Reviews for Metal Gear: Son of Snake
novadragon1000 chapter 4 . 10/2/2014
I looked through your first 3 chapters and some of the reader's comments , I do agree with what you said about anything is possible if you use your imagination! in a way this feels like rewriteing parts of it then use of the actual MGS lore. i played the 2 titles on the PS MGS and MGS2: sons of liberty , so your title can mean alot of things but i be wanting to see more to this story.
Bounty Hunter Vincent Vega chapter 6 . 5/9/2013
While yes Big Boss's DNA may be in file due to the Les Enfants Terribles,it still would have the failsafes in place. There is no way to get around it. Also Big Boss was rendered sterile even before he was cloned so you can begin to see how this is impossible. Again unless you figure out some asinine way to bypass these hindrances AND have it make sense then sure go right on ahead.

I just fine it completely nonsensical for yet another clone of Big Boss or Solid Snake to exist.

Let's say that somebody made a clone of me. That clone would be given my asthma which is incurable.

Human cloning for body parts is probably the only realistic scenario I can envision being accepted.

The Pentagon may have found such data but again it still would have the same limitations discussed.

I think that not only do you need to read up on Metal Gear Solid lore but research how science works. I have said my peace on the matter and I am done discussing this with you.
L.G. Alderson chapter 10 . 5/9/2013
Bounty Hunter Vince Vega thanks again for commenting and I take on board your opinions on the matter, I appreciate the story may not be for everyone in which case, there is obviously no obligation to continue reading. I do however feel that opinions must be considered as such and may not necessarily reflect the wider picture of the public.

I do not feel like I have changed too much of the previous canon in the writing of this story, as I was working on the assumption (as it being a fanfic) that Big Boss' DNA was kept on file after the Les Enfants Terrible project, and therefore no more DNA would need to be extracted, it could simply be reused from the data of this project. It was not the case of getting hold of living tissue again, I used a bit of artistic license to say that the data may have been stored based on Human Genome mapping etc. And since the Patriots ran the US government it is not hard to believe that the Pentagon in this story could have come across that data. And besides, because this is a science fiction story effectively, who is to say that human cloning would be such a no-no in the future? It's all debatable and unfortunately none of us can give a concrete answer to these questions. I agree that the MG series is based loosely on our history, however Kojima also has played around with the past and logic in a lot his characters and settings, such as walking battle tanks, DNA targeted virus', soldiers with seemingly supernatural powers and nanomachines which can keep people like Vamp virtually immortal.

And as for the 'rehashing' of previous characters, settings etc, I must admit that I wrote this for selfish reasons as it gives me pleasure to reimagine certain parts of the games that I enjoyed. This being, in my opinion, one of the greatest storylines of modern gaming, I wanted to pay homage to Kojima and his team through a piece of fiction merely written by an amateur fan. I am sorry that you do not share my viewpoint.
Bounty Hunter Vincent Vega chapter 8 . 5/8/2013
Why Yes Adamska I would find it very hard for anybody to be able to bypass their failsafes. What you and the author of this wreck of a story failed to realize is that the Patriots had complete control of the United States for a very long time. Anybody trying to oppose them has ended up dead or gone missing.

How can these scientists create yet another clone of Big Boss when his body has been destroyed beyond a shadow of a doubt. All of him was lost and he was rebuilt from body parts of liquid and solidus. Again you're not making any sense. I'm not even going to get into how many international laws they would be breaking as human cloning is a big no no. Furthermore the universe of Metal Gear Solid loosely takes place in our reality.

Fiction or not there is this thing called logic and basic reasoning. Basically "it's fan fiction I can do whatever I want" is not a valid response to harsh criticism.

You can enjoy the fan fiction if you so desire but that doesn't mean that I cannot say that I think it is complete trash. That's how it works.

Also thanks for evoking Ebert's Law. Your arguments or lack thereof is just sad.

George Aldersson fan-fiction nor not you still have to abide by the facts and canon set by the creators. But more importantly your story needs to make sense and I am not seeing any of that here.

As I said before and another reviewer pointed out NO MORE CLONES OF BIG BOSS CAN BE MADE.
His original body has been destroyed and nothing left remained. Without it DNA cannot be extracted. So how is this possible?

Now since you stated that this story takes in 2030 and the Patriots control did not end until 2015 nobody else would have access to Big Boss DNA. Do you honestly think that they would allow that?

So basically you're just rehashing old foes instead of taking the time to try and come up with something original.

Yep nothing lazy and pathetic about that.

Then call these people something else.

