to every new chapter update, and I can't wait until the next one!
Guest chapter 45 . 5/12
Update already
Tiffany.4.81 chapter 45 . 5/5
Oh my Gosh! Just did a binge read. Absolutely love love love this story and am very much looking forward to more. Keep up the great work!
Chrissie chapter 26 . 5/5
So I've recently found this story and I have been reading it the past 3 days. I gotta say... even though I'm only at chapter 26 so far, this is a wonderful story. It does hit on A LOT of sensitive issues and it really dives into Katniss' mind. You can really feel how she holds onto a lot because of her love for her sister and the memory of her mother. I can't wait to keep reading and see where this is heading. I feel as if I am fearing the same things Katniss is
Loueze chapter 45 . 4/27
Gah! I'm finally all caught up on this story, thank you so much for continuing it... From where I last reviewed, I didn't really see the paternal grandparents coming into the picture, so that kind of surprised me (but in a good way). But it breaks my heart that after everything they've been through, that everlark are going to be forced apart for so long, and no matter what, such time and distance does put strain on a relationship. (I've no doubts they could get through it, but I can understand why both katniss and Peeta are scared about it.)

This was one of the few moments wehre Prim revealed her age, my heart went out to her. She was just starting to feel some modicum of safety, and now everything is going to change again. I thought Katniss handled Prim very well, it would have been easy to lose her patience with her, but she didn't.

I like how Peeta got angry at his Dad. Its breaking his heart to be separated from Katniss now - and Peeta has been a rock throughout this ordeal, he has been the cool, calm, and collected one always giving reassurance - so its actually good to see him venting a little. And not just about what has happened to the Everdeens, some of the old Mellark history is coming up as well. I think Peeta is hellbent not to repeat his father's mistakes.

I think Mr Mellark was well aware of what could happen - most likely would happen - if he let Peeta take Katniss out that night, but who was he to stop them? But, I have to say, this was one of the most tender and loving versions of "first time" everlark I have ever read, and I loved that you infused it with moments of teasing and humor as well. But oh God, it makes it all the more heartbreaking knowing they have to separate - even with the promises they have made between them. I really do hope that Peeta follows Katniss as soon as possible. I don't see how its any safer for the Mellarks in that town now - Snow must know of their involvement. I shall be reading the next chapter, with a box of kleenex at the ready. :)
Kittyrocket chapter 45 . 4/25
YES! These two are gonna kill me, but I'm so happy they had some alone time. And Mr. Mellarkand Mrs Everdeen! wow, I swear I did not see that coming
I'm deep into this story, can't wait for the next chapter, have an awesome weekend!
SoThere chapter 45 . 4/25
This chapter was absolutely beautiful, and exactly what I'd expect their first time to be. I love that Katniss got emotional and cried; it's such a common reaction to that kind of intimacy, and especially fitting in their situation. Just beautiful.

Thank you so much for continuing to update this story. I look forward to more!
Chrissymaria chapter 45 . 4/25
As always an amazing chapter it’s sad to see that they will be separated for awhile but I am not surprised by Peeta’s plan to move also. I agree with Katniss’s about her not wanting to stay or every come back, the town holds to many bad memories and most everyone seemed to be clueless or turn their backs to abuse that was happening. The date Peeta planned was perfect and I can’t believe Katniss proposed but I loved that she gave Peeta her father’s ring and their first time was so sweet and even a little funny. The fact that Snow is still on the loose makes me nerves I am waiting for him to pop out at any moment because I don’t believe they have heard the last of him. Love this story, thank you for continuing it, and I can’t wait for the next chapter.
Kristina chapter 45 . 4/24
I cannot get enough of this story! Please don't make us wait long for the update!
twilightlover212 chapter 45 . 4/20
Finally her and Peeta took the next step :)...I am both sad and happy for them...they are going to be parted for quite sometime...but they should be able to make it
janelysa chapter 45 . 4/19
Well, we'll meet Katniss' grandparents sooner than I expected )) I don't think it's a bad thing because Mr Mellark is right - girls need something better than being "trapped" in Peeta's flat in this town and being affraid to go for a simple walk. Stability and their own family is just the right thing for these girls after everything they were through. Everlark definitely can survive some distance ) Peeta is brave enough to move to a new place to be with Katniss. I think everything will be great ))
I'm sorry for my late review ) Thank you )
The Congressman chapter 45 . 4/19
Yay! Loved the fact she proposed in the end. Peeta deserved that after all he did for her.
mansts chapter 45 . 4/19
Loved this chapter so much! And waiting 300k words for this was completely worth it!)))
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