Reviews for Home from the Sea
Bow Echo chapter 28 . 8/2
Just perfect from begining to end. So glad i found this story i have loved every minute of the ride. Great final chapter. And a nod to Mrs Rachel Tracy who is one of my all time fave OC's in this fandom. Ref AN #2 - Well, if you ever feel the need to do a oneshot for your 340th reviewer Sidebar is a good title ! Lol. THANK YOU for a great read. X
Bow Echo chapter 27 . 8/2
WOO HOO, and at last someone literally knocked their heads together. Loved that Gordon needed his father so true to life nothing makes you yearn for your parent(s) more than becoming one yourself. Shame no delivery room cussing but Rachel is a strong independant woman and thats why I love her. I knew it the next Mrs Tracy waiting in the wings ever since he looked back and she persuaded him to remove his trousers for round two! Jeff a complete star in this as was Mark and the names just perfect as they were rescued from the murky waters of the channel. I can't believe this fic is nearly over I am going to miss this one.
Bow Echo chapter 26 . 8/2
EPIC chapter, with enough Scott sarcasim to keep me a happy bunny. Rachel i just loved in this, trust a woman to keep a cool head in a crisis and the way she knew it was better for Gordon not to know just proves they are meant to be. Loved the scene in the ambulance which just highlights why those two need their heads knocking together and then OMG THE TWINS! On their way, Gordon has hours to do more growing up than he's managed in a life time.
Short and sweet as off to ch27 to see how many rude words Rachel calls Gordon while in labour, shame it's not a live story you could have taken bets! :-)
Bow Echo chapter 25 . 8/2
OMFG this is getting better and better. Don't blame the hormones honey Gordon was destined to get you in his hotel room eventually. They still accept It's not going anywhere but cling to the just one more time serario with gusto, they are FB's forever even if they declare nothing else they will always end up in bed whenever he finds the time to donate an hour or two to his family (not bitter ..honest!) . When he spoke to the babies that made me so sad that he is prepared to miss out on so much because of his certainty that he doesn't want to hurt people, and in doing so ensures he's hurting everyone he loves.
RESCUE... OMG...OMG Gordon in uniform, she'll volunteer to be last man out just to get that view all to herself... so excited for next chapter but at work and dinner coming to an end... booooooooo. Great chapter.
Bow Echo chapter 24 . 8/1
OMG Gordon's playing the jealousy card as well as any 16 year old girl! Rach bears as much as she can, then drags him away from the 'Italian stick' but is caught glancing at his crotch, oh Rach those pregnancy hormones are firing on all cylinders. Love his comment, even though I am still pissed with him. But he redeemed himself and lets face it with that smile, those looks and a crotch that invites the eye i would have struggled to stay mad forever GT. The bit in the lift I loved, her coaxing him, the reveal, the kiss, the I love you, the we can't be together .. STOP..REWIND *imagine sound of needle scratching record* Noooooooo it was going so well. God they just became so frustrating, loved he brought her choccy and the Marilyn film ref at the end (she's a hero of mine). Great chapter, if another emotional roller coster. But i forgive you ;-) x
Bow Echo chapter 23 . 7/31
Oh GT what are we going to do with you, first you are so besotted but still of the opinion that Rachel is better off without you. RANT ALERT - Her fecking (toned it down like a grown up) choice you immature (time for a rhyming game) banker! And then to compound the fact that we now think you have substantially less brain cells than a squid you talk to Tin Tin and then tell her not to say anything ... TIN TIN OMG, that girl is tightliped, a proper confidant NOT! Can imagine her clapping her hands with glee and calling them all to her 'Gordon's a dick' conference as soon as she's hung up!
And the lovely, demure and shrinking violet Rachel, well stone me she's a grown up, I was expecting a nasty office related accident - 'he tripped, it wasn't my fault.. no one could have forseen it, he was just walking past with his cock out at the same time i was guillotining the tatty edges off some paper...oh i do hope the poor man will be ok' but oh no she makes him a coffee and admires his tight ass! Oh well must be the good pregnany hormones thus week he's still not out of the danger zone with a week to go. Totally sympathise with the scan dilemma, do you piss them off by leaving a puddle of shame or dash to the loo and screw up their morning appointments, so distracted by the memories of the full bladde pain then ..BANG... TWIIIIIIIIIIIINS, OMFG is the world ready for the spawn of Gordon x2... Jeez I'm in shock, poor Rachel! And she finds out, then keeps her cool even when she finds our her best friend does a good impression of being as much of a banker as her former shag - Rachel it is quite clear as you are only a mere woman that the men in you life need to be on hand to make your decisions for you - the girl is a star and bears it like a trooper, probably still processing the double trouble in her womb!
