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adamsdkeiona chapter 1 . 12/24/2015
not bab
Guest chapter 1 . 9/1/2014
This is without doubt the best story I have read on this website. I hope that you continue with it as it is too fantastic to go unfinished!


I would love to see Emma finally become a superhero if that happens!
Rurrlock-God of Power chapter 7 . 8/18/2013
It's really great to see another chapter to this, I know you've been busy with other stuff, but this was defiantly worth the wait. Awesome chapter!

I didn't see that coming with Mike actually once involved with the victim, let alone know her. It did add an extra element of tragedy to it, and you can understand both Mike and Emma in this situation. He must feel the guilt, having talked with her just before this and feeling he could have done something, it's one of those moments where people feel they should be more involved, but it was just too late. And once they got into the argument about what should be done and if real-life superheroes could do a better job at catching the killer, you could sort of shift on both sides. Emma is still in pain about what happened to her dad and the superhero who got involved in that and lead to the death, but I think that maybe Mike has more sympathy for the heroes for a number of reasons. He doesn't have a relative on the force (as far as I know), and he does seem like the type of person who would try to see the good in others, and that's where his belief in people who dress up and superheroes and help people comes from I think. And he sees that in Emma as well, she is a good person, but her emotions can be muddled up at times. I wonder if this will motive Emma to try and get involved and catch this killer.

Excellent chapter. Really well-written, lots of emotion and descriptions. Nice balance of detail and pace, great work. Can't wait to see more when it's ready :)
PassionOne10 chapter 6 . 5/29/2013
Im getting a sense of ''thumbs up if omega kid and scarlett brought you here'' (laughs) however that being said...and i might get hate for saying this, i prefer this to the other stories like omega kid and so forth. This has a much more grounded and real feeling to it and I find the characters much more interesting and realistic. Not that the other stories are bad, they are good as well. They are like Marvel, very whimsical and comic book but yours is like dc comics, edgy and interesting to read. I like that this is taking its time with the characters before going into the superhero aspect. Building up our respect and knowledge for the characters so that we feel for them if something bad happens. Respect et l'amour de Paris.
XxXZombieGirlXxX chapter 6 . 5/18/2013
So this is like a fan fiction of a fan fiction? Neat :-) I discovered this story after reading Omega Kid.

Strong heroine/creepy villain/full of emotion/great building love story. It's all the good stuff of a great superhero story. I know this says its on hiatus, which is better than it being left unfinished, but I hope that you find the time to write more soon.

I have just 2 questions...

1) Will there be an Archangel/Omega Kid chapter? cause he's had team up chapters before

2) Will you be writing a Walking Dead story? I love the series and game, and you wrote on your profile you're a fan.

From, a big fan of your work.
CykeclopsFF7 chapter 6 . 5/4/2013
You know, I was reading this, trying to find a description of Emma so I could make something for this, but I never found it. *grins* But anyway, you were talking about writing your own novel. Honestly, Becky, I think this could be it if you just changed some of the references. You have some really strong characters in very identifiable situations. Mike and Emma seem very realistic to me, and your descriptions of their emotions are just...I feel almost like I'm watching this unfold before my eyes, like I'm reading someone's diary. I hope you continue to write this. It looks as though it has been a long time since it has been updated, but I know you've been extremely busy with uni. I'm glad that you will be taking the summer off so you can pay more attention to your writings. You have the skills to be professional writer, Becky. Pursue your dreams.

On a more technical note: I really like the pacing of this story. Emma didn't just jump into being a costumed hero. She's a hero right now and she doesn't even realize it. Her home story/background make her into one of those lovable strong characters that everyone admires, and yet, you want to shake them by their shoulders because you want them to see what you see in them. Its interesting, because that is exactly what Mike is trying to do. Grammar looks absolutely awesome here. I wasn't specifically reading for grammar like I do when I beta something, but nothing jumped out at me. The only thing that I would add to this story, darn it, are descriptions of the characters! That is, literally, the only thing I see wrong with this. Please write more when you have time)
Guest chapter 6 . 3/17/2013
best fanfiction ever. only 6 chapters in and i'm hooked and wanting to see more. Univeristy is distracting yes hope that you find the time soon to update because this has me on the edge of my seat and wanting to know what happens next. Will Emma become a superhero? Will she catch the killer? is there also going to be a crossover with Omega Ki?

but my biggest questions- are emma and Mike going to get together? they r cute together .
Fan chapter 6 . 1/7/2013
You were not the only one that was hard at work. I was kept busy and away from reading on this site, however, I have returned and this was one of the stories I'm glad was updated over the break. So here's the rundown.


Mike/Emma. Already you've created a very sweet, realistic relationship between these two. There's an attraction going on, but Emma has create such a strong shell around herself to fortifier her against the harsh outside world, that it also keeps out the people she cares about and likes. But with the Mike keeps showing his care and friendship for her, I anticipate that something will happen between them soon - at least I hope so ;)

Uncle Rob. Certainly an interesting development. Wonder how this will play off with Emma's mother, and Emma's behaviour overall. It's nice she has another family member to connect with now other then Derek, although it seems like Emma, Rob has a knack for trouble, getting involved with some big shot guy after just bumping into him. We'll see how this pans out.

Excellent writing style. Like I have praised before, this is like reading any professional novel; smooth, detailed, easy-to-follow while not being to simplified.

Cliffhanger. Need I say more? You have me excited for Chapter 7.



