Reviews for A Dead World
Krav chapter 42 . 4/26
Oh my gosh. What an amazing crossover, what a good story. I came at this from the perspective of having no clue about Fallout or Prototype, and I understood nearly everything perfectly well. Man, what a finale for the Sierra Madre storyline - I hope you pick it up again soon! I've read through this so fast I couldn't even put it down to stop and review before now!
SomeGuyOnlineXD chapter 41 . 4/19
I really really hope we get an update
This is one of the best fics on the site, I'd hate for it to just end here
Wolfman217 chapter 31 . 4/13
Honestly, this is way more Cain's fault that Alex's. Cain is the one who investigated the obvious trap on her own instead of waiting.
Wolfman217 chapter 21 . 4/12
...why didn't he run back to the Legion camp? They weren't far away.
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 7 . 3/29
From a player's perspective Alex would absolutely look like an NPC with a question mark or exclamation point floating over his head while hanging out at the Follower Fort.
Epelese chapter 27 . 3/14
Haha. He's gotten attached after a week but he's still incredibly cautious about increasing his friend group. Bad news: Fallout Protagonists are friend making nightmares. The Lucky 38 is going to be drowned in companions before you know it.
GuesssWho chapter 30 . 3/11
Of course he likes The Thing :D
GuesssWho chapter 29 . 3/11
But we all know that bad news travels faster than light
Seraphim209 chapter 41 . 2/22
Fic has been dead for some time, disregard the author's profile about an occasional update. damn shame, one of the best I've ever read with some seriously good goddamn character development to boot
JC Denton-TheAugmentedGod chapter 42 . 2/22
Just checking in. Hope everything is good.
Jay-Not-So-Gay-Eleven chapter 11 . 2/12
Damn, Courier have speech and bargain at 100 lol
BlueSnake19 chapter 42 . 2/6
Hey there. Hope you’re still doing alright. Still come back to this story. Just cuz it’s awesome. Maybe you’ll come back to finish and get your story out?

Anyways. Just letting you know interest isn’t dead.
Ambaire chapter 42 . 2/6
8 chapters later and still fucking sierra madre? fucking awful story. delete the last 10 chapters and write something better
Ambaire chapter 34 . 2/6
sierra madre is such a fucking awful dlc; why did you have to do it first? fuck this shit, i'm out
Ambaire chapter 28 . 2/6
Ok, that was awesome. Veronica's awesome.
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