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aslongaswe'retogetherPA chapter 6 . 9/7/2013
Great chapter update soon!
anon chapter 6 . 9/6/2013
Emma wants good things safety for her students and mutantkind, she has learned not being a villain is better and more effective to that end, but she still won't put principle over pragmatism this is WHY she is such an awesome ethics teacher

The right choice isn't always the moral choice

You can't always be the one who saves the world and the good guy at the same time

Slade does have a code of honor he doesn't act against U.S. interests unless his family is threatened he loves them very much, he spends most of his time going after enemies of the U.S. we just don't see it much, the show made him a card carrying "bwa-ha-ha" villain and the comics sadly followed suit though he did state making his children hate him so the Titans would trust them and give them the home he couldn't

Some think Slade blames the next generation of heroes for Grant's death though it was out of their hands and his and in the comics he knew it he even occasionally acted as a warrior therapist for some of the Titans in addition to occasional ally

Addie was Slade's first Special Forces instructor, before Joey joined the Titans he worked for his mother doing freelance espionage/mercenary work for the U.S. government, the Wilsons are warriors but Slade should have waited until Joey was a little older, or at least told Addie, Addie comes from a wealthy military family her last name Kane like Batwoman and one of Gotham's founding families as well as Bruce Wayne's mother though I don't know if any are related

I think Grant is Red X would like to see him with a reformed Blackfire, Joey had a relationship with Kole, and I think Rose (should be Addie's kid also) would be great with Jason "Red Hood" Todd I think it would be funny to see Slade take Jason to Wayne manor and tell Bruce to keep his boy off his daughter, Bats only incapacitated Slade with the aid of his sidekicks and when Bats was distracted for like a second escaped and left his sword as proof he could kill him whenever he wants someone told me the sword is the centerpiece of Bats's trophy collection

I would love to see them all as a family along with Wintergreen their Alfred, Slade's robot ninjas, maybe Rex the Wonderdog or an equally powerful wolf named Tarot
Obsidian The Ghost Faced chapter 6 . 5/14/2013
Hey Gallant! I just got chapter 6, and I have to say, I've been liking what I've read so far my friend...Man the superhero pop culture abounds in this chapter: comics, famous actors, alternate universes...Excellent stuff dude! I wonder though what other characters will make an appearance...
PhinalPhantasy chapter 3 . 4/17/2013
A lot of familiar faces and a few I'm not. Poor Quicksilver though. The Flash clan could run circles around him. He's slow compared to the other speedsters
PhinalPhantasy chapter 2 . 4/17/2013
Lol nice job parodying songfic there. Yeah when I run into one I usually skim over the song part anyway XD
PhinalPhantasy chapter 1 . 4/14/2013
Cool idea merging the universes together on this one. I LOLed at Robin meeting Bucky (as they have the same voice actor in TT and EMH)
FluffyDarkUnicorn chapter 6 . 12/3/2012
Pretty sweet I'm waiting for something big to happen but this good too update soon.
Juniper Night chapter 4 . 11/20/2012
Yo estoy aki! I'm here :)

Lol, have wheaties really been around that long? I knew corn flakes had, but wow...

Definetly Jump City. And both Aqualads are pretty epic, though by now you've probably gone with one or the other, so me saying anything doesn't affect your decision... not that I would've been much help :D

Do you ship? The early on RobStar inclines me to believe that yes, you do, so I must wonder if Aqualad and Raven being lab partners will amount to anything. I hope so. There's not enough Aquarae, and BBxRae is so ooc :P

Good chapter! Must do math now :P And they call this a break...

Juniper Night chapter 3 . 11/18/2012
Alright, I'm gonna hazard a guess at all the superheros you mentioned but did not name:

Speedy TT
Blue Beetle YJ
Miss Martian YJ
Hotspot? TT
Red Star TT
Argent TT
Jinx(!) TT

And then the third goth girl I'm going to assume is Raven, even though the description is slihgtly altered, as IDK any similar Marvel characters

Good chapter! :)

Juniper Night chapter 2 . 11/17/2012
Hmm, a few grammatical errors, but good nonetheless!

