Reviews for Alive and Well and Living In
Agnez chapter 1 . 10/13/2012
I almost started crying when jesse and jane died. Great story!
RavenGaleSpencer chapter 1 . 10/11/2012
Okay, gotta admit, I was totally about to write this off as fluff. Then Walt interrupted the "honeymoon," and things REALLY took off.
I really enjoyed it. Even though it made me sad, it did so in exactly the right kind of way. Jane realizing that Jesse always loved her more and then staying with him up until the end was so...perfectly bittersweet.
Man, awfully harsh of the Pinkmans. Donald's daughter just died, too, and they're saying "the apple won't fall far from the branch"? You'd think they'd be happy to find out their son left behind a kid at all.
I'm sorry to be picky about little details, but the events of Season 2 would have happened in March of 2009. (Jane's birthday is April 1982, and Donald says she will be 27 next month, putting her at 26 in March of '09.) So, your fic taking place a year later would put it in 2010. I know that sounds a little obsessive compulsive of me, but I've been trying to figure out a timeline for the whole series, so I've just picked up on dates and stuff. :P
What happened to Walt, by the way?