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Guest chapter 54 . 6/9
What about the song you said ok to?o0
Jasminta Blossom chapter 54 . 6/9
This was amazing! I loved all the songs and I think they all fitted really well!

I loved Ned wearing the Hawaiian shirt and getting a Playboy magazine. Typical! And Richard was so funny dressed up as a lion!

Also special shoutout to Gay or European, it was so funny! Plus it was like a pun on the fact that Romeo and Mercutio are Italian! ;-D
Although why was it Kate that Romeo was flirting with? I don't think Hal and Juliet will be very happy!

I also loved You'll Be In My Heart. It was so sweet and it really fits the Gang!

The competition is going great so far! I can't wait to see the rest, and seeing what the French school has got!
Jasminta Blossom chapter 53 . 3/23
Such a great chapter! I loved all of it!

Mercutio and Hal were so sweet together, they're such good friends. Although I can't help but think it was slightly...slashy!

But poor Benvolio! I really want to see more of his backstory and his point of view on things.

And I also liked the reconciliation of Richard with his brothers! Poor Edmund, being scared of Clifford. I want to see Ned and Clarence carry out their threat on that Lancastrian brute!

I see Loki is feeling very pleased with himself the morning after his 'kinky time' with Sigyn!

Oh, Hal! Don't worry, you'll be a great, French-bashing king! Just try not to die so soon!
Comedy Monarchy chapter 52 . 2/18
A very nice way to connect the two plots togther, now we understand the backstory to Loki, Thor and Sigyn.
We know that Loki's personality will change, but what about Thor's or Sigyn's?
I do wonder if anyone in the Gang or anyone else for that matter will learn the hidden truth, about these Princes and Princesses from Norway?
Good chapter! :)
Jasminta Blossom chapter 52 . 2/18
I love the final instalment of Thor and Loki's banishment!

I thought it was funny when Frigga fussed over Thor and Loki like kids when they went hunting. But poor Bjorn! I hope he's ok! Will we see him again?

Dumb Odin, thinking Loki just wants Sigyn for sex. He loves her, moron! But I liked Loki and Thor's arrival on Midgard and Thor getting addicted to sugar!

I particularly liked the ending part, when they arrived at Middleham. It reminded me of the friendships they'd made, and the importance of the bond, especially considering the final is next!
Guest chapter 52 . 2/17
Superb!Can't wait to see new threads.
Comedy Monarchy chapter 51 . 1/14
Well Done RichardIII1955, you have outdone yourself, take a break. This was a great chapter, I really loved the emotions. My favourite scene was when you were describing their reactions after hearing about Mercutio's tragic backstory.
Plus, I do wonder how long it will take for Thor to notice that there's something...'wrong' with his bedsheets.
And once again, Hyde always makes a big entrance. Looking forward to the Gang's reaction when they meet him.
Keep up the good work. :)
Jasminta Blossom chapter 51 . 1/14

Seriously, I loved it!

First of all, the reunion with George was great! I'm so glad my suggestions helped! I can't wait to see the clash between Hyde and the Gang, and the revelation of what happened to Lennie.

But Mercutio's backstory was so tragic! I could really see the parallels between his father's death, and his own death in the canon Romeo and Juliet. I liked all the insults you used for the characters to call each other, they worked very well and could easily show why the others got so mad!

But poor Romeo and Benvolio, being tormented by Mercutio! Obviously, you can see why he was mad at them, but it was still sad.

I think the cutest part of this chapter was the meeting and early formation of the Gang! "Ewww! Yorkist! Yorkist!"

Loki and Sigyn getting it on was very kinky! But it made me laugh that they did it on Thor's bed. Poor Thor, I doubt he'll be impressed with his "surprise"!

A great interweaving of everyone's storylines. A very well done to you, RichardIII1955, and I simply can't wait to see how the competition goes, and Loki and Thor's banishment in the next chapter!
Guest chapter 51 . 1/14
That chapter with Loki and Sigyn's consumption was intense,still it reeks of It. George and Hyde as a couple, pretty gross but hilarious. Still don't feel for Mercutio's plight but it explains his pain. The 4 coming together seems like Beijing acrobats. Still, keep it coming, nice to see Dickon and Anne.
Comedy Monarchy chapter 50 . 1/4
Good chapter, Loki's reputation has caused problems for him...he needs to be more sneaky.
Liked the end when Thor stepped in to offer his support on the basis of Brothership and pity.
Looking forward to the next chapter.
Guest chapter 50 . 12/26/2014
Mercutio on drugs? Love to see him in rehab!
Guest chapter 50 . 12/26/2014
Great chapter! More, more please! Love to see where this heads! Maybe Richard next chapter?
Jasminta Blossom chapter 50 . 12/26/2014
I loved this chapter! It was so dark and Loki-y! His plan was brilliant, I laughed so hard at a drunken Thor!

Disgusting drunk Theoric! Talking about Sigyn like that! But it was so funny how mad Loki got and how well his plan played out to get him to sign the paper.

I can also see how this is going to get Thor and Loki in trouble, and banished!

Keep up the great work! Can't wait to see the next chapter, with Mercutio, either!
Jasminta Blossom chapter 49 . 10/25/2014
Poor Romeo and Benny! Running through that rain! I bet they must think they're still in England!

Hmm...nice to see George again, I suppose! Will Mercutio, Romeo and Benvolio bump into him whilst on their adventures by any chance? Is that how he'll be reunited with the Gang?

I can see how the scene you sent me worked into this chapter! Once again, I loved petite little Hermia beating up a 6'4 king! But now I can't wait to hear her story of what happened to Mercutio and his father!

Merc does drugs?! And self-harms?! Oh no! Naughty Mercutio! I hope Romeo and Benvolio can help him!
Guest chapter 49 . 10/25/2014
Cathy and Heath? More Loki and Sigyn
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