And yes: you should add Raven, and it is nice to have something to come home too :)

Juniper Night chapter 1 . 11/17/2012
I'm intrigued :)

Good first chapter, and if the rest of the story is good maybe you'll teach a DC girl some Marvel superheroes :}

robinsgirl99 chapter 7 . 11/15/2012
robinsgirl: *taps mic* this thing on?
*yj robin nods from behind camera*
robinsgirl: so ok im robinsgirl99 and i mostly am writing young justice and ninjago stuff but just havent gotten around to putting it on the site because mi computer died so ive just been writing it on paper so dont bother to check my profile yet rite now im just a story critic/helper to my favorite stories and authors. and adventure academy is the best crossover ive read yet! so yea i want a further description of grant like his hair color and eyes and stuff... wat? im into bad boys AND good guys. hence my username. and when i first read your story i thought 'wow, my ocs would fit in great here!' so yah, i want you to use Zhang, Thorne, Paisley, and Haunter. if you use one of them you have to kinda write the others, but just like the one you use talking about the others, if you use them, i will pm you their descriptions if you want. ok i just realized, why are my reviews always so long? its weird to me. is there anyone else like this out there? if youre like this just pm me so i wont feel alone on this topic. *pauses for a second* well im just rambling now, sorry for my long $$ review, bye.
chickenscrews chapter 3 . 10/27/2012
[Part 5…the shortest one yet…deal with it]

“‘The lessons are…interesting but I am not sure if I can contain it all.’ [Starfire] said as they walked towards the door.
‘Yeah I know it’s a lot to take in. I guess superhero theory isn’t for everyone.’ [Robin] smiled softly.”
0_0 You know, subtle and passive as it was, the way Robin spoke to Starfire at the end can imply that he’s trying to dissuade her from staying with the academy—step one in his plan to bring either reform or ruin to the academy he so despises. And what’s all this you’ve denied about my Robin-anti-academy theory? Ha-haaa! The evidence just keeps piling up! Oh, I can’t wait to see what happens between he and Starfire—would this subtle sabotage and those to come against her commitment to staying with the academy eventually put a strainer on the still young and growing relationship between the two of them!? Or, once her resolve is finally broken, will Robin also offer her his sincerest companionship as he already did with Bucky—he’d have one more recruit on his side and jump ahead a few bases with her, killing two birds with one stone; after all, to tame and indoctrinate pure obedience in a wild stallion, you must first break its spirits completely (Starfire, I am so sorry—I did not mean to call you a horse—that just came out wrong!) Or, maybe someone *else* will reach Starfire in her state of weakened morale and offer solace before Robin can—there’s a certain “master thief” introduced in chapter five who’s shown interest in her and may just take advantage of this glorious opportunity…
Anywho, I really like how, here, Robin isn’t being as direct or brash as Batman in his methods of driving everyone away and is being far more subtle and deceptive in his efforts. It really sets them apart and further establishes Robin as a very in-control individual (but we already knew that about him, so good job for adding to that!). I know all my theories about Robin here may sound cruel and very out of character for him, but these are hostile and unusual times, and perhaps Batman’s influence may just be rubbing-off on the Boy Wonder…0_0 what a great subplot/character-struggle that would be! Who knows where that could end up?—That Robin might be eventually hailed as a hero in his growing efforts for reform and command an army undyingly loyal to him but lose all his friends in the process?—To seize the world but lose his soul!? …Okay, I’m getting a little ahead of myself here, but it’s fun to speculate :)

Sorry, I just gotta edit this scene at the end for fun. I’ll try not to make a habit of it.
“‘To be honest I can only see [psychology] working in a hostage situation but even then it’s only kind of a crapshoot.’ [Robin] replied.
Starfire looked at him quizzically, ‘Um…what is a “crap” and why would one shoot it at a villain? Is it lethal? Wouldn’t that also endanger the civilians?’
Robin smacked himself internally, realizing he should have been more careful with his choice of words. ‘…Um… “crap” and “crapshoot” are two entirely different things; taking a crap*shoot* is like saying taking a heavy risk—kind’ve like a gamble. Taking a *crap* is…ah…well… it’s another way of saying… ’ He really didn’t want the blood on his hands, but if not from him, she’d just learn it from someone else, so he mustered up his courage and, after a pained exhale, finished his explanation. ‘…pooping. It means “poop.’” Oh, how he wanted smack himself for saying such words!
It was clear that Starfire was deep in thought and questioning not the meaning of the word, but rather, the application of the word in the subject it was brought up in. ‘Then…trying to dissuade a villain from harming the hostages is like throwing poop at him, yes? But wouldn’t that only make him angrier?’
If the Boy Wonder had a brick-wall nearby, he would’ve imprinted his face into it at that very moment.”
Oh, that was fun Stupid, but fun. Yeah, between this and Jumpside, I’ll try not to make a habit of this.

