Reviews for Your Summon is Pink
This is Awesome chapter 1 . 5/3
This is really awesome and I like both series, I love how Naruto is NOT turned into a pony, you have no idea how awesome that is! I like a human meeting the ponies. Everyone's IC and it well. I didn't think it would work well, unless, like, Sakura summoned Pinkie or something. But you've got em all downpat.

Will read more.
Guest chapter 6 . 4/12
I never thought of reading a Naruto and my little pony cross over till I started reading your stories. And its good, and I hope to be able to read another chapter from you soon! Thank you for the story!
Motherofthehorde chapter 1 . 3/22
Mahahahaha hah
I dislike the pony fandom
And you have made me enjoy reading this...I am saddened at my inability to stop reading ...
yoshi3000 chapter 6 . 3/24
A shame this fanfiction is dead, it was a fun read.
Ireland Scott of BROH chapter 6 . 3/16
Great! I can’t wait fir more!
Silverswordmaster chapter 6 . 3/10
This story is a huge bundle of fun. It’s a shame that we haven’t seen any more when there’s so much more to explore here- from how Equestia as a whole works and has changed for being a summons land and even seeing exactly how much power the Equestrians thenselves hold in combat (more mane 6 development outside of Rarity and Pinkie maybe? AJ only got a bit and I can’t fathom how Naruto hasn’t run into the Crusaders yet.)

Great story, I really hope you come back to it.
Luke Dragneel chapter 1 . 2/27
First off, I am not a brony but have a younger brother who is(osmosis can cause all types of problems) but that is why I am willing to read fanfics on MLP crossovers. The reason I am here is Pirate King's Tailor by Tactition101's in-story recommendations(something to do with using Cloth for weaponry, which as far as I remember comes from Ranma 1/2 Canon as the Iron Cloth Technique as the original origins of the technique).

Anyways, Canon(Naruto) dictates that attempting the Summoning Jutsu without Contract causes a Reverse Summoning that places the user in the Summon Realm of the best suited Summons for the user. This is dangerous because of environmental hazards and the personalities of the various Summoning Clanmembers. After all, a snake Summons is more likely to eat you than agree to a summoning contract.

That isn't to say I don't like your fanon adaptation, though I always get angry about people calling the Tailed Beasts demons when they aren't(a matter of fact considering there is an actual Demon Country/Land of Demons in Naruto thanks to the movie with Priestess Shion). That is one of my major pet peeves about Naruto stories and so far I haven't seen anything that would indicate you had done that yourself.
DracoArtemisLeopin chapter 2 . 2/12
I gotta say you've chosen a very unique crossover idea. Just the idea of mixing these two shows makes my brain stall like an airplane engine. Looking into the fanfiction archive reveals that you aren't the only person to have tried this particularly insane combo, but I gotta say that trying to bring the particular 'feel' of both series in is a particularly nice touch. I haven't noticed any syntax, spelling, or grammar errors, which automatically puts your fic on a higher level than a substantial amount of what's on this site, but I noticed that you're getting a little 'explainey.' I realize that a good portion of that comes from people LITERALLY explaining things to other people, but at least your description of Naruto being a kinesthetic learner could have been a little less... forced, I guess? It's really not to my tastes, but I can recognize that it's still a fairly good story. Good Luck!

P.S. I don't really have any problem with unusual crossovers, I've actually looked into the FSN and Pokemon crossover section, it's just that this one makes me go 'wait, did I actually read that right?' every time I think about which two series are being crossed here.
Rebmul chapter 6 . 1/31
shame this is dead as mud
salasdaniel74 chapter 6 . 1/6
Dragon vs Snakes or Dragon vs 1-Tail?
wildtrance chapter 6 . 11/4/2017
This is beautiful.I can totally see Naruto summoning Basil and the Elements of HArmony to deal with Gaara. Also watching Rarity freak out at Gai's and Lee's outfits would be hilarious. AJ deciding to adopt Lee... food for thought. And ninja dissing the ponies and then getting their as*es kicked would be awesome.
Rainbow Dash "I fly at Mach 1 b!tch!"
otakumick chapter 6 . 9/29/2017
This. Is. FUN! More would be of the good.
WizardFoxAngle chapter 6 . 9/6/2017
Rebmul chapter 6 . 8/19/2017
this is good cant wait for more
HyperA1985 chapter 1 . 8/13/2017
I am looking forward to chapter 7 and I hope Naruto gains ability to enter sage mode.
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