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judygumm chapter 3 . 9/29/2016
Can't wait to see Jessica in the next chapter! My favorite song, Why Don't You Do Right?
raccoonqueen chapter 40 . 7/8/2014
Hey, raccoonqueen here. I'm really sorry about your friend Jenna; I may never have met her, but I do know she is in a better place. Hope she rests in peace.

And I'm a fangirl, too! You'll see why once you check out my gallery on DeviantArt. I...have...a HUGE crush...on Super Snooper, the cat detective from the Hanna-Barbera cartoon "Snooper & Blabber". Perhaps I'll consider joining your little gang, but really, that's up to you. Let's be friends! _
Elizabeth chapter 40 . 12/31/2013
hi this is greatbigsealover44 i am so sorry about your friend this was a wonderful ending to the story
Energy witch chapter 40 . 11/21/2013
*Sighs* Wise words to live by...we'll never forget her, she'll be in here in the sound of our laughter, the tears we cry and mostly in our hearts.
AnonymousZGirl chapter 40 . 10/26/2013
This Chapter was Great...
and I was really hoping the rumors were just that...rumors and weren't true even after you told me that Jenna was...
but I guess you didn't know until you found out all the facts...I'm sorry that Jenna died...
and I was really hoping it wasn't true...
I hope you will still write stories with you, Alicia and Jenna in them to keep her memory alive and well...
like making another Fanfiction Story of Who Framed Roger Rabbit that has Alicia and Lulu go back to the Who Framed Roger Rabbit universe and meeting Jenna again.
I mean like facing a new bad guy that could want to try to take over Toontown..
and I guess if you do such a story and figure out what title should be put on it...
and I was thinking that Alicia and Wheezy could bond and become friends...
I just think that you should keep Jenna's Memory alive by writing another Story.
all so I Hope you like the idea of your own OCs that could be named after the three of you..
which is Lully, Ali and Jeni...
all so I don't know if you saw that short story I did on DA that was a gift for you to give you some ideas like Eddie getting a letter...
but I Really hope there is some kinda spin off of this story that has Lulu and Alicia return to Toontown and meeting Jenna again.
and maybe Lulu could have Toon Drawings of there own OCs that is Lully, Ali and Jeni and when they go through the train again the Three OCs Lully, Ali and Jeni pop out of the drawings and come to life and both you, Alicia and the OCs that is Lully, Ali and Jeni.
I don't know if you like that idea or not...
But I hope you do make a spin off story out of this...
and Please Keep Jenna's Memory alive by writing stories with her, you and Alicia in it.
Keep up the Awesome Job and Please I hope you make a spin off story out of this that will be as long as this one was Great and awesome...
and if you can maybe you can adopt Jenna's stories...
just please keep her memory alive through your stories and I be very happy if you made a spin off of this story too.
*hugs* as long as her memory is kept she isn't truly gone and she'll all ways be with you and Alicia and her memory will all ways live on in your hearts and in these stories don't ever forget that.
AL19 chapter 40 . 10/25/2013
I'll really miss Jenna, too. :( I feel like crying now. T_T
Villains' Bad Girl chapter 40 . 10/25/2013
this ending made me cry! T_T i love you Jenna! and i will see you again someday
AnonymousZGirl chapter 39 . 10/20/2013
Hi its me again, I just want to say I really do hope you get to put up Chapter 40 when you can and I hope that everything is going well with you helping Jenna with her computer and I hope that everything is going well and all so even if it might take a while for Chapter 40 to come and I Really hope you don't give up on this story and I know I had begged you not to give up on Ready Player Three but you must understand I had been going through some sad stuff for a few days which only started out a one thing that got me sad but then reading about the 'humor' that that one person said adding more sadness to me and even though I was worried about ya before and I was happy to hear from you and get the truth from you I was glad to hear that Jenna was all right.
I don't want to say what the first thing that got me sad it is different from when I read that lie that some one wrote down and got me more sad then I all ready was..
so yeah I think I was more like a crying mess and even though I stop crying and seem okay for a while and then I thought about well the stuff that made me sad and worried and I Started up again..
any way I'm doing okay now and though the first thing that got me sad still bothers me I Rather not talk about it or say what it is cause it makes me sad too much...
anyway I really hope you make Chapter 40 of The Fleischer Files when you can even if it takes a few months and or a Year I don't mind.
Just Please Don't give up on this Story and Please Don't give up on Ready Player Three.
and please keep up the awesome job on this story and all so I hope Jenna will be able to use the Computer again...
and all so Yes I was all ready sad about something else and I'm sure you all ready know that but I just wanted to say that I was all so sad when you wanted to end Ready Player Three so soon and I really hope you change your mind about it and keep writing...
any way please keep up the awesome job on The Fleischer Files even if we have to wait for a while for Chapter 40 I don't mind just please don't give up on this story and keep up the great job on this.
AnonymousZGirl chapter 39 . 10/18/2013
I Really Really Love this Story.
