Reviews for Breakaway Bella
altPLUSuni chapter 35 . 8/11
Hey! Thank you so much for sharing Breakaway and DSDW. They are amazing stories for a action and drama junkie like me. A sequel would be awesome! And about those RL Tia and Carmen, man! I want one ;)
Infinity101 chapter 35 . 8/10
please write a sequel I loved this so much.. it made me laugh so hard and cry harder.
rose19.3.85 chapter 8 . 8/8
Oooo my god i cant breath anymore
Midnight Angels Say GoodNight chapter 35 . 7/10
This story was great. I loved Garrett far more than Edward towards the second confrontation between the two. I honestly don't understand why Garrett isn't allowed around Bella. He has a crush, big deal. Regardless, this story was great :) I'm going to take a look and see if I find a sequel. Even if not, it was well worth the read.
kneon chapter 35 . 7/8
Great story. I loved the twisted & turns. The mystery & adventures. The humor & tears. With a hint of mafiaward.
BeautifulRainne chapter 8 . 6/20
OMG! Hilarious! Poor Emmett ... How on Earth is the Senator's daughter ever going to decide she is attracted to a midget fearing Neanderthal?!
BeautifulRainne chapter 4 . 6/20
So - was his little story about the other reason (other than Alice) a slip on his part ... or just fabricating it to mess her up? I believe that was probably the most truthful our EC has been in his life when he told her he wanted her! LOVING THIS STORY!
Nicoconsd chapter 35 . 6/17
This story was so much fun! I really loved when Bella was a bad ass and those were my absolute favorite parts when she showed her badass self with a gun! Damn that was so awesome. I am a bit confused as to why Garrett is going to Georgia? But this was super fun and I just couldn't put it down. :)
Kayleigh J chapter 1 . 6/8
SanguineTaurean chapter 3 . 6/2
Not to make assumptions but I was wondering if James is the one who raped Bella. Jacob was certainly a lot nicer to Bella than Edward.
SanguineTaurean chapter 1 . 6/2
I have absolutely no idea why I have waited so long to read this story. None. I burst out laughing at Mike's character in this one! LOL "...a little sugar in his tank" and I rolled! That whole scene describing him was a hoot.

Edward. He will be a hard one to reckon with, and how did he find her except to quietly follow her?
Kibachow chapter 24 . 5/24
Story is very well written but I was expecting a bigger showdown between Bella and James. And the Garrett thing kind of fizzled. You wrote very interesting characters who deserve a bigger farewell. Still a good story.
bella0609 chapter 25 . 5/15
Twins! Edward is too funny by passing out
bella0609 chapter 24 . 5/11
I am so, so glad that Edward and Jasper know Bella so well! That was so foolish of her to leave with Garrett! So foolish. I really didn't trust him. Happy that Carlisle, Edward, Sam and Ben were in on James' demise.
Yes, Bella deserves some happy chapters :)
bella0609 chapter 23 . 5/11
Here she is being foolish again! But at least she has said the "place" where James is out loud.
I don't trust this "G" guy! What on earth is he doing kissing Bella! Don't like it!
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