Okay, I brought this up in the unofficial review and I gotta bring it up again here:
“‘So are we still on for tonight?’ [Robin] smiled.
‘Definitely. I’ll see you tonight.’ [Starfire] said as they parted ways.”
Hey idiots! You STILL didn’t set a location to meet at or an activity to do on your date! …Morons!

Egads! The note at the end says I get bonus points if I can name all the new characters! Okay, here I go: the three silver-skinned Goth girls are Raven, Jinx, and Argent. The two “All-American” dudes were Superboy and Red Star—wait, he’s Russian! What’re you tryin’ ‘a pull? Okay, and the aliens are Starfire (even though she was introduced last chapter), Miss Martian, Hot Spot (?), Blue Beetle, and Supergirl. Yeesh, *was* that Hot Spot? I mean, he fits the description, but I don’t think he’s an alien :/ Okay, that’s all the new people at the beginning—everyone else later on you named right away, so there’s no point in naming them…except for Speedy—you didn’t name him. Okay, *now* I think I’ve named every new unnamed character! Praise me! PRAISE ME!

[Okay, I’m done.]
chickenscrews chapter 3 . 10/27/2012
[Part 4]

A’ight, well enough of that—time to get back on track.
Kudos to Wally for looking out for his teammates like that, but I fear that he only sees things through “hero-vision” (tunnel-vision, only more closed-minded). All Kid Flash could see was that Pietro was being a jerk for no reason and that it was his duty to stop him—a noble idea, but very black-and-white when it can be speculated that Quicksilver had another goal in mind: to show everyone how dangerous this poorly-thought-out exercise was and, by extension, how dangerous the heroing business is (but he should’ve been more subtle so as to avoid suspicion). Pietro was trying to do the job the teachers neglected to do and, personality issues aside, I fully support that. Headmaster Pym even said in chapter two that “This is a serious matter and we are doing this for your safety, and the safety of others…Never take your superhero duties lightly under any circumstances. That is the cardinal rule of this academy,” yet all the teachers seem to be taking their jobs really lightly. When the adults fail to rise to the call of duty, it’s up to the kids to take their place. …If only Wally and the other students could see that -_- But I do like the conflict that erupted between he and Pietro and it excites me to believe that these types of moral battles won’t be limited to the two of them—I actually expect this ideological warfare to be widespread among the students (more or less) and can’t wait to see what it eventually builds up to! Oh, if only Robin and Bucky would eventually be faced with this sort of tension 8’D…

“‘[Pietro’s] a d*ck anyway…What kind of speedster wears armor anyway? That just doubles the pretentiousness.’” Hey, shut up, Wally! When you run as fast as you do, lightweight armor can be *very* beneficial for when you inevitably crash into or get hit by something. So pipe down and take notes from one more experienced who’s worked alongside *Magneto,* and that’s no small accomplishment. Sorry, I just had to stand up for Quicksilver since nobody else did :/

“Superhero Theory?” I dunno, the name just sounds funny to me :/ Whatever, I’ll overlook it. But a class that teaches such a comprehensive subject should probably have the space of a college auditorium. Just sayin’.

Oh, great. *Another* nameless/faceless teacher -_- Alright, until further notice, the teacher is Bruce Banner, so you kids best not piss him off. …Nah, that’s stupid—they’d never hire the Hulk. Okay then, it’s Reed Richards…no, he has more important things to do. Ooh! It’s Hugo Strange! He’s good at psychology stuff, perfect for exploring villains’ psyches like they’re doing here! It would be interesting…but he’s a villain…unless they don’t know he’s a villain yet, which could make for an enjoyably ironic setup (a villain teaching youngins how to be heroes)…Nah, it’s Red Tornado. …Wait, the teacher in here is not very robot-like. Okay, it’s Hugo Strange! Gah! You need to *name* these staff members so I don’t go crazy.