I'll end this rant by saying that there is suspension of disbelief and then there is bullshit. Guess where you story lands.
Adamska chapter 1 . 5/8/2013
Bounty hunter vincent vega

First of all are you trying to tell me the technology the patriots used back in the 70's was so advanced that 40 years later there is no possibility that anyone could bypass their fail safes?

and do you really think the writer is saying this clone was created by "average" scientists?

anyway this is a work of fiction and i enjoy the story but if you think you could do better then by all means write your own story and we can see how you fair.
L.G. Alderson chapter 11 . 5/8/2013
Thank you for your reviews and comments. I appreciate you taking the time to read my story and take it as a compliment that you thought it was worth reading in the first place. I hope some are enjoying the story and debate is good no matter which side of the fence you fall. Now I feel like I may need to help explain my mindset when writing this. Obviously none of this can be classed as 'canon' in the true sense of the word because that would have to come from Kojima. This is purely a work of fanfiction based on some points in the current universe.

It has now been revealed that John or Fox Snake is a clone, so now I can comment. I intended for this to be from the same project that gave rise to Les Enfants Terribles, so making the presumption that Big Boss' DNA was kept on record for the purpose of being reused in the future, and that Fox Snake is modelled on the same recessive genes as Solid Snake (as he was the most successful of the clones) thus created a Solid Snake m.2 if you will. And as for the philosophers, yes the originals are confirmed to be long dead at the end of Sons Of Liberty or MGS2. The group in this story are not the originals, they could merely be a group of Chinese mercenaries who are inspired by the legacy of the Philosophers.

However more will be revealed on this and the story is not yet over, stay tuned all of you who are currently enjoying the read, and thanks again!
Bounty Hunter Vincent Vega chapter 11 . 5/7/2013
Adamska,did you not read AntichromeKing's response?

There is no possibly for any more clones to be made.

The Patriots used such advanced technology that I highly doubt any average scientists is going to be able to override their fail safes.

Let the guy rest in peace. Have some damn respect. Use a grown up Sunny or Raiden or fuck a competent OC.

The point is only an unoriginal hack use resort to breaking established canon.

The philosophers making a comeback? Holy cow how does that work?

They have been dead for a very long time.

Man in that case it's safe to say that this fanfic has long since jumped the shark.

Fail Just fail.
Adamska chapter 10 . 4/17/2013
So the legacy of the snakes continues...

Im loving this story cant wait for the ending. The philosophers making a comeback is awesome i hope everyone else thinks the same.

Long live the legacy of the snakes...
AntichromeKing chapter 4 . 11/9/2012
I hate to tell you this man but if you know metal gear lore like i do it is impossible for this to be a real son or clone of snake when the 3 snakes were made their dna was alterd so that they cannot reporduce so they can not have kids and also if anyone ever got a hold of their dna their was a failsafe in place that if they tried to clone them agian they would fail, and cant take dna from big boss because all of him was lost and he was rebuilt from body parts of liquid and solidus
humza chapter 3 . 10/24/2012
thats it your gonna tell me allthat then leave me hanging come on
Adamska chapter 1 . 10/10/2012
Hi Guest

Having read your post i dont think you could really say it would be impossible for a clone of solid snake to be made. Firstly the point about the clone aging to quickly to be of any use. Now they did implement a genetic failsafe to ensure solid snake did not reach a certain age but whos to say they couldn't reverse engineer those genes out of him which is entirely feasible.

But lets for a moment say they didnt take it out now solid snake lasted long enough to be "of use" so why wouldnt his clone. You could argue the point that cloning clones would eventually result genetic degredation but considering this would be a second gen clone i dont think it would play a significant part in the longevity of this clone.

Now the part conscerning the Foxdie virus being passed onto this clone is also something that can also be reasonably explaned away. For example whos to say that the DNA sample used to clone Solid Snake was taken before he was injected with foxdie. Even if it was after it would not be unreasonable to assume that although they couldnt uproot foxdie out of snakes whole body that they could seperate it out from the strand of DNA used to clone him.

There are also other possibilties for example he could be a clone of big boss once again or even a clone of solidus snake (who is a perfect clone of big boss). It is also possible that the information used to make solid snake (in the les infants terrible project) could be used again to create a new clone.

Im not saying that solid snakes son is definately a clone im just pointing out that you shouldnt rule out the possibility.
L.G. Alderson chapter 1 . 10/9/2012
Thank you for your reviews, and for taking the time to read my piece. All will be revealed if you are willing to wait for the next installment, and hopefully the story will not disappoint! And remember this is Metal Gear, where super soldiers and giant walking tanks hold the world to ransom, so anything is possible if you use your imagination!

Thanks again for reading
Adamska chapter 1 . 10/9/2012
I know the truth...
guest chapter 1 . 10/8/2012
Now, the "Son of Snake" could mean a lot of things. If you mean John was raised to be exactly like either Naked Snake or Solid Snake, that would make a lot of sense considering Naked Snake and Solid Snake are both sterile. That and A clone of Solid Snake would expire too quickly to be of use to any one, considering that not only does Snake's rapid aging would be passed on to the clone as well as the FoxDIE. Or John could be Raiden's son because it was revealed at the beginning of MGS2, that Raiden's original codename was Snake. What I'm saying is it would be impossible for John to be Solid snake's biological son or clone.