Reviews for Intangible Existences That Hope for Tangible Emotion
Your Rachel chapter 1 . 10/8/2012
I was checking my mail in the library and I saw this fic and I was like 'oooohhh what pairing is it this time-Sebandler...' and then I said quietly and creepily under my breath, 'yesssssssssss'
But then I read it and I'm crying and it's all your fault and I just...I was just talking to my friend about how the Sebandler ship is the only one that doesn't hurt right now and you just make it hurt like a mother.
when Chandler came back to life I went, 'IT'S ALIVE!' oh I need a life.
There were so many medical and scientifical terms and things I kept getting lost, but it gave this fic a nice grown up feel, but I was just nodding like I understood, but I don't understand crap.
Very nice, now I have to get this branch out of my eye.
*goes a flops down on my bed and cries an freaking ocean*
I need some ice cream.
PenMagic chapter 1 . 10/8/2012
oh wow...that was really confusing but beautiful at the same time! I really liked the way you did it!