Reviews for The Diary of Namikaze Minato
Black' Victor Cachat chapter 61 . 18h
Chuckled at how Minato thinks his troops are naïve for thinking he is 'going' insane
Love the positive outlook Minato retains
FictionLover12 chapter 61 . 11/23
HAHAHAHAHAHA...Minato misses his bitches...erm I mean, his dorks- I mean students. Yes, students. Even though Kakashi might be planning on how to pay back on him for putting him up with Guy. And Kushina is having a battle to the death to defend her property, I mean the love of her life (if they were even in that stage) from the father of their future daughter in law. Damn, at least Minato is not crying in the corner while writing shits...hahahahah
BearKL chapter 61 . 11/23
I enjoy reading that story so much. Please update. I can't wait four more Minato.
maxridelover chapter 61 . 11/23
that was hillarious!
RenegadeSon chapter 61 . 11/23
Well this was lighthearted and fun. Cool! I like that you make connections to things that you alluded to before. It helps to tie things together and bring other characters back into the story, for example Tsume. Keep it up.
Riku Uzumaki chapter 61 . 11/23
Wow, Kushina and Hiashi really don't like each other (understatement).
This Username Is Classified chapter 60 . 11/17
HAHAHA cute! And really funny; love your writing style C: Hope you update soon~!
Random Peep chapter 17 . 11/17
O mai gawd! He's so loyal to Kushina and she doesn't even know it HAHAHA still a lol confused on how he suddenly switched interests from Mikoto to her tho x:
BearKL chapter 1 . 11/8
Super interesting story! I like it alot.
A chapter 48 . 11/6
Ah, I won't say that I dislike this story. It's just you keep repeating things and honestly I don't think Minato think and act like this.
And then you made Mikoto cheated? The F**k? Uchiha First Lady cheating? They should be killed by Fugaku.
Ah, Stopping now.
RenegadeSon chapter 60 . 11/5
I thought you were going to make the Jinchuriki status reveal much bigger than that. Minato seemed to handle nonchalantly when he mentioned it. Albeit I did not expect him to flip out, it seemed that you were building up to their being a dramatic reveal.
Also I really like that you took the time in this chapter to show the mindset of the characters heading into war.
One question as well: what stage of the fighting is this? I understand that this is the Third Shinobi War but what is going on?
Alpenwolf chapter 60 . 11/5
Minato's life really reads like a soap opera sometimes, doesn't it? XD
Guest chapter 60 . 11/4
minato is cheating on her with minato? The SCANDAL!
Guest chapter 60 . 11/4
hilarious as usual!
maxridelover chapter 60 . 11/4
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