Reviews for Power Rangers: Sky Force
BlackOzRanger545 chapter 1 . 8/24/2013
Name:Wyatt Tanner

Age (preferably over 21):24

Color/Zord:Black Condor

Ability:Super Strength

Appearance:5'11,Blond shaggy hair,Caucasian,Brown eyes.

Personality (Negative traits too):Can be really rude at times,Smooth with the ladies,Sly.

Background:Has had a rough life,which is why he can be a jerk,but he tries to keep his past a with his younger sister and over protects her,but he means and his parents dont talk anymore because of a incident.


Dislikes:Being told what to do,Getting annoyed


Celebrity Counterpart:A.J. Trauth
Ahkalia chapter 1 . 10/21/2012
Name: Zeek Kuipers

Age: 23

Color/ Zord: Black Condor

Ability: Invisibility

Appearance: He is Canadian, has a toned body and is 6ft tall. He has short blond hair and wears jeans and a black t-shirt.

Personality (Negative traits too): Adventurous, can sometimes be short tempered but listens to someone who is in a higher position than him or a friend. He is funny and gets along well with most people. He is kind of stand offish at first with people but after a while he gets used to being around them.

Background: He does not like talking about his ability or using it because he had one incident where he showed someone and they spread nasty rumours about him being a freak. However he does warm up to it when he becomes a ranger since no one knows who he is. He is from a big family of 8 and now lives on his own while he finishes college in engineering (started late). He was picked on as a kid because of his incident with the rumours in grade school. Parents are Tye and Erin Kuipers.

Likes: listening to music with big headphones, the beach, swimming, walking and cycling

Dislikes: gossipers, his ability (at first, likes it when he becomes a ranger), essays (does them anyways) and is afraid of bees.

Extras: Learns martial arts when he becomes a ranger, is not good at it at first but with coaching gets better.

Celebrity Counter Part: Jonny Depp

Please let me know if I get in the story or not.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/20/2012
Name: Sebastian Hart

Age (preferably over 21): 23

Color/Zord: Blue Swallow or Yellow Owl (unless you'll accept something for Pink?)

Ability: Animal Empathy (he can communicate with them, as well as channel into their emotions).

Appearance: Brown hair, green eyes, lightly tanned skin.

Personality (Negative traits too): A pretty cheerful and upbeat guy. He's fairly kindhearted, and not afraid to speak his mind. He's also pretty headstrong and sometimes very stubborn. He spends a lot of time playing video games and helping his step-dad with the animals in their barn, as well as having a love for riding horses and taking care of his four dogs.

Background: He grew up with his mom, older brother and sister, step-dad, and younger sister on a farm-like plot of land. He spent a lot of time with the animals his step-dad was raising as well as helping his mother with gardening and growing other types of plants throughout the area. He doesn't speak to his biological father, who lives a few cities or so away with his new family.

Likes: Video gaming, cheese pizza, strawberry soda, dogs, riding horses

Dislikes: Animal injuries, mosquitoes, hearing about his biological father or his family

Extras: He wears 'nerd' glasses, and he's a vegetarian.

Celebrity Counterpart: Grant Gustin
Michelle the Editor chapter 1 . 10/20/2012
Okay, didn't realize you actually had a story you could submit, but you should have Lance by now. Hope this goes well either way!
Kenn.Faith.Dawn chapter 1 . 10/11/2012
Name: Rachel Donaldson.
Age (preferably over 21): 24.
Color/Zord: Green cobra.
Ability: deafening scream.
Appearance: height 5ft 7 height shoulder length black hair with green stripes in it.
Personality (Negative traits too): born fighter skilled in multiple forms of self defence, can sometimes catch her self out when training.
Background: learned self defence from the age of 8.
Likes: defending people even at her own risk.
Dislikes: bullies.
Extras: whne in her ranger suit she can eject a green liquid from her mouth that desrupts the enemys senses.
Celebrity Counterpart: pro wrestler Mschief.
ResidentEvilChris chapter 1 . 10/9/2012
Name: Jillian Monroe

Age (preferably over 21): 22

Color/Zord: Black condor

Ability: speak/ control animals and nature

Appearance: wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/a5/Daveigh_Chase_LF_ /220px-Daveigh_Chase_LF_

Normal outfit consists of leather jacket, combat boots and fingerless gloves

Personality (Negative traits too): She loves to have fun and often does without thinking. She can be a bit of a b**ch when standing up for what she believes in.

