Reviews for Easier By Three
BlazeStryker chapter 5 . 2/25/2016
Dear Daria:

Please forgive the personal format for what is essentially maundering observations on a fanfic, but part of the appeal of Daria (both the show and the character) is how well we end up sliding just far enough into your viewpoint to have our own expanded.

In the slice of "life" this note is being sent as a comment on, you noted with distaste the small-town prejudicial thinking of your now-former roommate. This calls for a couple of comments.

The first part is that Tina might have been local to your campus or not, but this is less significant than you might think. This is because the *second* part is a bit agrarian..

When you are transplanting something to a new pot or garden plot, even assiduous rinsing will leave some of the former soil adhering to the roots. Simply put, you're all in a new place, but every single one of you brought your baggage along for the ride, and I don't just mean a change of clothing.

Be it learned disdain or minor homophobia, some of Tina's reared its head, and it was ugly.
dickard23 chapter 70 . 12/4/2014
This was so good.
dickard23 chapter 19 . 12/4/2014
You don't look Lebanese. I love Jake, always.
jmcconnor chapter 33 . 9/22/2013
wanted to wait til I got to the end to review, but I have to say it now.

I adore these characters! You've captured and expanded their lives brilliantly! I know I'll regret it tomorrow morning but I absolutely must see how it ends!
KiwiKugai chapter 70 . 5/31/2013
Well, read this through all the way

Loved it. It's chapters are short and sweet, but that works well for it. Feels like each chapter is a Plot Synopsis for an AU Daria series. Definitely now my second Menage a Tois story after Starving Lunatics BoKiGo story.
KiwiKugai chapter 12 . 5/31/2013
12 Chapters in

Guess that means I'm hooked :-D

Love this story.
Faith Alana Alastair chapter 1 . 12/19/2012
Hello, "Molly".

I appreciate you taking time to read my story, and comment on it, and I'd like to respond in kind.

First of all, everyone has abs. Daria is not overweight, and I didn't say she had super-defined Jillian Michaels abs, just toned. She's healthy for a teen, and in pretty decent shape.

Second, Lindy, whether she were athletic or not, again, would have abs. Why? Because they're a group of midsection musculature, and everyone has them.

Third. None of the characters I have written, original or otherwise are "thin white girls" who "never have problems or conflicts". I'd like to begin my answer to this by saying these characters are not mine, as my disclaimer notes. To change them would be not being true to their characterization, which I have tried to do. That said, you "suggested" I re-write my story to include more awkwardness and conflict, to "make it more realistic". Are you aware of the definition of fiction? I have written something, and I'm not going to change published work. Would you ask any other author to change their book?

Fourth. I'm sorry you're annoyed with Glenn Eichler and Susie Lewis Lynn created Lindy to be white. That wasn't my choice. Don't make assumptions on whether I have or haven't fleshed her out, however, when you've only completed 10 chapters out of 70.

Fifth. Any of my original characters, Natasha, Jason, Scott, Maggie... Any of them might be a person of color. I'm sorry you object to my exclusion of Jodie or Mack, but as they're going to different colleges, it would have been hard to include them.

I strongly object to your implication that I am in any way racist, as you don't know me.

Body types. Again, you can picture my original characters any way you choose. I specifically chose Andrea as my guest appearance because she is not a "thin white girl", and I related the best to her during my viewing of the show as a teenager.

Daria reacted to Lindy's actions in a manner I thought true to the situation with her background and history. I have indeed had "lesbian sex", being a lesbian adult. Do not make generalizations about what "nobody" does, as you are an individual.

Thank you again for your time, reading and commenting.
Molly chapter 9 . 12/18/2012
I'm not done reading it, and will continue, but I have some suggestions to make. One, Daria isn't athletic, she probably wouldn't have visible abs. Two, is Lindy athletic? Would she have abs? Like I know writers can get caught up in writing "perfect" characters, and I'm a really tired of thin white girls who never have problems or conflicts. Like maybe you could write in more awkwardness and conflict to make it more realistic. Yeah I'm pretty annoyed that Lindy is white, there are billions of generic white girl characters and you haven't even really fleshed out Lindy very much. She's an alcoholic, yeah but that's all we know about her.
You should write more people of colour, more varied body types, and less extreme reactions to nipple kissing and caressing, I don't know if you've ever had lesbian sex but nobody throws their head back in pleasure just because someone is touching their breasts.
BF110C4 chapter 70 . 10/18/2012
Excellent ending, well worth the time reading it.

The only thing I didn't like about the Ending is that is the end, so I hope that you write more about Daria and this particular universe. I would love to see a spinoff of the life of Quinn in Lawndale during the events of this fic. There were so many hints here, all of them quite interesting on it's own right.

Thank you.
BF110C4 chapter 44 . 10/18/2012
Excellent scene, hot as hell just as the rest of the sexy chapters in the story. By the way the address I wanted to give you is thepaperpusher forum / index . php I hope that this time it shows on screen. Damn www censorship.
BF110C4 chapter 31 . 10/17/2012
Quinn freaking out about the Fashion Club ex-members kissing and not about the same happening with Daria and Lindy sounds so much like her, and also the way Stacy reacts to Quinn's reaction.

Also the hardships of being a recovering alcoholic with a drunk roommate feel real, both in the awkwardness and the way Jane and Daria rally to help. I hope that she moves with Daria sooner than later.
BF110C4 chapter 21 . 10/17/2012
Hey, I'm loving all your chapters and this particular one is not the exception. The way you portray Jake as a clueless but completely accepting father, and the way that Helen and Daria recognize those trails is quite great.

Also the way Lindy's and Daria's relationship has been evolving is quite tender, a little fast compared to Daria's only other relationship but that is also addressed magnificently.

Quinn happiness at Lindy's turn for the better was also excellent. I can't blame her for worrying, and I cheer for the fact that she is happy both for her current welfare and the relationship between Daria and her.

I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds, but I would like you to the Paper Pushers Message Board ( / forum / ), a Forum dedicated to Daria. That's where I heard about this excellent fic from one of the other authors that recommended it.

I'll keep reading this one. You don't have any idea of how glad am I that is complete. Even if I have to resist the impulse to go to the last chapter to see how it ends. ;)
Smileyfax chapter 71 . 10/17/2012
This was a really, really good story, especially for coming out of the blue with 70 chapters like it did. The Daria/Lindy pairing was totally unexpected, but you really make it work. I even thought the threesome pairing later on was done well, and I don't generally like threesome pairings.

What I dug the most, though, were all the lovey dovey emotional intimacy bits ('cause I'm secretly a big softie). I'll definitely be nominating this for the Daria Fanworks Awards when nominations open up in a few months!