Reviews for Kopa's Legacy — Book II: Dawning at Nightfall
T5Tango chapter 8 . 12/2/2012
Oh goodness, it feels like the dark times have descended. Thank you Afua for saving Simba. This may be in vain, but I'm still holding onto hope for Kiara's cub. The metaphor of the Great Kings weeping was hauntingly beautiful.
T5Tango chapter 7 . 12/2/2012
Loved it! Favorite chapter so far! Great that Kopa was piecing everything together, and Sarabi confirmed it all to him. Knife to the heart when she died, but what a beautiful reunion with Mufasa. So afraid that Janga was going to find Kopa. Nice to see a softer side to her. So Fujo is definetly against Malka.
T5Tango chapter 6 . 12/2/2012
Oh Fujo is such a complex character, one minute I think he is on one side, the next on another. Oh no, Sarabi is walking straight into danger. Poor Kiara, I hope she doesnt lose her cub. C'mon Kopa, remember!
T5Tango chapter 5 . 12/2/2012
Janga's got either Simba or Nala's search party captured! So excited to see how you tie in all the newcomers to the plot! And i was guessing that Kiara is expectant. Is Ni somehow connected with Nala or Sarafina?
T5Tango chapter 4 . 12/2/2012
Another amazing chapter. Your writing style is beautiful. Awww, that was sweet of Siri, I hope she and Tumaini end up together. I'm glad that Malka has so willingly accepted his son.
Actene chapter 12 . 12/2/2012
As usual, Fujo's three paragraphs are more interesting than a scene with Simba that's twice as long. I think here we really see the flaw inherent in everything he's done, be it well-intentioned or no: Fujo does everything alone. All of his plans rely on manipulating people for his own ends, which has led him to the situation he's in now-even Janga, the clearer villain of the story, has friends and allies who are convinced that hers is a cause worth fighting for. I don't know if Fujo doesn't have faith in the lions of the Tempest pride he claims to be loyal to or if he's simply a coward; either way, he's even more unfit to rule than Malka is. Of course, since Kopa isn't with the prisoners he isn't quite as screwed as he thinks he is, but Kopa can still do some damage if he tells Janga the right things.

Which is an interesting possibility and a great way to make me want to continue reading the series. Yes, I'm reading this for Janga and Fujo instead of Kopa and Simba. Go ahead, judge me.
Actene chapter 11 . 12/2/2012
So they might have made it if Tumaini and Siri hadn't wasted a couple seconds yakking at each other like a married couple. I guess love will find a way to screw things up.

After the last few chapters, I can't say I'm too surprised by the ending here. Things were coming out too clean cut, which either would have led to more traditional battle lines being drawn between all the main characters against Janga and her pride, but this way maintains the ambiguous nature that has defined a lot of the conflict so far. I suppose Kopa deserves some respect for going back to help his friend, but now he's ensured that two lions are back in Janga's paws instead of one, making Tumaini's sacrifice a little less meaningful. Ah well, I suppose it's hard to think rationally when a tunnel's collapsing on top of your best friend. It will be interesting to see how Janga deals with having the lion who screwed up her plan and killed her lionesses last time around in her power; I doubt Kopa's going to die, but how he's going to escape is a different matter entirely. I suspect Fujo will have something to do with it, but given how Kopa's the only one who knows about his guilt he might be better served trying to have him killed off.

In other news, the side characters continue to impress me. This time around it was Jeraha's turn to gain some respect, since he managed to not only survive but get at least two of his team out as well. I hope to see him again, though like Fujo his position strikes me as incredibly tenuous since the death of Sarabi.
Actene chapter 10 . 12/2/2012
Kopa really works wonders whenever he screws around with rock formations, doesn't he? And this time it was even intentional.

I can't remember if this has been detailed before, but Mount Tempest is rather impressively designed for a natural mountain inhabited by a bunch of lions. Malka's ancestors must have either been pretty ingenious lions or they drove out whichever ingenious creatures built it in the first place. And while Malka obviously wasn't the brains behind that operation, he and his pride probably had to maintain the structures once and a while, so there's one thing he got right as pride leader. I also gained a little respect for him at the end of the chapter; of the pride leaders we've seen so far (Simba and Janga being the other two) he's clearly the worst leader, but at least he recognizes this and is starting to own up to his mistake.

