Reviews for Better Than This
Someone aka Me chapter 1 . 12/30/2012
ohmygoodnesshowhaveinotreadt his?

This is… flawless. Absolutely flawless. You are a fantastic CharlieDraco writer, love, and I know you ship DracoGinny but you really ought to write more of these two because I can't even put into words how much I love this fic. Draco is perfect, my dear. Absolutely perfect, and Charlie complements him brilliantly and I just can't even.

Wonderful job. Absolutely wonderful.
Alarice Tey chapter 1 . 11/6/2012
Interesting. I liked that you made Charlie "heal" Draco. The plot and the story itself was well-rounded, and I think that the writing style - little serious, little humor, beautiful descriptions - fitted well with the plot. I guess that Draco's feelings could be written more subtle (I like to figuring things out myself) - but they were still written in a great way.
The ending was fantastic. Well done!
fan-freak121 chapter 1 . 10/29/2012
Wow, I loved this, this was a great one-shot, I've started to really like Charlie/Draco and I think that you wrote them beautifully, I love how you had Draco go to Romania to escape Britian. This was nicely written, great job.
b3yondimaginations chapter 1 . 10/15/2012
this is a great fic! i was hoping for a little romance though, since it seems like there was a little going on between them, in subtle ways. like the after-bath scene with charlie gaping, or that charlie seems so nice to draco, especially the last sentence. of course, it's also great just to have them as friends. it would be nice to have a sequel and see what goes on after this.
RayenOfDeadStarsAndPlanets chapter 1 . 10/6/2012
I love this
ProfessorSquirrell chapter 1 . 10/6/2012
AHH! I love this! I've been converted to CharlieDraco shipping too.

Draco running away to live on the dragon reserve is awesome. I think he has that reckless streak in him that would make that kind of job perfect for him. But it's also funny considering he's a bit spoiled haha.
I love Draco's reaction to realizing he was going to be bunking with a Weasley. And the way Charlie doesn't say a word to him about everything he knows is so great because I could totally see Charlie doing that. And then when he kind of throws it in his face and Draco realizes how stupid he's been... love it!
And the bit throughout with the Dark Mark was probably my favorite. I love fics revolving around that because it's fascinating how having that permanently on his skin could mess with his self esteem.
You did wonderfully with this! :)
MissingMommy chapter 1 . 10/5/2012
Fantastic. I absolutely adored this.

"she is the Draco to my, Charlie" - that just made me giggle.

Now, the idea of the story as a whole is beautiful and very well excuted. There's nothing I don't like. Draco running from his past is part of my headcanon. Well, except mine has him /actually attending his trial first, but that's beside the point, yeah?

Him working on the Dragon Reserve. Oh my. Such a beautiful thought. It is in the name, after all. So I'm really glad that you did make a reference to the whole Dragon/Draco theme there. It's one of my favorites.

I think the only part that isn't part of my headcanon and is probably the most debated thing is the Dark Mark tattoo. I believe that it went away after Voldemort was killed. That doesn't mean that I didn't like that Draco still had his.

And Charlie was right, the tattoo /showed/ how different Draco is. "All of his beliefs had been called into question, and all of his friends had either died or had fallen from grace as he had." - what a way to describe Draco. When I think of fallen from grace, I think Regulus Black. The more I think about it, the more I can see similiarites between Regulus and Draco.

"You think I didn't know that you're the reason for why my older brother was attacked by a werewolf" - I completely forgot that it /is/ technically Draco's fault that Bill was attacked. But Charlie has a /very/ forgiving soul. (In my headcanon, at least. Does he in yours?)

"Why would you want to help me when I've done nothing but hurt you and your family and the families of other people?" - I /felt/ his pain here. His guilt. Have I told you that you write fantastically? You do because very few authors can make you /feel/ what the character does, and you have that talent.

The ending was so wonderful. Charlie is so understanding and Draco does feel guilty. And what you've done is shown why they would work WITHOUT PUTTING THEM TOGETHER! Which works so well.

Favorite bit?: "It no longer meant anything. It was just a name. / Just like Weasley was just a name." - YESYESYES! Draco is understanding that everything doesn't revolve around Pureblood-ness. And I absolutely adore it!

Overall, this is fantastic and I love it so much. And thank you for such an awesome CharlieDraco.
TamariChan chapter 1 . 10/5/2012
Oh, the last three paragraphs are ohsopretty.
" It was just a name.

Just like Weasley was just a name."

This doesn't exactly feel like romance - is it supposed to be? - but I love the interactions between them and I can feel the emotion wafting off the page (/screen). Your writing is really nice here, although I think the very first sentence could be more gripping, to hook the readers. There's nothing wrong with it, but "blue abyss" just feels a little off.

Other than that little thing, though, your writing is lovely and I love how you handled the characters.