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Bow Echo chapter 15 . 13h
Eeeek ...every test she had taken over the last week is positive ... THANK YOU! Although you might not be Rach, come on! it's attitudes like that that has
babies born when blinkered mum thinks she's got stomach ache from all those pickles and ice cream she's been scoffing!
He's not my boyfriend ... Yeh right like your not pregnant! And ooo Mark's looking for a curious Tracy, may well have a couple of candidates for you there sunshine, maybe the tinted moisturiser will swing it or will it be the cravat!
Hippies! I bloody knew it and so does Mark, hope he gets to the Island to shake it up at some point, oh Scott's face as he imagines he's the target of the young Marks attentions, cool it Scott you're probably third on his list!
Gordon's panicking and i love it, Tin Tin Gordon banter i love, Grandma's a nice old lady her own that too.
'Alan's not that bad'...erm he's a Tracy that's somat right! Yep going with that..Alan is a Tracy and therefore vis a vie not that bad for Alan ...hehehe My evil twin just surfaced, honest ;-).
HE WANTS HER TO BE PREGNANT ...yipee so happy now ..Alan's not that bad! And and and and He's admitting it to himself he LOVES HER. OMG Epic chapter ... I can't remember if i've told you this but love this fic xx
Bow Echo chapter 14 . 14h
OMG yet again almost too much to love and review in one chapter, how the hell do you do it! Enough unadulterated respect for your talent mrs ...and so on with the point (s) of interest !
GORDON ...Wow he's a man who will leave 15 messages not to mention the e-mails just to let a girl know she's not really his girlfriend... I LOVE IT!
The Gordon / Virgil show just bloody loved their banter 'when did you grow a uterus' .. Classic! but it's when Virgil grabs the phone ' his velvety barritone voice ... smooth caramel' mmmmm ... mmmmm ... *drifted and melted into the caramel* It's official the way you write em I have no loyalty to any of them ..mmmmmm Sorry went back for a second serving!
PREGNANT ! or not, maybe but she told him, ofcourse she did she bloody loves him...cue bloody brilliant dialogue between the two...Oh god you have an OC I ship with him more than cannon ... not all bad in this I can dream of a velvety voice making Penny's knees tremble ... I told you, very little encouragement required!
And then the convo with dad...bloody hell Jeff Tracy has met his match in his forth son, all the blustering but with a touching edge, he would do anything for his boys but he doesn't have to make it easy for them. He's a pussy cat, Grandma however may turn lioness! Can imagine Jeff pouring a drink after Gordon's left and drinking to his Olympic swimmer sons swimmers! Tracy line secure ...TB6 the prototype on order a babywalker with attitude! Unless ofcourse it is the stress and the world of your making is denied the spawn of Gordon...please god no... let it be two lines ..
.. skips off happily to find out. Have I told you how much a love this? ... no, you do surprise me, BLOODY LOVE THIS FIC X
Bow Echo chapter 13 . 7/25
'Took a little time out to rock her world' .. you certainly did Gordon she'd had a full workout by 11! OMFG John you sly dog, Mrs Brandenburg...'you didn't?'...'I did' 'what goes on in the staff room stays in the staff room'
Eeeek *bites finger to control the teenage alter ego wanting to break free* Wow these boys may live the lives of recluses now but jeez they got life experience in spades! Bloody love it and so did Mrs Brandenburg I'm sure ;-) ... The whole ladies, gaydar scene genius, Jeff knowing 'sup homies' bloody hillarious, the boys wondering if Penny 'keeps him warm' when he's in England, Virg being squemish at the thought of Jeff doing the beast with two back with Penny, come on Virg, sex chat within your family happens over breakfast you should be used to it by now! But oh no.. oh lordy ..Virgil LOVES Penny *grining like a cheshire cat* Knew it! 'Perils of Penelope' is one of the few TOS eps i've watched Eeeeeek hope there's more of that! No-one asks where Scott and Tin Tin are, they're afraid of the answer, hehe ...think not, surprised this family don't video it for family sex chat night! 'That's not the Tracy technique son, you wanna slow it down a little...' SHIT! IT'S OFFICIAL, YOUR FIC HAS SENT ME BONKERS...I'll have to end it right there, mid review while i rock in a corner with underpants on my head and knitting needles up my nose... BLOODY LOVE THIS!
Bow Echo chapter 12 . 7/25
'Even though it was only eleven she felt like she'd done a full days work' -That Rachel is called bragging, you lucky, lucky girl! Oh this chapter was brill, loved Gordon not keeping up 'the clown' tag and doing a good impression of Rachel without coffee. God they are so hooked, addicted to something that shouldn't really go any further because it shouldn't work. Neither can stop, a half-hearted talk about what they shouldn't be doing, talking them into keeping it going. "The boy' is more man than she's ever known and she knows she'd be a fool to walk away. Love this and Gordon still has to do ANYTHING for Virgil and John, I'm sure they'll have cooked something up by now!
Bow Echo chapter 11 . 7/24
Absolutely fab update, Rachel is totally amazing..she's not just gonna throw herself at the now smelly 'dirty ginger bastard'..not until she's had her questions answered and another coffee anyway but it's eyebrow waggling Gordon and she's disarmed in seconds..made him scrub his own back though...yes she's got this, he's sure to know she's pissed with him now! But that man right there, in his full lenght dressing gown and with his enlightened views has captured her heart and back to bed she goes, no-ones blaming you Rachel, we'd be dissappointed if you hadn't but a predetermination to be a little pissed off, maybe just a waste of valuable energy which you'll be needing any second lucky girl.