Kopa's joyous realization about his past felt a little rushed, but it was probably a difficult story to write. On the plus side, Tumaini's relationship with Siri seems to be developing, so it will be interesting to see where this goes once they escape. And then of course there's Afua to be reunited, though I doubt that blast from the past will be all that pleasant.
ASniper chapter 13 . 11/30/2012
A couple grammatical things bug me in the last sentences in first paragraph. Not that there's anything really wrong, the phrases "the distant grey sky" and "It was as if" don't read smoothly to me.

It seems you took what Actene said about Janga and trust to heart, and her feeling definitely fits the situation she's in. Of course, dropping Mheetu's name just begs for our curiosity, but I'm not particularly interested. I know we'll likely see it pop up again later on, so I'm not drawn in right now. What does have me curious is that you're portraying Janga with some sympathy here, and I'm suddenly wondering what Janga's ultimate fate will be. So, a well-played intro.
Zero Unit RGB chapter 13 . 11/30/2012
Wow...What did Mheetu do and what did Nala do? So many questions that I need answered. So glad the next book is coming soon. Can't wait! Keep up the hard work!
Goodbye0Bluesky chapter 13 . 11/29/2012
AAAAAH! I'm so excited for Book Three! I really, really, really CANNOT wait for it to come out! You're doing a fantastic job on the writing, and I really can't wait to see more. The plot of this story is so intricate, and I want nothing more than to figure it out. Awesome job!
Haradion chapter 13 . 11/29/2012
Janga is a fascinating antagonist. Yet I cant picture her as the villian.

Her actions are to... logical... there is determination, but not the blind obsession... anger and bitterness but not wrath that Scar and Zira had... She feels wronged... and I am sure we will jear the full story soon. I just hope Simba acts rationaly over it rather than go mental over Sarabi's death. Janga is the best bit about this fanfic in my opinion. Yet I get thw impression the real villian is someone else entirly. A good end to a fantastic story that is turning into a brilliant series. Very well done.
Brodie-001 chapter 6 . 11/29/2012
Oh dear. Though it was easy to tell that Kiara was pregnant from the hints in previous chapters, I didn't expect this. Very emotional, all these lion feels going round. The series is certainly taking a darker turn with this, and if the note is anything to go by, things are going to go further downhill. I'm interested in the character of Fugo, too, no doubt he'll have an important part to play in the future, though I doubt It'll benefit our protagonists much. Anyway, I'm enjoying the pace the story is going at right now, with the usual excellent quality of characterisation. I'll try to finish reviewing the story as a whole soon, time permitting.
Actene chapter 9 . 11/28/2012
So aside from the extended reaction to the tragedy of last chapter-my comments from the last chapter apply here-we get the most coherent explanation for Fujo's motivations, at least how he sees them. It's a fair point, to be sure: Malka rules through strength alone and his impulsiveness has brought misfortune upon the pride on more than one occasion. When coupled with Simba's reactionary leadership I think the Pridelandes have yet to see a truly enlightened ruler since Mufasa died. If what Fujo says about his loyalty to the Tempest pride is true, than he might be the lion version of an aggressive nationalist, since his plan involves pitting the two strongest prides in the neighborhood against each other. Whatever the outcome, Tempest stands a good chance of coming out on top provided Janga's forces don't wipe it out first.

Afua's bitterness is a nice development, though he will not be able to sustain his character on that alone without becoming rather unpleasant. Kopa's heading off to save Siri and Tumaini also conveniently keeps him from exposing Fujo to the Tempest pride, though if he actually succeeds in his rescue attempt he'll have two key Tempest lions to spill the truth to.
Actene chapter 8 . 11/28/2012
It certainly is interesting to see the personal stories (namely Kiara/Kovu and Tumaini/Siri) tie in to the violence that is clearly spreading throughout the Pridelands. With that in mind, a critique I have with the loss of Kiara's cub is that it contributes very little to the story surrounding the war that Janga is spearheading and that Fujo is influencing from the sidelines. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but OCs like Tumaini and Janga demonstrate a greater sense of importance than the canon characters, who oftentimes seem to be relying on their roles from the films to hold on to their relevance here. Kiara losing her cub is sad, to be sure, but as of now it doesn't contribute anything to the events that are going on elsewhere.

That being said, the OCs are a lot of fun to read about. Fujo's slipping a little bit, at least in my mind. Now that our attention is being drawn to his reasons rather than having us admire his clever machinations, it's hard not to draw parallels to another TLK villain (*cough*Scar*cough*). Tumaini's relationship with Siri and the Tempest pride is interesting on its own, and I look forward to seeing him develop it in the coming chapters.
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