Reviews for One Hundred and Sixty Nine
Jasminny chapter 47 . 8/13
- I love Sirius joking about Remus and Frederica having an affair and Hermione not realizing it's a complete joke haha
- I love that Sirius tightens his hold on her when he thinks about her telling the truth to the Ministry
- I love this cute little trio scene at the end
- OOOH this wand plot device was so clever. You planted that idea so long ago!
Jasminny chapter 46 . 8/12
- We love Poppy Pomfrey! Ah, I loved the Remus centric parts
- I love how angry he is with Dumbledore's greater good feelings and how they shouldn't tell Sirius/Hermione until after so the plan goes accordingly...
- I love Remus's "can I have it back now" and how he didn't preface it
- Sirius is so cheeky haha "the choice is yours old man" LOL
- I love how much Remus trusts Sirius to guard his back while he escapes
- This Order mission made me realize something. Generally, how do the DE know they're called the Order of the Phoenix. Do they call themselves that in front of the DE? Haha not very secretive is it?
- Poor Remus and him losing his wand :(
Jasminny chapter 45 . 8/12
- "a good idea was a start, and they could work on it together." :')
- I love the idea that Distract with Facts didn't work with Hagrid because he was just too excited to talk about knarls haha. What a cutie
- Lily's note was so perfect and clever. Adore her. We don't get to see her a ton but I love how you write her in the snippets where we do get to see her
- "Rodent removal for example" I'm hollering
Jasminny chapter 44 . 8/11
- I adore Frank and his friendship with Sirius
- Moody's "You can look at the girl like that all you want, sonny, but if you're going to start doing it to me you can say goodbye to my little plan" was hilarious
- I felt it in my heart when Sirius lamenting his potential bankruptcy and his internal monologue that it's easy to easy to say money doesn't matter when you have lots of it
- I love him even more for the fact that he's upset mostly because he promised to provide for Hermione and losing his money would mean he can't :')
- Lol Hermione jumping Sirius made me laugh so hard. Frank is also hilarious and I love him. Please let him live pleaseeeeeee
Jasminny chapter 43 . 8/11
- Sirius is adorable. I love how concerned she is for her and that she went out alone to get the bacon. The line "Why had he worried about living with a girl?...It was the most perfect thing ever." was so good
- Sirius is maturing :') the fact that he talks about Ron, even though he didn't want to just because he wants to make her feel better, was so sweet
- Ahhh the scene with Remus waking up was so fun. Love that dork
- Sirius's denial about Rab dying was so tangible sigh
- You write haughty Voldemort so well
- This strategic murder of Rab was so Slytherin and I am so shook
- "though of course Mrs Black had no idea exactly how much new blood Hermione "Fehr" would be bringing to the family." What a line. I loved it
- "followed by a cigarette – either for meditative purposes or maybe he was just trying to speed his death along so he wouldn't have to deal with the problem at all" so dark but so good
- Pollux looking almost ashamed that most of the horcruxes were in the black family's possession was so perfect
- Ah dang it. Poor Pollux thinking that Sirius was just using them sigh. I feel for both him and Sirius
qjhaynes chapter 21 . 8/8
why didn't they just give James and Lily an emergency portkey?
Jasminny chapter 42 . 7/15
So spoiled by the long long chapters

- I love this idea of Moody trying to recruit Hermione and I love that Sirius looked at Moody with pride when he tried to recruit her
- Oof Remus giving Dumbledore her time turner. I get that he feels like he owes Dumbledore everything he has (i.e. his friends) but still oof. I'm sure Dumbledore knew, when he asked, that Remus couldn't deny him which makes me feel even more uneasy
- "Why couldn't there be a few enjoyable thumbnail sketches on the side?" This is a great analogy. I love that it ties into the "big picture" idea. The imagery was great
- Haha "Moony, well-known for his loud and raucous behavior" LOL Sirius please
- UGH I sorta hated this misogynistic banter but I feel like I'm not that surprised either haha. Mostly because I know that Sirius wouldn't really want Hermione to look differently if she didn't have to
- The ending was very ominous!
Jasminny chapter 41 . 7/15
- "Sirius supposed if you weren't used to making mistakes all the time – like he was – it might be a bit hard to deal with" I love this boy
- I love that he decides to hug Remus instead of slapping him on the shoulder :')
- I also adore that he tries to stop himself from smiling because he realizes Hermione is upset there's no course for her to stay haha. What a goober
- Man I'm surprised Sirius and Moody both didn't think it was weird the other didn't ask a security question? You did address this by Sirius saying that no one could pull one over Moody. And I feel like that was honestly perfect because we know that in Harry's fourth year, someone does
Jasminny chapter 40 . 7/14
Hahah oh my goodness this entire chapter was such a hoot. I love how betrayed she was by Annie, the housekeeper. Also woohoo for Remus's paranoia. The police asking about Sirius Odgen and Remus Moony was too good. I cackled so hard
WildElz chapter 52 . 7/14
I really dont like how much info Pollux has. I have a bad feeling about this
Jasminny chapter 39 . 7/14
- "Distract with facts" geeked me. It feels exactly like what Remus's role in the Marauders would be (along with all the other good that we get from him)
- The names Moody and Moony are so similar and I don't think I quite realized that until this chapter
- I love that you show how Hermione derails a bit when she holds the box of horcruxes (it makes complete sense since they're supposed to prey on you and your worst thoughts)
- I like that Remus has thoughts on Sirius's friendship with Rab but is keeping them to himself
- AHHH I love this idea of Sirius trying so hard to undo his upbringing by practicing phrases like "alright mate" It feels so on brand and I love this headcanon
- I love that Remus asks him a security question at the end because he's acting too mature haha
Jasminny chapter 38 . 7/14
- Hermione's "I know he's your friend" and Sirius's response of "He poisoned me" was a great exchange to include
- I love that they have this very endearing and sweet exchange with one another re: the running away to Hawaii. As if they needed a distraction from the horribleness of Rab's situation
- The callback to Mr. Odgen was wonderful
- LOL Kreacher bashing Dumbledore on the head is such chaotic energy and I love it
Jasminny chapter 37 . 7/13
- "in a tone that implied this was not the first time he had made this statement that afternoon" I love how well Hermione can read her new-so-new friends
- Oof poor Pollux finding out that Sirius partially came back because of their mission hurts. Although I think Hermione did a good job of recovering
- Hermione is so passionate about this and I love it
- I love the phrase "he's tops"
- "she's already told you – probably with a diagram and equations" I love Sirius and how much he adores Hermione's approaches, tactics, etc
- Eeek the drama continues
WildElz chapter 5 . 7/12
I love the level of details there, with all the families ! Which Weasley is named after Ignatius though ?
Jasminny chapter 36 . 7/12
- "He almost barked with laughter imagining her annoyance at having to fix her hair and wear heels for a rescue mission." I love that he's finding the situation so humorous haha
- I'm a little surprised Pollux let him leave before seeing his mom but maybe he knew it would be enough for Walburga to know he's back
- Oof I'm surprised Hermione didn't say something to James and Remus? Even if it's just a patronus message and even if it's just 30 minutes. It feels a bit selfish? Since they didn't seem to know he was okay and were probably worried sick. I think I'm just defensive of the Marauders :D
- I love Sirius getting serious when he saw the tears on James face
Clever of Sirius to ask Remus to come around for a book to get him to come over since he's "too polite to invite himself over" haha
- "Come round *home* when you get a chance" I love this. I love their friendship so much
- Sirius's response to Hermione saying they could maybe go on a second date was hilarious. I love this boy. He's perfectly humorous
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