Love the last bit as Rach puts two n Two together and comes up with 'the Tracy's are International Resuce' Shit indeed Rachel, Shit indeed! Your babies will have their own rocket at 6 and be taking over from Uncle Scott in their twenties!
Bow Echo chapter 22 . 7/30
I can almost hear Brian spitting venom at the cheek of his coffee provider having the brass overies to take 12 months off. 'Apparently she can afford...' piss off baldy none of your god damn business. 2060 and the world is truely enlightened in the finer points of gender equality! Argggggg MEN! OK, OK a little quick off the mark with my feminist rant, he has a few good qualities and succumbing to his nephew 'Cilla' is one of them (fingers crossed anyway). But poor Rachel, first morning back, only two coffees, one billion e-mails of little significance and a walk to her bosses office to find Gordon 'king asshole' Tracy grinning at her with a smile that has dropped many a pair of knickers to the floor. Not this time Tracy!
Loved the 'you've never had a secretary before' comment from Brian at Gordons assumption they will do anything you want to (And not that GT that is a totally different career choice!), but still Brian poor Rachel is doing exactly what you want right now.
And then Gordon breaches her safe place (not a euphemism) the photocopy room, she's on a one woman mission to destroy all top secret data, he invades with a grin and balls the size of china, she gives him a tirade, disarmed when he moves closer, the kiss *literally squealed with delight* then oh god the retreat. Gordon Tracy you have two weeks to sort this out or Mark will be round with a piece of his mind!
Oh god, need wine to recover from the emotional stress in this chapter!
Bow Echo chapter 21 . 7/30
What could possibly pass the time while waiting for my 8yr old daughter to finish her swimming lesson.. OH I KNOW... Yep it's official, can't go one day without my fix of Gordon and Rachel.
...without further ado and promises to take this very delicate chapter seriously. Grown up review alert.
Stages of breakup.. ANGER! Well Rachel you have every fucking right, the absence of being able to connect fist to face on a daily basis must really be getting you down. She needs a contact in Haiti to deliver pain over distance but she has Mark and god love him he would love to add to the black eye but a quick mental risk assessment and 'a piece of his mind' he would love to deliver! Go Mark!
Forget stage two flashback to Scott reaction about Gordon 'the boy' Tracy's method of coping 'his eyes glinted with angry determination ' OMFG grown up be damned! THANK YOU, so unprepared for that glorious image in a public domain and slightly embarrassed by the pinking of my cheeks as body reacts to mental image of ANGRY SCOTT TRACY, have we discussed my love of the dimpled adonis, No well let me start with ...only joking this is not the time or the place believe me!
And back in the room..
REGRET. Shortlived and rightly so, feet firmly planted in camp Rachel
MOPING. Well Mark you were doing so well until you mentioned SHOPPING arggggg has that girl not been through enough, drop your feminine side and get some perspective... Slight redemption with some well meaning meddling?...We shall evaluate that on results my friend!
Love how Gordon thinks Mark would knock him out, if only he knew the scary 'piece of his mind' that had been threatened, he would be shaking in his flippers!
GT crying and every god damn tear is earned (that's right don't you flash your fine swimmers body like that at me) you are not forgiven.
Love the mult-generational chat when he surfaces from the jail of his own creation. He loves her! Don't know whether to forgive him or knock him out myself, bloody testosterone, of course every woman needs protecting and certainly can't be expected to cope with the potential to lose him in action. With your logic Gordon the army could save a fortune on providing married accomodation!
Gordon redeems himself slightly with the 'Virgil is gay' on the plaster cast and 'live in ho' comment to Tin Tin...Guess who's back...back again.. OK GT if you don't grasp the lifeline our lovely author has given you then i will never chuckle at your pranks and jokes again so take that. *Smug face* That told him almost as good as a piece of Mark's mind. Was that a grown up review? Can't decide! Lol x
Bow Echo chapter 20 . 7/29
THE SCOTT LOOK! Great start Mrs, now almost too destracted by those blue eyes flashed in their direction to continue ... mmmmm... (he could flash them in my direction anytime he damn well pleases). That's obviously it! I gave two serious and grown up reviews (ahem and I thank you) *rolls arm over and bows* but just gotta revert to type - SCOTT TRACY has blown my mind with one look!
*Serious face* They boys and what they do, the daily risk that you return home with physical and emotional scars. Well done at bringing home the weight of the world that the boys we LOVE bear.