Background: She never knew her parents, she grew up in foster homes. She often acted out, pranking, and talking back alot, so she was never adopted.

Likes: music, singing, playing guitar and keyboard, horror movies, anything unhealthy, comic books, animals, video games, smoking, pranking

Dislikes: waking up early, bullies, dancing, girls/guys being sappy, being bored

Extras: She is a mix of geek and punk chick

Celebrity Counterpart: daveigh chase
Death Account 13 chapter 1 . 10/8/2012
Name: Sapphire Annabella Bly

Age (preferably over 21): 20 about to turn 21

Color: Blue or Yellow anything but pink,red, and black

Zord: dophin.

Ability: Can read, control, and erase minds

Appearance: tall blonde with aqua highlights and big blue eyes. She has a nose ring and tongue ring. She is 6'10. She weres a tank top in her color with a green hart if not green, jean skirts, black high heels. Her hair is up is a high ponytail hold by a green hair tie and a bracelet with all of the rangers' colors thought time.

Personality (Negative traits too): A punk at first but then is really sweet and caring. She has the need to help people witch can get her into trouble.

Background: Mom died when she was a few months and her dad left before she was born so her uncle Xander took care for her. She has autism. Her biggest thing is that she thinks her uncle is really her dad and that she is living with him.

Likes: gymnastics, dance, singing, Keats(sp), and shopping.

Dislikes: bugs.

Extras: She werewolf glasses.

Celebrity Counterpart: Bridgette Meddler but some aqua highlights

P.M me for anything you need.
LovingGinger30 chapter 1 . 10/8/2012
Name: Hermione Monroe

Age (preferably over 21): 22

Color/Zord: White Swan

Ability: Telekenisis/ Telepathy

Appearance: Long wavy dark brown hair tanned skin, brown eyes. Cargo pants, long sleeve shirts, combat boots, athletic body type

Personality (Negative traits too): She is loyal to her friends, she is very observant of others. She has trouble trusting people (in bio). She is very protective and caring to others and animals.

Background: She is the youngest of three older sisters who rather go shopping and brag about their beauty, and they are supermodels. She had a hard time trusting people because she had heart broken and feelings hurt, and as a result she had a difficult time making friends. She was trained in Kung Fu since she was 7 years old ever since an incident at school. She is a tomboy and likes playing sports of all kinds.

Likes: Itailian and Chinese food, sports of all kinds, rock and country music

Dislikes: shopping, people brags about anything girly, cheaters, and shopping

Extras: She knows Spainish and French fluently

Celebrity Counterpart: Cote De Pablo
lauraosnes chapter 1 . 10/8/2012
Name- Karena James

Age- 21

color/Zord- White Swan

Ability- to control snow and ice

Appearance- long brown hair, blue eyes, 5' 7''

Personality- She is super sweet and kind to everyone. She is funny and a total goofball. She is a drama queen and overreacts quickly. She loves to dance and sing. She does have a temper, so don't get her mad. She always has to be on time too.

Background- Karena was raped by her father when she was twelve. Her father was drunk and he also killed her brother. Her father tried to not let anyone know, but a year later, the police found out and he is in jail. Karena is very scared of her father. She was traumatized by the whole thing.

Likes- Dance, singing, playing the flute, reading, her dog Sugar, and tacos

Dislikes- her father, snakes, boats, heights

Extras- She is on a dance team

Celebrity Counterpart- Kelli Berglund
I hope you like her. I can't wait to read more! Feel free to PM me with questions.