Reviews for Meeting Supergirl
James Birdsong chapter 6 . 12/6/2020
Nice six chapters. Yay
MMax chapter 6 . 4/11/2014
write some more please. :)
Guest chapter 6 . 5/7/2013
Nice job bringing Zod into the picture. Let's see how Kara and Paul handle things.
Guest chapter 5 . 4/22/2013
Great story! And funny to make Paul Iron Man, a fitting match for the Girl of Steel. Not to be a downer but why do they need to board a plane when Kara can fly them back to Metropolis? Still, great story and I look forward to more.
Tom Kalbfus chapter 5 . 4/22/2013
Supergirl doesn't fly Paul all the way back to America for a very simple reason, when dealing with nonkryptonian heroes, and Paul is one of those, we have to take into account real world physics. When in his supersuit, Paul can go hypersonic, can shoot into space and so forth, but since it has been shorted out by the EMP, it is no longer functional, if Supergirl is to carry him across the Atlantic, she is going to have to do so ar highway speeds, around 60 miles per hour. It takes a commercial Jet about 7 hours to fly from Paris to New York, and a commercial jet flies at 600 miles an hour. Well at highway speeds, such as that of a man on a motorcycle, it would take ten times as long or 70 hours, that is 2 hours shy of three days traveling at 60 miles per hour, doesn't sound very comfortable to me. Supergirl can't simply carry him at 600 miles per hour like a jet, Paul would get some fairly severe wind burns if she did that. One possibility is she could carry him in a car at 600 miles per hour, it would have to be a fairly sleek car though, easier just to take a Jet, Paul can afford one now, probably Luthorcorp could send one for him.
anon chapter 3 . 4/13/2013
Lex Luthor goes out of his way to be a friendly, personable boss to the help, from his janitor to the guy who owns the newsstand near his building to Alfred Pennyworth when he meets Bruce Wayne

Lex is actually a very complex character he appreciates honest, hard work, since he himself comes from a working-class background and he's not lying when he says that he has the ultimate well-being of humanity in mind. HE should be the one in charge, but as long as he has that, he does try to make those under him live better lives. Lex has a good understanding of how economics work, so he knows that his financial empire is supported by average joes working blue-collar jobs
Tom Kalbfus chapter 3 . 4/13/2013
Lex likes to run things, that's for sure. Right now Lex is in prison chiefly for misdeeds he did as President. I'm using the same Origin story as the Supergirl prior to the New 52. So an asteroid was threatening to hit Earth While Lex was President, much the same as the cartoon, he tries to have Superman and Batman arrested. The asteroid gets blown up, and a chunk of it has Supergirl's spaceship embedded in it and it crashes into Gotham harbor, this is the Supergirl that Paul Luthor meets.
Guest chapter 2 . 4/10/2013
Very nice! I like how Kara/Linda has taken a shine to Paul, who appears to be one of the good guys. I hope something interesting develops between the two. A meeting with his not-brother Lex would be cool and could lead to superhero hijinks. Looking forward to your next update :)
Tom Kalbfus chapter 2 . 4/10/2013
Here I mainly concentrated on figuring out how to add a chapter to a story, this took some time away from my refining and condensing the dialog in this chapter. Now that I figured it out, expect smoother sentences in the next chapter. I think I will introduce Lex Luthor or his girlfriend Tess Mocker in the story. Lex Luthor is currently in Jail, so Tess is running Intergang for him at the moment. I think Tess might make for an interesting minor villain if played right.
Guest chapter 1 . 12/5/2012
Great story! Please continue :)
Guest chapter 1 . 10/10/2012
Great story! I hope you continue it :)
anon chapter 1 . 10/9/2012
I like to think Lex like Adrian Veidt in Watchmen can go toe to toe with any non powered hero develop his own fighting style and workout program in addition to being scientific/business/political overall Renaissance man, that his white suit as powerful as his power armor

In the comics Mercy is an Amazon as in Wonder Wonder Woman can go toe to toe with Supes and she has a partner Hope I like to think they're from the Citizenry space Amazons ruled by Wonder Woman's aunt Astarte with guns as powerful as green lantern ring

In my head in addition to Mercy and Hope Luthor also has robots like his power armor and nanotech to make him like the Darkness and Spawn, and Doomsdays (maybe weredoomsdays) Equus(es?) and Bizaros (stronger, smarter, faster than Supes) maybe as well I like him being both tech and biological means to take on Superman and hordes not just one, and all under his thrall with programming

