Reviews for A new chance
CassBerry chapter 4 . 11/14
I'm liking this so far but you do seem to miss the small details that really pull a story together. I was really excited because I'm Australian and I was like, "Yay! Harry is coming to Australia. Finally." But there is just a few problems with it.

One, I know you tried to explain it but I sincerely doubt the dursley's would have just changed their minds about Harry because he was a bit sad. It's just not logical. They hated him with an undying passion.

Two, why would Australian wizards build a medieval castle? Although it might get cold in the NSW area, I really doubt it'll get as cold as Scotland. There is a reason that schools in Australian look different to those in other countries. I would have believed it more if you said it was set out like a Uni campus or something because it was such a prestigious school. A castle just seems ridiculous.

Look, I think it's amazing that you have written 75k worth of words for a story (I know I couldn't) but there is just a few too many inconsistencies that just bug me. I'm sorry.
noylj chapter 31 . 11/13
Personally, death would do the Malfoys and the rest of the world a "world of good."
Cissy: the books all-blonde bombshell or the movie's "skunk-head?"
noylj chapter 18 . 10/24
So, your Bumblemore is even more stupid than canon. That requires a lot of stupid, arrogance, and hubris to pull off.
Think he missed his chance about 4-5 years ago.
How will Sirius get a trial? Was the "kill on sight" order removed? Does he have a guarantee of safety? Is there any chance of a fair trial? Will the International be brought in to oversee the trial?
noylj chapter 13 . 10/23
By now, Harry should have some sort of girl interest. Not a big deal, but he is BMOC, and he certainly isn't waiting for some Brit witch to come around.
noylj chapter 12 . 10/23
What happened to Sirius and the basilisk? The Tirwiz went on without Harry's name didn't come out of the goblet? Were Bumblemore and Voldie asleep?
Any one taking care of horcruces?
No one has told Harry the prophesy, but does Moldiewart know it?
noylj chapter 11 . 10/23
They don't know Bumbles, do they?
Mr. "Laws are just suggestions on the road to my Greater Good" Bumblemore.
noylj chapter 2 . 10/23
Those are some BAD acronyms.
I would have expected Albus to show up by now, kidnap Harry, and chain him in Snape's house-so the two could learn to get along.
ProudMarineWife chapter 1 . 10/17
Well based on your summary, I was going to give your story a read. But before anyone has had a chance to read it, you order those who don't like it not to. You can not stand by your work, I will not waste my time. Shame.
whitebuffalowmn chapter 33 . 10/6
great story! humor mystery love (family) intrigue 4 qualities of a great tale. kudos to you
taxzombie chapter 33 . 9/23
Well I made it to the end.

It never truly jumped out and grabbed hold. It struck me more as just flowing along, no real rapids or falls, just a river making its way to the sea. Some nice scenery on the way here and there. That and the an abandoned building (what I thought were plot devices that never came to being) here and there.

Happy have read it. Bout the best I can do.
taxzombie chapter 17 . 9/23
Ron stuck me as perfectly in character. Hermione totally out of character.

Still hoping that this story will pick up. It has yet to truly grab my attention. At this point I'm just curious what will happen. But my curiosity is starting to wane.
taxzombie chapter 12 . 9/23
Well I for one hope you did not do Harry/Ginny as I am NOT a fan of the canon pairings. Frankly to me I think she had some bad drugs when she came up with them. Ron/Hermione makes no sense what so ever. Ron is basically a waste of space and Ginny is nothing but a fan girl. Pairing her up with Harry is just one more dump that she did on Harry. To be honest I sometimes wonder if there isn't someone in her past with the name Harry that she wants vengeance on.
taxzombie chapter 6 . 9/22
I have to say that harry mentioning worrying about being found in his letter and then using Hedwig to carry said letter to the twins is counter productive.

I guessing you are using his for a plot twist, if not then then it strikes me as Harry had a bit of a brain f*rt.

Overall a smooth tale. Nothing really jumping out at me or truly seizing my attention. But at the same time it has kept my interest.
Fick Chick chapter 33 . 9/20
I enjoyed this story a lot but did spot a continuity error. This chapter you said McGonagall took over when Dumbledore got obliviated but in an earlier chapter you said Umbridge did.
Fick Chick chapter 17 . 9/20
Why would Hogwarts pick a first season keeper for their team? Don't they have an more experienced options?
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