Reviews for Annoying Neighbours And Blue-eyed Strangers
becca65d chapter 12 . 9/6/2013
This was such a cute story
Briskiii chapter 9 . 3/22/2013
ivydevoss chapter 12 . 3/22/2013
Adorable! This whole story is so cute and clever, if it were turned into a romantic comedy film I'm sure it would be a huge hit. I love it!
turtle76 chapter 1 . 3/21/2013
Loved it (:
Who Says It's A Rebellion chapter 12 . 3/20/2013
Awww what a lovely resolution. I'm glad things worked out. Thank you for continuing to write, and I'll keep an eye out for any of your future works. :)
Maddy Love Castiel chapter 12 . 3/20/2013
Awww what a perfect ending! Funny that they have another annoying neighbor named Lucifer. ;)) Hehe. YAY for happy endings! :D

Seriously I've loved this story! Every chapter was incredible! :D Thanks for sharing!

I'm definitely going to read your new AU! :)


Destiel101 chapter 12 . 3/20/2013
Awwwwwwww! There better be a sequel or something!
NightAngel97 chapter 12 . 3/20/2013
So sad that it's over, but that was a nicely done conclusion and I'll be sure to start reading your new story :)
MirkatManor chapter 12 . 3/20/2013
Oh my god, this entire story was just... oh god. Count me in for reading the new AU! Can't wait! :)
NightAngel97 chapter 11 . 3/11/2013
I'm so happy that they kissed and made up, that I could just pop! Sad face that it'll be over soon :(
Maddy Love Castiel chapter 11 . 3/9/2013
Yay they made up! :D Like Sam said, if Cas really is made for him then they will be okay. He was right of course! :)

Hehe I'm glad they both realized how dumb they both were. I mean they both messed up. :)

So I guess Dean and Cas don't hate their neighbors anymore. ;) *lol*

Another incredible chapter!

I can't wait for more!


Destiel101 chapter 11 . 3/9/2013
Awwwww! They made up!
NightAngel97 chapter 10 . 3/2/2013
Awesome chapter! I love the whole confusion and mistaking of everything, especially when things got so bad and Gabe's just like "You're sleeping with your brother?!" haha that made me laugh :D
Storybelle chapter 10 . 3/2/2013
I'm not sure about the pacing of this chapter. Maybe it's because it's short and you were trying to get Castiel to find out the truth before it ended? Something about it is a little bit off to me, especially as the rest of this fic is fairly well paced.

But that said, it's otherwise good. The whole exchange from 'you're sleeping with your brother' onwards was very funny. And poor Sam! Accused of being a noisy neighbour, then yelled at for being Dean's 'boyfriend' and then his date with Gabriel gets ruined.
Guest chapter 10 . 3/2/2013
I love this fic. It's so cute i need to find out what Happens next!
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