I might as well not include a bad option with your stories. I think you are only the third author I've come across that makes sure everything is good before releasing {I have read a lot of stories on here over the years}.

My score - 5/5
Girl Team Rules chapter 6 . 12/20/2012
Hey there! Yay new chapter . Really really excellent work. I am really starting to love Mike more and more, it is so cute when he has those sweet moments with Emma. It's really bittersweet how you write them, she tries to act tough and show she doesn't need anyone to defend her. he is just looking out for her though. that was really creeppy the bit with the guy in her house, but it just turned out to be her uncle. from the way you wrote the lines, sounds like even though Uncle Rob says he's escaped from trouble with the guy in Australia, I bet it will follow him over and get into Emma's life. it won't be that easy having him just come into Emma's life, especially the way the mother is, something has got to give. love this chapter, bye for now :3

ps. at least let Emma and Mike kiss lol. kidding it is up to you how the story turns out...but please, even if it is a cheek kiss -.
Rurrlock-God of Power chapter 6 . 12/18/2012
Well I know you've been busy working hard at University, so I waited patiently for this next chapter...and it was so worth the wait, you haven't lost that touch since starting your first semester ;D

Brilliantly written again, everything was so vivid I could picture all in my head. I could even feel the emotions that Emma was feeling they were written so well. Already, you have cemented me as an Emma/Mike fan XD The guy just always wants what's best for her and is always trying to look out for her, no matter how isolated she tries to make herself. Really great work describing the way she feels, particularly the stomach fluttering feel. The way you built up the tension with Emma realising someone had broken into her house, it was so tense and kept me on edge. I've read a lot of horror stories, and that little bit was equal to any scary full story, awesome job.

So amazing work (as always for you), typical you make us wait weeks for a chapter then end it on a cliffy LOL. Don't worry though, you made up for it was an excellent chapter :D Can't wait for more when it's ready, best of luck :)
Guest chapter 5 . 11/29/2012
love it
Girl Team Rules chapter 5 . 11/6/2012
OH WOW! This was so worth the read, I LOVE this story! Where has it been all my life? lol. Nice work. i am sorry I didn't get to this sooner, i only noticed it after Rurrlock updated Scarlett and then i checked it out and i have fallen in love with it already. It is really dark and very real, I can totally understand Emma's pain and the anguish going on. She acts tough (and can be tough, i'm not going to lie) but i think she's a good person, it just needs a little help being brought out of her. This story is awesome and incredible, it is about time we have had a new good story for Kickass. And wait- is this set in the Omega Kid world really? That is so cool . This is amazing, please continue it. I love it, bye for now.

ps. you write Xena too? awesome, I want to read them soon.
PassionOne10 chapter 5 . 11/5/2012
Love it. Very well done, you must be proud for having such a good story. Please write more soon, this has potential to be forever great as a epically written story.
Fan chapter 5 . 11/2/2012
You are most welcome for the review I gave the chapter beforehand. I have thought about creating an account on here, but I much rather stay anonymous for the time being, apologies. Now for my 'in-depth review' ;) So here's the run down.


The writing here is excellent. Running along smoothly at a good pace, to keep the readers moving further into the story without jumping over any steps or having to track back and re-ready any missed details. I can tell you're a writer who cares, and has an eye for detail. It never gets confusing when you have too many characters talking at once, that so many other stories fail to correct. You keep up the good work.

Dialogue. This is a key one that people tend to mess up or make sound forced, some stories also tend to use too much of it when unnecessary, you don't have that probably. It's then when it needs to be, and when it is, it's very realistic and enjoyable.

Detailed description of the fight. One thing that most writers again forget when writing a fight, is how the characters react or what they're feeling and/or thinking during it. But again, you've done it exceptionally well. I could vividly see everything that was happening, and get inside the mind of Emma. Very neatly done.

Special cameo appearance. I must admit, you caught me for a loop with Omega Kid having a small role in this chapter (I am only halfway through Omega Kid, and failed to catch onto the hints until the name being revealed). It was a nice touch as you've mentioned it before being set in the same continuity, but I didn't expect an appearance this early. It helps to further develop Emma's character and reveal some more of her thoughts, so it was a good scene to have.



Seriously? I'm five chapters in, and still finding it hard to find anything that needs improving or that can be added. A good beginning is key to a great story, and you're succeeding so far.

My score - 5/5
Rurrlock-God of Power chapter 5 . 10/30/2012
Such an awesome chapter for many reasons. First one I want to talk about...:DDDDDDDDDDDD A Thomas cameo! And it was so well done and a great read. Love the moral behind it, and showing a bit more of why Emma has that feud with superheroes and thinking they cause more harm then good. I just have to say, you wrote Thomas really well there, it sounded like something he would say.

Always love the little exchanges between Emma and Mike, they are cute together. Love the description of the brawl there between Emma and 'Hulk' xD The guy sure does sound tough, and like he'll play a part again real soon with wanting to get back at Shorty and her.

You've really done amazingly in creating a complex and realistic protagonist; she's tough and she knows it, and doesn't like going too far but feels that she has to because she's just gone so far with it, making herself act any different is scary for her to imagine. But just helping Shorty at all is a step in the right direction for her, and I think she'll be doing a lot more heroic deeds real soon.

Just again such an awesome and amazing chapter. I do love seeing updates with this, but I know how busy you get, so I'll be patiently waiting for more. Great work :)
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