“‘I am sorry I have trouble understanding this. But why is the Joker the way he is?’” Well, you see, Starfire, the Joker’s father was a drinker and a fiend. Then one night, he goes off crazier than usual…no wait, that’s not it. Okay, so he had a wife, beautiful, like you, who tells him he worries too much, who tells him he oughta smile more, who gambles and gets in deep with the sharks. One day, they carve her face, and they had no money for surgeries. She couldn’t take it—he just wanted to see her smile again; he just wanted her to know that he doesn’t care about the scars. So, he sticks a razor in his mouth—wait, that doesn’t check either -_- …Um…okay, everything was sepia-toned and his wife was pregnant and he made a deal with a couple of mobsters to help them sneak through a chemical factory while wearing a tux, red helmet, and cape…no, that one’s up for debate. …Ooh, he was Jack Nicholson!—okay, now I *know* that one’s wrong -_- …Gah! Bloody multiple-choice backstory! … Um…sorry, Starfire, we just don’t know :/ Just make something up for him and I’m sure he’ll agree.

“‘So then if [the Joker’s] so horrible why doesn’t Batman kill him instead?’” Because, Speedy, that would be rude. Now apologize to Robin for some reason.

“The school bell rang a second later to the teacher’s relief.” Wimp! Whoever this teacher is should at least be able to moderate a classroom debate about ethics and sanity. Nay, he should *embrace* the opportunity to referee a debate of this sort! With the right direction, this could be the class that challenges what defines good and evil and encourages the students to think outside the box for themselves to help them grow as individuals and create their own code of ethics, so get your act together, Strange, we got young minds to screw with!

“‘Okay, that’s all for today, tomorrow we’ll talk about the failings of the antihero archetype of yesteryear.’” AHAHAHAHAHA! I’m sorry, but that line just cracks me up for some reason—he just says it so casually! X’D …I actually do want to know why the antiheroes failed; the prologue in chapter one never says *why* they vanished, only that they did. I am looking forward to the next lesson.

[Concluded in Part 5…yeah, I know this was short, but FanFiction won’t let me post them together!]
chickenscrews chapter 3 . 10/27/2012
[Part 3]

Alright, I have to address the curriculum here—I just don’t like it. I mean, in chapter two, the unnamed dean (apparently now Hank Pym—cool choice, by the way), says “We shall teach you the basics with a faculty devoted to specific fields including the application of certain powers. Those with fire powers will be taught by a pyromancer; those with psychic abilities will be taught by a telepath and so on and so forth.” I like the idea of specialists helping students master similar powers, but this segregation method has some problems.
For one thing, it’s exactly that: a segregation method. I mean, right off the bat, Pym is paving the way for the students to start super-exclusive cliques and crap, and by the time they’re out in the real world and fighting crime, they’ll only be friends with other heroes with identical powers, and, unless they each have a variety of powers, this is going to be a problem; the whole point of teamwork in the heroing business is to apply each individual’s unique skills to do something that one lone hero couldn’t do alone—one has strength to keep the walls from collapsing and fight the giant monster, one has speed to quickly get the civilians to safety and provide quick support for whoever needs it, one has flight to reach the civilians on higher ground and disorient the monster, one shoots projectiles out of somewhere for long range cover, and there’s also the leader to coordinate it all—if you have a team of five heroes all with the same powers, they won’t be able to get nearly as much done. I think their classes should be about teaching students with diverse powers to be able to work together and use their diversity to their advantage—synergy, in office-lingo. Sure, at first, with a bunch of new recruits with zero experience working with each other and at such young ages, you’re likely to get a bunch of walking war-tanks, but they’d learn to cooperate after a while.

