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Guest chapter 1 . 5/24/2017
Firstly.. this story is really offensive to anyone who's depressed and suicidal. You joke about it and make light of a very serious situation. You don't just cut for the hell of it or to be cool.

Secondly, Taylor doesnt know anything about goth so she would be the poser here. In fact she sounds more wannabe emo and Im saying wannabe cause real emos dont cut just for the sake of it. If anything she's an attention seeking bitch.
Shes the real bully here. Shes disrespectful yo her mother, her brother and anyone who is nice here.

Finally, dont even get me started on the grammar. It was an absolute pain to read and I cant believe you managed to get through 14 chapters writing like that... It also makes you sound very unintelligent and max 12 years old.
VicariusUronymus chapter 4 . 5/28/2016
This story is really cheesy. Like seriously. I like cheese, I really really like cheese. Every time I see cheese I fucking orgasm all over the place. Sometimes I like eating cheese while I watch Ancient Aliens with my home girl, Jade. Jade only likes Pepper jack cheese while I prefer Swiss. One time, while Jane was in the kitchen fighting a bear, I switch her wheel of cheese with mine. She came back and accidentally ate it and sweet jumping cyborg Jesus on a motorcycle. She started convulsing like (Samara) from the ring overdosing on the ground, joints popping like pop rocks. She fucking hates pepper jack. HATES it. and if you move the "e" in "HATE" behind the "a" it becomes "HEAT." And HEAT can be a verb like, "Heat-up some pizza." and Pizza and this story have one thing in common... THEY BOTH SUCK! Except Pizza doesn't.
Goateeman chapter 1 . 5/22/2016
This story is a masterpiece of trolling art. I salute my hat to the author for providing me the biggest laugh I've had in a while.
Guest chapter 14 . 2/11/2014
omfg why do i like this story
KarissaKane chapter 6 . 8/24/2013
I've read just a few chapters and I have to stop and say some things even though I doubt you'll come on and see this.

. Immediately after reading the first paragraph I thought "Oh my God, it's another My Immortal" and that, good sir, this not something this planet needs. You are either Tara, somehow affiliated with her, or a total f*cking poser and troll.

. Your spelling and grammar is atrocious. I don't know what else to say about that.

. Oh yes, f*ck those "nerds" who actually do their homework. One day you'll be letting guys put their "boy thingies" in your "you know what" for money because you flunked out of high school and your mother disowned you while the "nerds" actually do something meaningful with their lives.

. You say in Chapter 1, that Taylor/Taelor, whatever the f*ck you call her is not anorexic despite some people thinking she is. And then, just a few chapters down, look who's not eating lunch because she's anorexic.

. What the hell kind of school do they go to? I can't imagine any school allowing students to dress that way.

. Why is everyone either;
. A) Goth
. B) Prep
. C) Poser?

Here is an exert from Urban Dictionary defining the word "prep"
"Popular belief is that preps hate nerds/goths/punks/etc, however, generally, preps pay little attention to other "types," and those who hate preps with the most passion are those who were once preps and have recently gone away from their previous behavior, and often people who are posers intent on protecting their alternative-ness. "
What?! Former "preps" and posers tend to hate "preps" the most? Hmmmm ...

. The way you treat serious issues such as self harm and bullying, shows you really don't give a sh*t what people think since you did not bother to educate yourself on well, just about anything pertaining to your little story. Don't even bother pretending you're upset about these mean reviews because trolls love attention.

