Reviews for One Hundred and Sixty Nine
Pandamega chapter 58 . 9/27
What a wonderful fic! And no wonder, you’re soupy george! I love you fics on ao3!
Nothingburger chapter 56 . 8/22
Such a good story until everything was ruined by absolutely stupid shit in the end.

The Dumbledore died to muggle cops shooting him was retarded to begin with but it doesn't even compare to this ending.

Hermione can't stay because they can't make her an identity...

Even going away from the fact that even if they don't obliviate all of MI5 they could easily obliviate the top brass to destroy the file and say it's all taken care of. The could transfigure a body of Hermione so MI5 says oh well she's dead close the file...

There are a thousand different easy solutions to get the muggles off her current persona.

So even if she can't be a Fehr...

She can just go with the story she pretended to be one for the order - to kill Voldemort - AND THEN JUST CREATE A MUGGLEBORN IDENTITY!

You telling me there's no way Dumbledore and Moody and the Potter's and Hermione couldn't create the requisite birth certificates, school records etc for the muggle world? With magic none of this shit would be even difficult.

For fucks sake make up that her fake muggle parents were rich and hired tutors cuz they didn't trust Hogwarts and fucking have James Potter sign off on his parents having tutored her couple times a week because they were bored shitless. That's just off the top of my head - thousands of ways to do it.

This whole has to go back forward in time bs is absolute nonsense.

If there was real magical reasons throughout the story then fine it can be stomached.

To have the reason she has to be twenty years in the future be - muggles know my face... C'mon. Seriously. Can't create an identity my ass.

A waste of an otherwise good story by completey shoehorning in the stupidity of I have to abandon everything I have here because the muggles who I don't interact with as I live in the magical world might know my name and I can't possibly change it or stop them from knowing this Information.

Not like the Ministry can really find out shit about her if she changes her muggle identity as most of them can't even figure out what to wear let alone how to search through records in the muggle world!

Nothingburger chapter 54 . 8/22
That was the most convoluted ridiculous bullshit I've ever read in a story.

Killing Dumbledore using muggles. You could just have well has Voldemort winning the fight and then have him killed by the Potter's and Remus - but no you had to have muggle cops kill Dumbledore because they thought he was a terrorist lol

Not to mention the whole explosions and everything magic going on would have 99 percent of every cop in existence going nope waiting for backup shit all I can do there.

And Dumbledore not able to heal himself, apparate away, call for his PHOENIX.

This beyond bullshit is so stupid I immediately quit this story in disgust right at the end.

Written well but come on, the muggle bullshit was ridiculously stupid from the beginning and especially for this ending.

Like cops have time to sit and stake out a tiny sleepy village for months on end to begin with. And then in Britain - going ing all guns blazing - this isn't American...
CoSmO333 chapter 57 . 7/30
I just want to say that I love this story it was great! thanks so much for sharing!
HetaPhiPuffPrincess chapter 50 . 7/9
I am loving this story but my Gawd is this long for absolutely no reason. Like sometimes u skip a few days but now the lead up I’m getting day by day and it’s a bit much. Like at this point I’ll be here till the real Halloween lol
Mal chapter 58 . 7/5
OMG! I'm so pleased I read it a second time because now there's more fic! Eeeek. Thank youououou.
Mal chapter 57 . 7/5
I've read this for the second time and it was even better this time round!
Irisgogogo chapter 58 . 5/8
Absolutely brilliant chapter 58 . 4/21
I can’t believe that through all of this Hermione never made contact with her younger self or her parents
pwrmom2 chapter 57 . 3/4
Absolutely loved this story!
Tonks7777777 chapter 58 . 2/28
That was so excellent! Of the hundreds of fics I’ve read, I’ve found this one so unique and gripping! Thank you so so much! I can’t wait to read the sequel! :D
Guest chapter 58 . 2/1
So much great humor in this story! I loved the chaotic Marauder vibe. Thank you for sharing!
peggy77 chapter 58 . 12/24/2022
Such a wonderful story! I read it a long time ago but then somehow lost it. I am favoriting it now so I can read it again at some point. Also going to go read the sequel now.
peggy77 chapter 38 . 12/23/2022
Very exciting story so far. You had me laughing at Sirius and the nurses porn then again at what Kreacher did to Dumbledore.
WeisseHex chapter 3 . 12/15/2022
Giving up is not an option, Herms!
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