nannygirl chapter 13 . 11/17/2012
Wonderful, wonderful work on this epilogue!

I so did not see it coming that it would take place after the series but I so loved that it did! And I also LOVED that you had it taking place on a summer day just like how this whole thing started, nice way to have the story end on this kind of day too. Great thinking there! I really liked too the summary of the things that had happened in the show and the time between the finale and now, glad to hear Jackie and Hyde were at least on speaking terms and had even formed a kind of friendship.

So enjoyed their dialogue in the basement, it just sounded so much like them! The little quips but knowing there’s some deep feeling in some of those words. Loved the bit with the t-shirt too! :D

And the whole liplock there, I was so excited to see it happen and then a little upset that it got stopped but I’m glad you did it too. As much as I want these two to have a happy ending I don’t want it to randomly happen. I could also very much see Jackie having trouble trusting Hyde completely but his words to her that assured her he could was so sweet!

And then the end with Eric and Donna had me laughing, could just imagine poor traumatized Eric running out of there lol A great note to close the story on! :D

This was a wonderfully terrific story that I very much enjoyed from beginning to end! Sorry I took so long to read and review, especially this chapter, but I think its safe to bet I’ll be rereading this story on one of those boring rainy days!

Fabulous job once more! Bravo! Thanks so much for writing and sharing with us! I look forward to reading more T7S stories from you! Till then keep up the fantastic work!
HydeLuver chapter 13 . 11/13/2012
I don't think I read the epilogue chapter before. It was so nicely written and a great take on what happened after the finale. It's great that you worked up to the happy ending by having him open up to her finally and making Jackie hesitant to trust him again, very realistic. I'm really glad Hyde finally pulled his head out of his ass long enough to tell her how he feels and work to fix things with her. The ending with Eric and Donna was pretty fantastic!

Thank you for sharing this story with us, I had so much fun reading it.
HydeLuver chapter 12 . 11/13/2012
Great chapter, the encounter between Jackie and Kelso towards the end was good. I loved that even though they hurt each other they were still able to be honest and end in relatively good terms. Even though he was a huge jerk by running off to California, I did still feel bad for him.

Also, good choice of song at the end :)
HydeLuver chapter 11 . 11/13/2012
Well Jackie and Hyde are certainly a noisy pair aren't they? Lol. It's funny that kelso doesn't recognize Jackie's screams, I assume because she's never made that much noise with him. It must have been so awkward for the others, especially Eric to hear them. Also, again I like that you include parts of the show into the story like Kelso walking through the screen door after seein JH kissing. I'm also glad you decided to keep Lucy around even after her break up with Eric, I thought it was good having her with Fez.
HydeLuver chapter 9 . 11/13/2012
It's interesting reading Hyde constantly wondering whether or not Jackie's feelings are genuine or if she's just passing the time with him and will eventually get back with Kelso. I always assumed that's what his character was going through on the show also, which ultimately led to the ugly end of their relationship. It is very nice seeing him be so honest with Jackie, even if she is highly medicated.
HydeLuver chapter 8 . 11/13/2012
Poor square Lucy doesn't stand a chance lol. I like the way Hyde is written in this story, he's still very hydelike but he's also the Hyde I imagine him to be around Jackie when they're alone. Like him saying up have to be dating someone to break up with them is something he'd definitely say but then taking care of her and giving him a compliment (as subtle as it was) is very sweet. I liked this chapter a lot.
HydeLuver chapter 7 . 11/12/2012
The episode where Donna came running back to Eric after the Casey thing made me rage so hard. I like the way you wrote this though, and incorporated Star Wars into it also, very Eric-like. Also, I really like that you take things that actually happened in the show, like the scene between Kelso and Jackie in the basement and Hyde frogging him, very cool. I'm glad Donna decided to be a better friend to Jackie and didn't make such a fuss about her dating Hyde like she did on the show.
HydeLuver chapter 6 . 11/12/2012
I like tense Hyde as he hears Jackie talking about Kelso. It was always fun to watch them kind of go at it on the show and Hyde frogging Kelso when he hit on Jackie. Eric's reaction to going to see Donna was pretty great, very realistic because he would be completely freaking out and unsure of what to do.
HydeLuver chapter 4 . 11/12/2012
I forgot how much I liked this chapter, and re-reading it now made it even more amazing. I like that Lucy caught on to the season 8 Donna that wasn't the great a friend to Jackie and its interesting hearing Eric decent her even though she makes very logical and truthful points. The smut scene was definitely very well written but it also had some sweet, romantic moments.
HydeLuver chapter 3 . 11/12/2012
Way to go Forman! Finally. I like the way you wrote Lucy, seems like a good match for Eric. I really liked the scene between Hyde and Jackie in his room, it was sweet and tense at the same time. Your pacing is good too, like it doesn't seem too rushed.
HydeLuver chapter 2 . 11/11/2012
I'm re-reading this chapter and it made me smile again. I love fez singing in the women's bathroom and then the innuendos between Jackie and Hyde. The bit when Eric finally comes out and is talking about his sexy is hilarious and it's such an Eric thing for him to be awkward while saying it. Also, when Jackie tells Hyde that she knows what he's thinking without having to look in his eyes is adorable, made me smile.
HydeLuver chapter 1 . 11/11/2012
I've been meaning to review this story for a while now. I really like the idea of them trying to find someone for Eric instead of just telling him to go to California. I always wished he would do so instead of running after Donna after the Casey fiasco. They should have done that in the show too, maybe show his relationship with the slurpee girl just so we could see Eric with someone other than Donna for once.