. I think you wrote that second review yourself. That or you got some troll pal of yours to anonymously post that positive review which is, quite frankly, disgusting. xxxSamantha_feelthedarkness? Give me a break

Let me finish this post by saying your ignorance and hypocrisy makes me physically ill. I sincerely hope you move somewhere that is lacking an Internet connection.
iloveHairyOMG99 chapter 12 . 8/9/2013
I really like this part cuz I think sadism and depresson and stuff lik that is a weird like creepy thing to esplore and wirte about so it kinda went into a cool sycological deep study and I think u pulled it off really good.
iloveHairyOMG99 chapter 1 . 8/9/2013
Im not goth but I still really likes this chapter its a good introductun to the whole story and I watched the movie and this really was just like it but creepyer kinda.
LunaEvanna Longbottom chapter 14 . 8/7/2013
For one; No-one knows what you're saying! Go back to school and learn some freaking grammar.
For two; You are ruining the movie Cyberbully with your craptastic writing and this stupid ass plot.
For three; You should be ashamed of yourself for even writing this story. You've offended so many freaking people and the only reviews you have are from people telling you to stop your story and your racism.
YouSuckAss chapter 2 . 8/6/2013
"She was black but she was goffik anyway."


So your oc is an idiot AND a racist? I don't know if I should feel more insulted for goths or black people...

Get a life you damn troll.
TakeThisDown chapter 13 . 8/6/2013
I don't care if you're trolling or not. You've crossed some serious lines here.

Firstly, your world view is severely depressing. I weep for humanity. Preps, posers and "goffs"- that's how you've benchmarked every single person. This is classic Tara Gilesbie blah blah...but still. Anyone with the brain capacity of a single cell organism should be able to acknowledge that people cannot be categorized so easily. Or in language you may understand..."We not all same same."

Another thing, all this rot about suicide and self harm. Right, it was funny when Tara Gilesbie wrote it, ha ha. We're done with it. It was lousy to make light of it then, and its even worse now. This is pure attention seeking behaviour which by the way, is as far away from being authentically goth as is possible. So that in fact, makes you a poser (Yeah. I went there.)

That's not even my problem though. It's your morbid view of bullying that takes the cake. For someone writing a fic about bullying, you've got the makings of a pretty good one yourself. Making fun of people in self help groups? Wow. Seriously, this is just low. I can only hope you're...eight years old or something (which would incidentally also explain your butchering of the English language) and don't really have the capacity to understand wtf it is you're doing over here.

I never flame. Really, I don't. I get the whole writer's arc thing- obviously you have to start somewhere.

But this fic should not exist. I'm reporting you for god awful grammar and offensive content. And if there was a check box for "KILL IT! KILL IT WITH KNIVES AND FIRE!" rest assured, I would check that too.

Lousy, shoddy, shameful work. Even for a troll.

Go away. And don't come back until you have something worth reading again.
Rachael chapter 11 . 7/15/2013
wow dis waz so emoshinol!1!11111!111 :'(
tapperbell chapter 1 . 6/15/2013
Oh my gosh... FIX THE SPELLING! Please.
I couldn't even freaking read it...
But seriously, PLEASE fix it. I'm just trying to help you with your writing, not to be mean.
Dah doip dope chapter 14 . 6/15/2013
This was the greatest epic I ever did read
Gray Shadow chapter 1 . 5/15/2013
Guest chapter 14 . 3/27/2013
Okay, if you think this story is something to be proud of, then you need a serious reality check, because you've completely trashed the storyline of "Cyberbu/y" and completely messed up the canon (original characters) I mean seriously, your spelling is awful, and the amount of times you keep misspelling your characters names is unbelievable.

Now, I'm gonna say something people have said time andtime again: Taylor IS the bully, not Lindsay (not cool on the "fake bitch" sterotype by the way). Also, your "Goths" are the biggest bunch of posers I've ever come across in my life, and not "tru Goffs" at all like you've been saying. THEY ARE POSERS! YOU ARE A POSER! DEAL WITH IT AND GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT!

And why would ANYONE be jealous of you for writing this? It's so bad it makes me question your age and whether you're old enough to be on here (Don't even get me started on the stupid things you type instead of "hooked up" "had sex" or whatever).

And the fact that you claim to not know who Tara Gilesbie is, is freaking bullshit, because you write exactly (and I do mean EXACTLY) like her, so much so that maybe you are her.

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