And then a smile as Gordon gives an impression of Rachel" and wondes why on earth man wadn't given wings if he was meant to fly, you may have waterproof skin Gordon but you were graced with lungs not gills! Always thought that flying felt foreign to Gordon and the water was alien to Scott. Anyhoooo i digress from you genius... DISTANCE Gordon now claims it and the result is a best friend rescue by Mark (what a star!) bags packed and the two week holiday is cut by one, i get this Rachel, two weeks in the company of your MAN FAM just unreasonable. but onstead of persuading her to stay Gordon Tracy goes into full asshole mode, the failed rescue sends him into full self destruct, and we have all done it but he better get more leave soon to stage a rescue of his own otherwise the tears will be mine aswell. He's crossed some lines now and the eyebrow waggle, amazing body (yeah went there even though I'm so pissed with him right now) and usual overall good sense of humour and cheekyness will not cut it this time, her Man has become a boy again in one chapter. And the resulting right hook justified. We know what you are doing Gordon but let the woman make up her own mind. And the beer with dad won't make your misery dissappear. Own it GT grown the hell up and let the woman make her own decision if she can live with the dangers you face every day. *signs off exhausted from the emotional roller coster of your creation* if it wasn"t afternoon I'd have grabbed a wine to calm me down!
Bow Echo chapter 19 . 7/29
I totally get you Rachel, space not the final frontier but the kind that allows you not to utter a word to anyone. Just you four walls, no pressure especially as your world has just been turned upside down and your space is not only invaded by the second biggest family you've ever know but the thought you may never have you're own space again. Arggggg Jeff stop ignoring the girl, come on man that girl is the love of your sons life! I'M HER MAN *Literally grining from ear to ear* although kills the moment in his punishment to the eavesdropper! ;-) love it!
Ariel for a girl and discussion after proper lol'd. The name Virgil cancelling John and Alan out, I just love this girl.
He maybe called Virgil honey, but that man has one eye on making sure your man is not overwhelmed, one things for sure outta all of the brothers you will come to love the warm, empathetic nature of that man and the special relationship he has with the love of your life. Also sure that man is destined for fave uncle status of Poisidon, Neptune, Starfish or whatever else Gordon sneaks onto the birth certificate. Man this story is addictive.
Bow Echo chapter 18 . 7/28
I couldn't wait and glad I didn't. Glorious opening, to be woken by Gordon's touch and kisses, entwined, in the safety of a space for just them and even caffeine junky Rachel comes round with little protest. Then SABOTAGE.. the smell of Grandma's bacon and the morning sickness kicks in with vengence. Brains to the rescue because at least she'll KNOW it's morning sickness. Gordon needs a hug, Rachel gets that warm and comfy hug that only a grandparent can deliver when she needs it the most. The news taken, processed, accepted and claimed by Ruth, within a minute she ownes Great-Grandmother and love her for it. Jeff, well Jeff has a unspoken Grandad alarm going off in his head. Perfectly timed False Alarm (thank god for Alan and his cornflakes on John's control panel this false alarm i can live with) Jeff gets a little thinking time after the initial angst at the responsibility of sending his grandchilds father into danger. Time to process with copius amounts of alcohol and cigars, oblivion and celebration at his fingertips. Everything crossed for a belated celebration. Big, Epic beautiful chapter, which I took very seriously *takes bow for being a grownup at least once*... Still loving it x
Bow Echo chapter 17 . 7/28
Oh and Louise hits the ground running as we enjoy Rachel's POV watching Tin Tin and Scott doing the old eye sex, no-one can hear you guys but Rachel knows where both of your filthy minds are *trying my very best honest gov, not to be hating the Eurasian minx right now*...He's still the boyfriend that's not a boyfriend..RACHEL! He's your f***ing everything and YOU KNOW IT. Love her on the peripheral getting the low down by observation. She likes the food, good job any pushing it around a plate making it look like a smaller portion of leftovers and Grandma would rip her apart. The family at dinner, what could be more non-threatening INTERROGATION BY RUTH 'THE GESTAPO' TRACY ARGGGGGGGGG
Scott: You couldn't do this later.
Ruth: You're right Scott I can't. Lol lol lol x
THIRTY SIX! In my eyes and Gordon's a spring chicken... I love ya Rach don't let the bastards get you down just keep thinking teas nearly over not long till bed, now that will put a smile on your face. And John Mrs Brandenberg so god damn get in on the convo and stick up for your brother *remembers to breathe* ... God the angsty meeting the family of a 'not her boyfriend boyfriend' is bringing me out in a cold sweat remembering the pain of such horrors.!
