Reviews for Out of the Darkness
LadyMisschief chapter 37 . 8/29/2017
Have you considered writing/posting this work on your ao3 account?
domsijohn chapter 37 . 8/29/2017
Bliss you alexsandria101 love this story happy a son would love to see stylus and apollo dying and apollymi freed
kirallie chapter 37 . 8/29/2017
Yay! So happy to see another chapter. Troy, he was the Dark Hunter who died in the book with the were hunter turned dark hunter right?
Elfin69 chapter 37 . 8/29/2017
I wonder what Harry will dig up from the officers minds and who is setting the cops onto the Hunters and if they will be taken out after Harry finds out. I cannot wait to see him completely destroy Apollo and Artemis for all that they have done and have not been redeemable. Hopefully they will be able to do something to at least free Apollymi for short times without causing problems or maybe for good so that she will be there for her son and grandchildren (since I believe Harry will have more)
yukino76 chapter 37 . 8/29/2017
good chapter
ambermaine100 chapter 37 . 8/29/2017
I'm so glad you updated! This is such a great story! I love seeing the softer side of Ash️ I'm hoping we get to see Apollymi freed and able to be a part of their lives. Great work!
mizzrazz72 chapter 37 . 8/29/2017
Not the end of Apollo and Artemis but make them into what they hate the most.
TruGemini chapter 37 . 8/29/2017
I want to see the end of Artemis and Apollo! Give them their just desserts!
Tempt Me More chapter 37 . 8/29/2017
love the chapter and I'm glad its going to be finished as its one of my favorite stories! And I'd love to see the end of Apollo and Artemis, Apollymi freed and maybe the birth at least...
can't wait to read more!
WereBunny87 chapter 37 . 8/28/2017
Yaaaaay! I love the new chapter! Well done!
Yana5 chapter 37 . 8/28/2017
Thank you for the update
acherongoddess chapter 37 . 8/28/2017
*fan girl squeal* ok there i feel better, you made my nite with this update and i cant wait to read the next one.
Innarosn chapter 37 . 8/28/2017
Yessss! You have updated this -does a dance around the room- I was going to bed at 5:45am but it doesn't matter if I go bed a bit later to read this. ; ) Thank you for updating I love all your fanfics, you are such a great writer.
animeromance1972 chapter 37 . 8/28/2017
Hm,should you get rid of them?HELL YES!LET THE SIMI EAT THEM WITH HER BBQ SAUCE! Or let Apollymi kill Artemis and Ash have happy you that this story will be ending soon.
kitayalera chapter 37 . 8/28/2017
Kill Apollo and Artemis! Please
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