Reviews for One Hundred and Sixty Nine
stealacandy chapter 44 . 5/4
Oh dear,

This story is nice, but it's so long! I give up! I got this far, but now I'm bored out of my mind with this story. It just goes on and on and on...
Dri Almighty chapter 57 . 5/2
Oh, I'm so sad it's over, but you should be really proud of your work! It was beautifully written!
hansonkali chapter 57 . 5/2
Ughs I may be slightly sad this story ended but also happy that everyone got a happy ending that deserved it and just a bit surprised that Flora was Sirius and Hermione's daughter.
hansonkali chapter 56 . 5/2
Well that was a bit confusing and like Hermione I am still trying to wrap my head around it but I think I understand Dumbledore's reasoning for doing what he did. I am just glad she was able to go back and be with Sirius again.
GNcat chapter 57 . 4/30
I enjoyed this story very much. It was well written and different from the usual time travel ones. Hr/S make Sandy great couple and I didn't see the returning to 1981 again coming. Brilliant.
ClemmieCole chapter 1 . 4/30
This is one of the best fanfictions I've ever read, it is incredibly well-written, the pacing is perfect, there are no loose ends, the details are incredible, and everything is just so believable, it's like a real novel. It is actually better than some real, published novels out there! This is why I'm so shocked some people have criticized it! They don't know what they're talking about, and i hope you'll let this story on this website, it is truly a gift to the fandom and to this ship. I've read it quite a few times, as I would a real book. Thank you so much for writing it. I totally understand if you take it down, but I really hope you won't. You're an amazing writer. Thanks again!
hansonkali chapter 55 . 4/30
I am sad she had to return but I am curious what is in the envelopes...and I am happy that everyone seems so happy in this new future.
Wyrmridr chapter 57 . 4/28
Review is for the entire story:

This is the first review I've ever written, and I'm making it because this is simply one of the BEST stories I've read on this site thus far, and I've read some very good ones!

Plot's solid, characters are believable and well-presented, and the use of the security questions to give a glimpse into the development of the marauders is genius.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Mademoiselle Mime chapter 57 . 4/25
I love it
hansonkali chapter 54 . 4/24
Well darn I really wasn't expecting Dumbledore to die even if I didn't trust him entirely. Here is hoping James and Lily take the truth well.
hansonkali chapter 53 . 4/24
Yay for Voldy being half dead. Hopefully soon he will be all dead.
hansonkali chapter 52 . 4/24
I am so on the edge of my seat now that it's getting closer and closer to them taking Voldemort down. Loved the Sirius and Pollux scene.
hansonkali chapter 51 . 4/22
Hmmm well crap I hope they haven't somehow messed things up somehow and their plan ends up going all wrong.
hansonkali chapter 50 . 4/19
I have to agree with them both and say finally. Kind of glad she had that awful nightmare since it lead to that.
Jesspanda chapter 57 . 4/18
Absolutely wonderful story you have here! Excellent work!
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