Your JH scenes are great and I love how you describe everything that's going on, I can pretty much visualize everything that's happening.
nannygirl chapter 12 . 11/5/2012
Another fabulous, fabulous chapter!

The first scene was very well don’t and you really had me feeling bad for Kelso maybe even more than the show did when he found out there. It’s kinda weird seeing the goofball so serious and sad, but you still did a great job at keeping him in character. The poor guy thinking everyone was laughing and him and when he realized if Jackie was in love with Hyde he’d never get her back. My heart really broke for him. Also really really loved Eric’s thoughts on the whole thing and this part was written so awesomely, “Also, his bearded friend was risking a life long friendship with Kelso over this - and loyalty was essential to Hyde. There's no way he'd risk everything if she wasn't important to him in some way. As nauseating as the concept was, he was almost certain that Hyde had real feelings for the devil.” LOVED! It’s just SO true and I liked the little devil bit he had to throw in at the end lol And nice way to close up the scene with the chocolate pudding.

Jackie and Hyde’s scene on swing set was really sweet. I could really imagine the two sitting there, all cuddled up and it makes such a lovely image! I thought you did a good job at writing their talk about Kelso and Jackie’s sweet talk and how it annoyed Hyde has me laughing. Oo and I really loved, because ei thought it was just such a creative idea and comparison, was Hyde comparing his life before and now with Jackie to The Wizard of Oz. That was brilliant! And the added end with it being a great acid trip lol very Hyde. Poor thing though, he was really still worried about Jackie changing her mind and going back to Kelso. I was so glad that Jackie’s words were able to make him feel better and less worried. Sweet ending to the scene with both of them getting up to face the music.

And then there was the big scene. Wonderful job on that confrontation scene with Hyde and Kelso. You did a good job at having Kelso be a mix of anger but still keeping him as bit of a goofball. And poor Hyde he really was feeling bad about making Kelso hate him so much, I liked how he tried to get him to forgive him even giving him that free punch. Oh but before that the part with the two wanting Jackie to get out and her refusing made me laugh, especially when she left and declared that she hated them both. Another part that made me laugh was when she and Donna and Eric came in trying to stop the punching and saying how he could get hurt, the he being Kelso lol

Really enjoyed the scene with Kelso and Jackie. I liked that you gave them a bigger and perhaps even sweeter moment after this whole thing. I really liked the speech that Jackie gave him and I’m glad Kelso agreed to give it a shot. And his ‘I still love you’ was heartbreaking. Nice touch with ending that scene with a Jackie and Hyde moment, a very sweet one at that! Loved Hyde admitting that he would create this storm with her all over again but be sure to pack more umbrellas next time lol.