The next problem is classroom size; if there were a lot of students all with the same powers, having each area covered by a specialist would be a good idea, but Kid Flash’s speedster class only has five students and (in chapter four) Speedy’s archery class only has four. This is a giant waste of resources and classrooms—I mean, how many classrooms does the academy have, that it can have hundreds, maybe thousands, of students and yet only have five per class? There’s also the nature of the classrooms themselves—what, no Xavier-patented danger-rooms? It sounds like these are all just simple gyms, definitely unfit to house crazy meta-humans. I actually found myself agreeing with everything Quicksilver said: “So, what’s this supposed to do exactly? We already know how to run, hell the majority of us can already break the sound barrier and you want us to do *laps* around a little gym?” SOMEONE LISTEN TO THIS INSIGHTFUL (ALBEIT SNOOTY) KID THAT CAN POINT OUT EVERYTHING WRONG WITH THIS METHOD! Really, having five speedsters practicing running at alarmingly fast-paces inside a tiny public-school gym is both a safety and a property hazard; if they don’t tear-up the floorboards and trip over them first, there’s the very real possibility of them crashing into each other in that small space, and at the speeds their going, that is lethal. What were Jay and Johnny thinking!? (Didn’t even have them do warm-ups first -_-) Yeah, Jay *kind’ve* consented to Pietro’s concerns by turning it into a bobbing-and-weaving exercise, but he still pretty much just ducked the subject. I actually applaud Quicksilver for taking initiative by showing everyone just how dangerous this is…0_0 WHOA, DO HE AND ROBIN HAVE THE SAME AGENDA!? Not that I can ever see them working together (clashing personalities, and all), but it is interesting to see others express the same concern and take things into their own hands. I bet this’ll all fly over the staff’s ignorant heads.
Now, if that was all their point—to show them the dangers of unrestrained speeding in an inappropriate environment and help them appreciate restricting their abilities for the safety of themselves and others (“slow and steady wins the race,” and all that), that would have been a great first lesson. But no such lesson was visible here, so I can’t help but dread they’re going to keep doing this same monotonous exercise all year-long that, as Quicksilver pointed out, is both elementary for them and a serious safety hazard/surefire way to demolish the gym. …Unless that’s the whole point! Jay and Johnny *want* them to reach dangerous speeds in an unsafe space so that they’ll eventually learn by themselves the importance of taking things slowly when appropriate, especially when the safety of others (their fellow students, in this case) is on the line. …But if that’s not the case, someone get these speeding-bullets a danger-room!

Okay, last curriculum problem that I can think of: limited teaching-plans. Like I already said, there doesn’t seem to be much for these kids to do in their classes—it looks like all the speedsters will have to do is running exercises for the whole year and the archers are in a similar boat—wouldn’t that get monotonous real fast? And there are only so many new exercises to keep the training fresh, especially if the kids are already pretty experienced in their specialized fields—just how much left is there to teach a speedster about being fast, using discernment, and dodging obstacles? There’s even less to teach an archer—the high-point of their training looks like only shooting moving targets while running through an obstacle course, and given how much experience the students already have under their belts in both classes, they’ll finish all their lessons by the end of the week. What happens after that?
It would make more sense if they were only *initially* dividing kids up based on their specific expertise to help them get a good enough grip on their fields of study, maybe even teach them a valuable lesson or two appropriate to their class that would stay with them forever, and then, once they’ve gained a proficient enough mastery of their subject (maybe a few weeks in), they release the heroes-in-training into the larger young hero environment to mingle and find a “team” that they could complement. (Like, maybe they just release and separate them without any warning into a grand-scale simulated warzone where they’ll *have* to find others to rely on—likely students they have little to no prior experience or common interests with (or maybe someone they have issues with)—and the bonds they build there on the battlefield would be the foundation for the team they’ve unwittingly created. The rest—group roles and all that—will be in their hands.) Or, maybe they’ll be assigned to specific “houses” that they would stick with (“houses” as in both their “team” and their roommates/dorm-mates—the size of the “house” and number of members is up you), kind’ve like Ender’s Game. I imagine there would be a lot of reassigning and mixing-and-matching going on at first if such a process were to be used in order to find the right team to place a young hero on. But I think eventual teams would be a good idea; once each member is done with their initial training, they’d be able to share and apply what they’ve learned to help whoever they end up with. It would also be a good way to end the stupid cliques.

[Continued in Part 4]
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