As president Luthor eliminated the national debt, brought unemployment to almost zero, it was HIS leadership that got us through two alien invasions and even the heroes admit without it we would have fallen

Only through Lex has there ever been an instance where humanity unites and thrives in the cosmos

Until the citizens of the DCverse say they'd rather have Lex solve the problems of the world instead of superpowered people punching things they don't deserve the cancer cure and etc

Humanity's fate should be in the hands of humans

Ancient humans were the settlers of Rann, Thanagar, and Krypton, life began on earth

Superman undermines humanity's worth and accomplishments

A civilized man accusses specific individuals of specific crimes felony and fraud otherwise people should mind their own business this does not mean we ignore things that aren't evil but are nevertheless dangerous

Everyone should be given powers and tech it's idiotic this isn't done the heroes care more about getting off on playing Mr. Son of God than actually improving the life of the common man

When you can dodge bullets, outfly missles, and swim across the surface of the sun it's only a matter of time before you start thinking you've better things to do than save the world for the two hundrenth time

I will always prefer villains who at least have a point and frighteningly may even be right about everyone being better off under their benevolent dictatorship (of course make education great so the common man does know what is best for him and his children's children and democratic republicanism can work) like Ra's al Ghul if the environment isn't brought into balance no matter the means or cost the future for the human race will be worse than any dystopian fiction and will lead to the extinction of the human race not through misadventure but suicide through stupidity or Lex Luthor who as he says if he was calling all the shots could end famine and cure cancer and he could his mind is capable of anything perhaps give everyone ultra high-tech non polluting technology and maybe even superpowers (without the White Martians ancient experiments all humanity would be like the Kryptonians or Daxamites) lead humanity and the rest of the universe to unimaginable glory remember Red Son he united all humanity and led us to a golden age that lasted millions of years, no poverty, disease, war, crime, terrorism, or environmental problems and science and art advance

A lot of villains seem unaware that if they used their mind and/or other talents for legitimate business causes or the government could be far more profitable than any crime spree

When you live in a world of such technology and people with four digit IQs why in the nine hells haven't you solved the world's problems of poverty and disease, everyone should be given tech and powers

Of course vigilantes can be sanctimonious hypocrites judging others and letting themselves go unscrutinized condemning others when they do the same thing for less reasons I think it is disgusting they don't share their scientific breakthroughs (of course inventors should be well compensated) with the scientific specifically medical community or their skills with law enforcement agencies far more good than beating up thugs and psychos fight crime at its source ignorance and poverty. I realize due to rarity and complexity mass production may not always be possible or at least cost effective and due to difficulty not all could take brutal training but a little bit could go a very, very long way. A hero doesn’t just save people a hero teaches the people to take care of themselves. The ability to think of future generation when calculating pragmatic utilitarianism is what separates us from the animals. The world is not the way it is because of thugs and psychopaths, corrupt businessmen/politicians (which contrary to fiction are the exception not the rule) but because most people are too stupid to know what is best for them the extreme left and extreme right get caught up in their ideals and refuse to acknowledge brutal facts of reality no real world understanding of the extreme complexities of politics, economics, technological logistics, and how they’re all interconnected in the long run. People want everything right here right now the whole world just handed to them on a silver platter think just by complaining something will happen without a tangible plan. Such a plan will require a lot of long, hard, boring work all day every day for generations.

There will always be some exploitation, the best and brightest will elevate themselves over the common man, it’s nature, best for the species, it improves the standard of living of the human race as a whole, as long as they don’t kill anyone or otherwise actively oppress, free trade and enterprise is the only thing that has ever led to long lasting meaningful peace

I'm glad the government has Suicide Squad, Cadmus, Checkmate, the Elite, Amanda Waller, and the new female Spy Smasher, Cameron Chase I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting accountability from superheroes, having checks and balances on these living breathing weapons of mass destruction seems quite reasonable to me one will go left when they should go right and innocent people will die it WILL happen, not saying black ops don't have their necessity they can be used as a force of good

Have you heard of The Boys

Say your're Harry Truman, do you drop the bombs or do you drown the home islands in the blood of U.S. Marines BATMAN has no answer to that question

I hate how the heroes act like school bullies I don't care when it’s the sickos who enjoy killing people, the child molesters, the thugs too stupid to understand anything else, and crime lords even the ones who properly manage the implacable illicit businesses of city life, they’re probably still thieves and killers so keeping them on leashes is probably smart, but when they do it to the likes of Luthor and Maxwell Lord I almost understand doing things like dropping an atom bomb on Gotham to kill Batman

Sometimes the greatest good for the greatest number just means the least amount of suffering