Reviews for A Kind of Family
Lauralee63 chapter 1 . 10/12/2012
Oh I love this, so beautiful, so heart wrenching.
"Sometimes, I can't sleep. Everyone has bad nights sometimes."

I love the character of Estelle, I'm so glad he had her.

"She expected him to argue, but he shrugged and smiled and she wondered whether perhaps he had asked just to get a mother's loving refusal. Who had cared enough to have rules for him in the past?"
Perfectly expressed, just exactly what he needed and there she was. :)

""Because however you got here, when you ate in my kitchen, you became family." she said.
He burst into tears and this time, when she hugged him, he forgot to pull away."

You write with such a clear insight into them and their feelings, wants and needs, your readers get pulled right into them and their story.

So well done, a lovely read. :)