And finally the last scene of the chapter was nicely done with the rain check and the song Jackie this time chose to play. :D

This was a really wonderful chapter! I really liked it! Will be back to read the epilogue soon! Till then keep up the terrific work!
nannygirl chapter 11 . 11/1/2012
This was a very terrific chapter!

A chapter that was very steamy and almost felt like I was intruder reading the scenes. Especially that first scene with Jackie and Hyde entering his room—and nothing that usually causes things to be M rated had actually happened!

I really enjoyed the humor parts that you threw in though with the gang overhearing what was going on. Eric’s reactions were the funniest though his ‘I’m deaf’ LOL very funny! Also some funny parts with Fez letting it slip that he’d been a bit of a peeping tome, his lame cover ups were what had me laughing. And speaking of Fez I was really surprised to see him and Lucy together. Think a line in the previous chapter had me thinking she was gone for good. But good for Fez, finally getting the girl

And then Kelso, oh Kelso, Kelso, Kelso. I really thought he was gonna figure it all out! I know he’s not the brightest light bulb but come on Kelso! Lol Though I really did think it was a good twist of not having him find out then and there because it threw us readers off, so good job there! Plus you had some more funny laughs when Jackie discovers that they’ve been discovered.

Nice job on recreating that last scene form the show. Had moments we were able to recognize but at the same time added in some new stuff!

Overall I thought this was a rally great chapter! Very steamy but also had some good laughs. Will be reading more soon! Till then keep up the fantastic work!
nannygirl chapter 10 . 10/31/2012
And yet another wonderfully terrific chapter!

The opening with Fez and Lucy was sweet. Fez is a good guy and it’s nice getting to see him have some better luck with the ladies. Poor Lucy, she’s really hurt but I think it’s better that she realized Eric and Donna were still in love on her own rather than have someone else tell her or have her walk in on a scene like the one she walked in on Jackie and Hyde.

Nice job on the Donna and Eric scene. I really liked the whole cookie dough thing and Eric teasing Donna about her cooking. The part about the beer and how he’d need it to kill the bacteria made em laugh. Yeah those two will not e staying apart for very long.

Aww the scene with Hyde and Jackie on the water tower was my favorite from this chapter. It was so sweet. They really should have thought of that place a long time ago! Lol And once again I like the mentions of the previous and earlier episodes. It always bugged me that they were never mentioned on the show after that. Especially when it came to the Jackie and Hyde moments. But anyways, Hyde admitting he wanted to e her boyfriend but saying he wouldn’t say it was so very Hyde. And the ‘yes dear’ at the end was a great way to end the scene.

Poor Donna during that part with Lucy coming in, really wished she wouldn’t have gotten so upset besides with the way Lucy ran out earlier and what Eric said to her before plus all the cookie dough stuff, wished she could have seen that she and Eric weren’t gonna be apart much longer. Guess that whole thing with Casey and California really hurt though.

Thought the break up scene with Lucy and Eric was very very well done. Both were very mature and you could tell both really did care for the other but just not in that same way that Donna and Eric care for each other. Cute touch with the ‘live long and prosper’ lol

And another lovely DE scene at their spot on the Vista Cruiser. SO glad that Donna was able to figure out what happened with Eric and Lucy this time. And there kiss was so sweet, loved the way you had Hyde and Jackie come in too and the teasing between Eric and Jackie had me laughing. Good stuff!

Again this was another very enjoyable chapter! So glad that now Donna and Eric are back together and things are going well with Jackie and Hyde I hope here no bad changes for either couple in the upcoming chapters!

Terrific work once more! Really liked it! Will be reading more soon! Till then keep up the wonderful work!
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