Of course Tin Tin would be Miss Scarlet in a game of cluedo who's arguing the cravat or the tinted moisturiser!
And then the potential for some full molestation just so Grandma's eye accusations have a reason to be. Love this, love the bones of Rachel and more and more loving the Gordon and Jeff dynamic.
Bow Echo chapter 16 . 7/27
Tin Tin ...'giggle in her talk and wiggle in her walk'...damn straight Rachel but don't worry Gordon is safe she saves her midnight throaty growls for the dimpled adonis ... Lucky girl I'm more pissed than Rachel at the beautiful Eurasian now *slips into sulk mode* ... Knew it Jeff's mini fist pumps about the Tracy Line..TB6 is go...Jeff falling off his perch if it had been Alan who had got the girl..hehe. 'She's here everybody act normal" ...hehe ... you sure Gordon? Are you really sure? OK like a human being that should cover it! Grandma doesn't like her already after his money the gold digger! Jeff's responce OMG priceless 'he'll waste it on women or the worlds largest oreo' thank god for cesarian's and my intact pelvic floor or i would be sat in a puddle of shame! There's not a nursing home on the planet that could tame your mother Jeff and you know it! OMG the kiss the trial of kisses bloody hell ... *nearly swapped for cold shower but continues like a trooper* . We know where Virg gets his velvety voice from ...mmmmmm double caramel! And then the introductions AWKWARD...until ofcourse the lovely, beautiful, mouth from the gutter Rachel allows herself to be herself and BINGO.. Rachel Tracy waitin in the wings ...ahh and breathe ... Love it and more x
Bow Echo chapter 15 . 7/26
Eeeek ...every test she had taken over the last week is positive ... THANK YOU! Although you might not be Rach, come on! it's attitudes like that that has
babies born when blinkered mum thinks she's got stomach ache from all those pickles and ice cream she's been scoffing!
He's not my boyfriend ... Yeh right like your not pregnant! And ooo Mark's looking for a curious Tracy, may well have a couple of candidates for you there sunshine, maybe the tinted moisturiser will swing it or will it be the cravat!
Hippies! I bloody knew it and so does Mark, hope he gets to the Island to shake it up at some point, oh Scott's face as he imagines he's the target of the young Marks attentions, cool it Scott you're probably third on his list!
Gordon's panicking and i love it, Tin Tin Gordon banter i love, Grandma's a nice old lady her own that too.
'Alan's not that bad'...erm he's a Tracy that's somat right! Yep going with that..Alan is a Tracy and therefore vis a vie not that bad for Alan ...hehehe My evil twin just surfaced, honest ;-).
HE WANTS HER TO BE PREGNANT ...yipee so happy now ..Alan's not that bad! And and and and He's admitting it to himself he LOVES HER. OMG Epic chapter ... I can't remember if i've told you this but love this fic xx
Bow Echo chapter 14 . 7/26
OMG yet again almost too much to love and review in one chapter, how the hell do you do it! Enough unadulterated respect for your talent mrs ...and so on with the point (s) of interest !
GORDON ...Wow he's a man who will leave 15 messages not to mention the e-mails just to let a girl know she's not really his girlfriend... I LOVE IT!
The Gordon / Virgil show just bloody loved their banter 'when did you grow a uterus' .. Classic! but it's when Virgil grabs the phone ' his velvety barritone voice ... smooth caramel' mmmmm ... mmmmm ... *drifted and melted into the caramel* It's official the way you write em I have no loyalty to any of them ..mmmmmm Sorry went back for a second serving!
PREGNANT ! or not, maybe but she told him, ofcourse she did she bloody loves him...cue bloody brilliant dialogue between the two...Oh god you have an OC I ship with him more than cannon ... not all bad in this I can dream of a velvety voice making Penny's knees tremble ... I told you, very little encouragement required!
And then the convo with dad...bloody hell Jeff Tracy has met his match in his forth son, all the blustering but with a touching edge, he would do anything for his boys but he doesn't have to make it easy for them. He's a pussy cat, Grandma however may turn lioness! Can imagine Jeff pouring a drink after Gordon's left and drinking to his Olympic swimmer sons swimmers! Tracy line secure ...TB6 the prototype on order a babywalker with attitude! Unless ofcourse it is the stress and the world of your making is denied the spawn of Gordon...please god no... let it be two lines ..
.. skips off happily to find out. Have I told you how much a love this? ... no, you do surprise me, BLOODY LOVE THIS FIC X
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