Please Update soon because its been so Long Since you updated this and I don't mind waiting I just Want to read more of Your Ready Player Three and The Fleischer Files.
and I hope you like the idea I pointed in the Ready Player Three that I was begging you not to end your Ready Player Three.
like another Second Stories that is AU The Fleischer Files and Ready Player Three of the Characters being called Lully, Jeni and Ally named after you and your two friends Jenna and Alicia.
I mean I hope that the reasons of you wanting to stop the Ready Player Three is because of some matters I hope its not because your boyfriend, I mean if you feel that if you should change the Characters that would be OC characters that could be Lully taking your place in the stories so you wont feel like your be cheating on your boyfriend cause your not you shouldn't feel that way and I am worried you might be, did you have this stories up of The Ready Player Three and The Fleischer Files way before you met him?
well I'm sure he is a Great Guy but you shouldn't feel that you might be cheating on him.
This is Fanfiction and your Love for him is Real and True.
sure you might still get crushes on Video Game characters and Cartoons Who Doesn't?
I mean I guess I'll admit I tend to get a crush on a character too and its hard for me to find the right guy when I get my own heartbroken each time and I feel that I will never Find true love so I just don't bother looking for a boyfriend now because the few guys I had feelings for that I met online was most likely either a one-sided on my part and they didn't really care for me that way and they didn't want to hurt my feelings at first but then they told me the truth...
and its been a few years since I been that sort of thing and I really don't want to be in that spot again so I will still with fictional and Reading and watching about Love...
but this isn't about me...sorry if I got off topic there...
Please Don't give up on Ready Player Three and Don't Give up on The Fleischer Files.
and I hope you like the idea of Lully, Jeni and Ally in a Alternate Universe of The Fleischer Files and Ready Player Three.
and Lully, Jeni and Ally could take the place in the AU The Fleischer Files on as well as AU Ready Player Three.
like Lully and Jeni being in Love with Smarty and Greasy.
so Please Make another chapter of The Fleischer Files and please make More Chapters of Ready Player Three.
I am begging you. *hugs*
and please don't feel that you think you might be cheating on your boyfriend because your not cause your love for him is real and you should have the character Lully be with the love interest in The AU Fleischer Files and The AU Ready Player Three.
I am begging you to keep writing both The Fleischer Files and Ready Player Three Stories.
and all so Make a AU The Fleischer Files and AU Ready Player Three where Your own OCs that is named after you that is Lully, Jeni and Ally take your place but are still a part of you but are still different.
they can still have the same personalities as you, Jenna and Alicia just different.
Please Consider this and all so I Hope you three will love the OCs that are named partly after you to be in AU The Fleischer Files and The AU Ready Player Three stories.
I hope you like the idea and Please reconsider about ending Ready Player Three Soon and Please Make The Next Chapter of The Fleischer Files.
I Really Love this Story too..
Kamon-Keronji chapter 39 . 10/7/2013
PLEASE CONTINUE THE STORY! this has got to be the best Who Framed Roger Rabbit Story ever written! I WANT TO SEE HOW IT ENDS!
visitor chapter 39 . 9/4/2013
OMG...please up date I love it its amazing!
imaginarytoon1 chapter 39 . 8/15/2013
I really love this story. Are you planning on writing any more chapters? The suspense is really killing me!
grapejuice101 chapter 39 . 8/14/2013
I just found this story and I love it. update asap plz
Critic chapter 39 . 8/14/2013
I like James bond
AnonymousZGirl chapter 39 . 8/3/2013
This Story is Awesome! does this make my third or fourth comment? Oh well...
any way I hope Alicia, Eddie, Jessica and Benny and the others will be okay and be able to stop the Judge.
and I all so hope the Weasels live through what might happen...i mean you might of read from one of my last comments about that whole cure for Toons dieing from laughing like the whole tell them a bad joke, poke there belly by saying 'beep' [at least I think it was beep] and then I think it was a pinch to the nose while saying 'ding-dong' XD I know weird for a cure but it sounds good to me
and plus I guess there other brothers who didn't make in the movie but I did see there drawings of them on this one Disney Website Slimy and Flasher? I guess it wouldn't be a fast food place they work at but more like a diner with Slimy has the cook and Flasher as the waiter and taking orders and had left a long time ago before Acme gave the Weasels and there cousins to those brothers was it the Fleichers right? any way I still can't believe those two weren't in the movie too I mean they could of been great if you ask me but any way I think Slimy and Flasher could of taken the cure for TDLS which could be fully called Toon-dieing-Laughing-Syndrome that could only effect some toons who have it, I guess that could be the name for it I mean it sounds a about right to call it that right? I mean it does match the name for it well...I hope you like that idea for the name for the effects of a Toon Dieing from Laughing to be called Toon-Dieing-Laughing-Syndrome or TDLS for short...
any way Please Keep up the Great Job on this and I hope to read Chapter 40 when you can post it
and I hope your okay and I hope your Dad isn't giving you trouble.
and again keep up the great job :hug:
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