Reviews for One Hundred and Sixty Nine
alien teeth chapter 57 . 15h
A great story that really keeps your attention. I've read so many ff that I usually end up skimming over quite a lot of the story, especially descriptions, action scenes, and parts that seem redundant, but I'm glad to say I read every word of the story. This is not my usual pairing, but I loved every bit of it, and it reminded me that my otp isn't the only worth while set to read. Lots of adventure and really well though out! My favorite parts were the security questions, we got to see a glimpse into what it was like being a maurauder at hogwarts!
LunaFlos chapter 1 . 12/4
I've read many stories on this website, and not many can get my attention anymore, BUT this one is strangely well-written and I'm getting excited. I'm trying to read it as slow as possible to feel the story, because it seems worth the time.
Neakco chapter 57 . 11/22
I will admit that you really do time stories quite well. Ithe took me a little while to get through this one but it was what I needed to cheer me up while I was feverish and dreading the coming of black Friday. Why are people so scary when there is a sale on? Anyways. Loved the fic. Keep up the great work and what not.
Neakco chapter 30 . 11/17
The last bit of this chapter is brilliant. I absolutely love it. That line and the mental image...beautiful.
Guest in Europe chapter 57 . 11/12
Utterly brilliant! I realised somewhere in one of the early chapters that I had read this before. It was easily worth a second read. I love the relationship between Sirius and Remus... great young blokiness with their later characters peeping through.
Thanks for a great read.
suziq968 chapter 57 . 11/14
SPOILERS, huge ones, don't even read any further if you haven't read all of the story yet.

This was a great read. You had me laughing, crying, even swearing a little. I still think at least Remus or even Lily could have been there with Moody on 20DTV. That was painful, but I guess only for a few minutes. I felt so vindicated when Hermione got arrested, how the brightest witch could think that backdating something in 2001 would matter in 1981 made my brain twitch. I kept thinking that you meant she did it as soon as she arrived but then she had to modify the cards appearance so that didn't work. Loved the ghost car story and the names Mr. Ogden and Remus Moony were great. Sad about Dumbledore, but ironic beyond all belief that Voldy goes down in history as being taken out by a werewolf which would have infuriated him only slightly less than the fact that a muggle did it. All in all I LOVE IT!
Sadie chapter 57 . 11/8
I have some mixed feelings about this story. On one hand I really liked it, the story line was a new one for me and I liked how you laid things out. On the other hand, it seemed to drag a bit. The KGB part was interesting but I have to question why, other than just the time period... Also by that point in the story it just felt like it could have been over and done with. Idk... Maybe some parts could have been left out and others pushed together?
Guest chapter 57 . 11/4
Loved it
ErisAceso chapter 57 . 11/6
Man, you tied up all those loose ends so tidily it makes my brain hurt. This was a great story, and I really enjoyed reading every word. Thank you for your amazing work! If you get a minute, check out Quills and Parchment, a Facebook group. Same ladies from Home Away from Hogwarts, and I'd love to connect with you irl!
ErisAceso chapter 56 . 11/6
Oh this is AWESOME!
ErisAceso chapter 55 . 11/6
WHHHAAATTT? You are EVIL. Can't believe you ended this chapter there. You're so lucky I'm reading this complete or there would have been shouty capitals cursing you and your dark, dark gift!
ErisAceso chapter 54 . 11/6
Oh... WOW. Dumbles is dead!? How is this going to work? What's going to happen!? YOURE KILLING ME!
ErisAceso chapter 53 . 11/6
Oh my god I can't wait to see how this ends. How are there six more chapters!?
ErisAceso chapter 52 . 11/6
Oh man, the suspense is KILLING me!
ErisAceso chapter 51 . 11/6
Oooohhhhh CRAP! Are you going to redeem Peter Pettigrew? Because I'm not sure we can be friends if you do this to me...
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