Bow Echo chapter 10 . 7/23
'His blue eyes hardened, blazed with anger' THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU...2 Chapters on the trot; with angry Scott you are really spoiling me!
John applying his guyliner... Gordon I love you. It's tinted moisturiser... John leave it! That's no bettet in the eyes of 'the dirty ginger bastard (thanks Rachel still loving that one) and you know it!
Poor Gordon finding the young girl, nothing he can do, occupational hazard but never gets easier to swich off. He needs a hug, he needs Rachel then with an 'act of god' the opportunity presents itself, the pub explodes (The god damn pub as if that village hasn't been through enough). Gordon trapped in England, cue hugs, cue back scrubbing, cue the return of the bedroom olympics...yeh... - oh and Gordon's promised Virg and John ANYTHING to keep quiet about his little bit of side action, thought that one through with 'Victory' didn't you sunshine.. looking forward to the debt payment plan. LOVE IT x
Bow Echo chapter 9 . 7/22
For the record Connery but sorta hoping it's Tom Hardy next!
Anyhooo enough gatecrashing the John / Virgil Bond discussion and cut to the chase.
1) I just knew it! he didn't get out of the hanger before he phoned her *mini fist pump*
2) He NAMED HER BRESTICLES...of course you did Gordon, i would have been disappointed if you hadn't GT
3) She named his mast victory, she is certainly victorious over the whole of female population and some of the men too, she has him, he's hers and i love her even more now. This girl is heaven in a fic
4) Just a snippet of pissed off Scott. THANK YOU sighs happy, Scotty with a death stare. Scott all mean and moody...yes please ... mmmmmmm ... nope, no more, you got me, visualising the dimpled adonis in full lecture mode now and i wouldn't mind a dressing down (oh god, started a whole new vision now!) from him.
Bow Echo chapter 8 . 7/22
OMG he's aching all over, his heart and every muscle in his Olympion body (mmmmmm...sorry!) is feeling the aftermath of the two day bedroom Olympics! Poor Gordon, he thought he could handle it but that blond hair and memorable breasticles just wont leave him alone and Tin Tin is questioing him like she's a member of the love life gestapo. Yep that boy got off a plane and had a phone i his hand before the wheels has stopped. And then Rachel, perfect nail biting, knuckle cracking Rachel in love with the 'dirty ginger bastard' (that girls a poet) and who wouldn't be! I mean stamina is important when in the first phase of getting to know a new young man, and he's left her spent emotionally and physically - lucky, lucky girl. Absolutely love this fic. X
Bow Echo chapter 7 . 7/20
OMG Gordon Tracy in lurvvvvvvvvv is adorable, in fact distgustingly hot and adorable! He kissed the freckles on her back, you know he loves her normally he never looks at back, i mean looks back. God he wants to savour every last bit of her, make love ... CHARGING 180 CLEAR ... it's ok we have output!

Where was i before you sent me into cardiac rhapsody .. oh yes GT in love ... oh god, no use for my own health I'll have to leave this one there apart from I love Rachel so much she has to get a mention.
Bow Echo chapter 6 . 7/19
That girl wakes like me, no-way should words be spoken until a good dose caffiene is consumed, you just pointed out the only fault there could be with waking up next to the disgustingly hot (and adorable) GT. And then that body in tiny red speedos (i'm ignoring his age in this visual delight) ... yep GT, tiny speedos ... not getting past that... Swap review for cold shower !
Bow Echo chapter 5 . 7/18
'No, baby. I'm the glamour'. Yes you are Gordon, yes you are. Love how totally in sync they are humour wise. I guess in others ways too! God this is a great fic.
Bow Echo chapter 4 . 7/18
Loving it, loving Rachel, obviously loving Gordon especially in the sex god mode of your creation. And Mark OC a genius introduction, love him too. But most of all the description of the shenanigans at their last meet... inapropriate behaviour in a lift and rogered against the hotel room door and with the body of an adonis no wonder young Mr Tracy is planted firmly in her head. Just one last weekend, yeh you keep telling yourself that lovie, two more days of that young bit of stuff the deal will be sealed. LOVE THIS.
Bow Echo chapter 3 . 7/17
Almost too much to love in this, the eyebrow gymnastics. Tin Tin the luckiest girl on the planet, we know because they heard her! And now Jeff's giving his penultimate son the low down on his sex life with Lucy ... OMG just found the only bad thing about being a Tracy the multi generational sex chat, they're hippies ! But Gordon of course is the star of the show ...just a weekend ..yeh right keep telling yourself that boyo. And then we have the bet ... genius. Looking forward to dipping into this fic on a regular basis.
Bow Echo chapter 2 . 7/17
Another beaut chapter... although no-one, I repeat no-one should have to be present when a grandparent reminises about their sex life, good god that is almost a safeguarding issue. How Jeff didn't spew his breakfast i'll never know. Great read this loved the picture of Gordon doing scene from Dirty Dancing with Johnny ' Don't call me Johnny'Tracy'. And Rachel all too cool for school but perfectly pictured doing the old Bridget Jones victory dance at the end of the phone...well you would wouldn't you. Love this!
Bow Echo chapter 1 . 7/17
Well absolutely loved the first chapter, hooked from the start. Love a woman who can drink the boys under the table. The almost 'treat em mean keep em keen' routine... Not quite the Anne Bolelyn approach Rachel but you got the fella back in bed and he'll be wakin up with you for many a netflix n chill session my lovely if i'm not mistaken... Snared a go girl!
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