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AnonReviewer chapter 21 . 8/16
(no spoilers in this review)
I love this story so much. Thank you for writing! your characterization, description, and plots are so amazing to read.
The way you write Alex and his abilities and needs and the consequences of those abilities and needs is incredible, along with his personality and inner struggle. But I absolutely love Cain and Arcade too. Everybody in the party has secrets, and this sort of investigative theme is really interesting, especially since almost nothing escapes Cain. I love your style of writing, it's so fluid and the tone can shift from humorous to starkly serious. I'll admit, I've never played New Vegas, so I don't really know what to expect of events to come. The setting in this story is very well described and laid out, and the way the characters react to crazy shit happening is realistic for their situation. And this power struggle between the three factions is also engrossing, and there's plenty of mystery to boot.
Keep up the awesome work, please!
Hanashyma chapter 21 . 8/11
Hi there!
So, I've been reading this fanfic for a while now. Just reread it, in fact. And I wanted to actually say something instead of shyly slinking around here :) So here I go. I love this story. I really, honestly do. Your depiction of Alex is so spot-on that it's an absolute joy to read. Not to mention the fact that Arcade is wonderful and that Cain is a very interesting take on the Courier. I'd really love to see where the story goes next, because damn, you gripped me at the first chapter and never let go.
To that end, I wish you a very nice day :) Cheerio!
Dilapidate chapter 21 . 8/10
This fic has been on my mind again recently and was certainly due for a rereading and I have to say that I was not disappointed; your work continues to impress throughout the years.
The voice that comes through in your writing is wonderful with just the right amount of humour that had me chuckling quite a few times throughout. And that's not to mention the near perfection of the actual writing and the incredible characterization. I think that your Alex is the best I've read, and definitely my favourite. Not only that but even the original characters you include shine.
I have to admit, my first read through I was wary of Cain and ready to bail if it came down to it but I feel she's handled well, especially in her chattiness and curious nature as contrast to Alex's introversion and standoffishness.
Fallout isn't something I've played more than an hour or so's worth so I can't speak to anything about that aspect in relation to canon. Despite that, your Arcade is a fun companion and his dialogue and actions hold my attention for sure.
Basically, I very much enjoy your writing and this fic specifically, I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter (again) especially after remembering the cliffhanger we were left with. I hope life is treating you well and thank you for sharing your story!
Guest chapter 21 . 8/7
'Sigh' it's really a shame this appears to be dead. (Sniff) I've read a lot of fanfics, some good, some bad and others worse. Yours and a few others are among some of what I would consider (imagine large fireworks with this) publish worthy (and then some!) It really is sad... Anyways do as you while... (I seem kinda, oh what's the word... I can't rember so dickish will do.)
My Readers Digest chapter 1 . 7/31
Great story~!
Guest chapter 21 . 7/27
15 months left.
some of us will die before it comes out
Red Guardsman chapter 21 . 6/30
Great stuff, just got done reading through.

One thing I have to wonder is to what extent will Alex's past knowledge crop up. It's obvious that perfect recall doesn't exist, but he still ought to have a whole lot of strategy and information tucked away. This way, I'd think he might have been able to carve out his own chunk of the wasteland.

Also, I had a stupid thought about the very last line of this chapter. Cain's not screaming because he's eating people, she's screaming because cannibal is one of the biggest, loudest tells that can be found, and she's dismayed she didn't pick it up earlier.

But that's just that. Good stuff, faved and followed.
Immolating Corrosion chapter 21 . 6/28
This is a really good story. It is most unfortunate that you seemed to have lost it.
xxOblivionxxx chapter 8 . 6/24
This is a really good fiction so far, but its rather obvious to me that you dont know well the inner workings of Blacklight Virus Aka Alex Mercer(or at least didnt know when writed this fiction), you should have made a more deep research on the subject, Alex Mercer Post Prototype can get all the Memories of his consumed victims, he is the most intelligent being in the world and even before becoming a Weapon of Mass Destruction he was one of the bests Scientists in Gentek, Blacklight after creating the Hive can prety much process thoughts at Super-Computer Speeds, so him not knowing to put a good act on his own is bullshit, sorry if it sounds insulting but its the best term i can put to that line of thought, Alex Mercer doesnt Breath he Doesnt have Internal Organs his shapeshifting abilities is pretty much limited to his genetical Data, he can prety much pocess someone infected with a dormant(or not) strain of Blacklight Virus if his current body is oblitarated(With the Hive) and a lot of crazy things, the game limited a lot of things Blacklight Virus is capable of because the Developers did not wanted to make a easy game.
Blacklight Adapts in a insane Rate, Radiation would be a problem for him for just a few days at best.
I hope there is a final Showdown between PARIAH and Alex Mercer or something interestimg that can give him a run for his money.
xxOblivionxxx chapter 4 . 6/24
Wasnt because his mass was much more heavy then 0,8 g/Cm3 that Alex Mercer jumped out of water?Water isnt Kriptonite to him, if it was blaclwatch would call firefighters to destroy BlackLight and making assumptions because of game schemes are sure to cause errors in many fics.
Think logically, Alex Mercer weight a few Tons even in the begning of Prototype, so swimming is a bit out of question for him...
Aquawyrm chapter 21 . 6/4
I cannot express just how much I find myself wishing for this to update. It's a thing of beauty, this story, and I'd love to see more of it some day. In the meantime, I'll just bask in the joy of having read it again :)
Dustchu chapter 21 . 6/4
Wheeeeew, good to be caught up, nice work on this so far man, hahaha
Shadekiller13 chapter 21 . 5/30
take your time, the story is great and I believe you can do it
Infectium chapter 21 . 5/17
This is the best story I've read in s while! Please keep up the good work!
InkheartFirebringer chapter 1 . 5/13
So I've actually been meaning to leave you a review for the longest time - and I really do mean that, like in terms of *years*. xD I think we chatted briefly back when you were writing Midnight (which if you're still okay with emailing the document with what you were planning to do with the story, I'd definitely love to read it :) ). I think before you officially announced you were discontinuing the story I wandered over to your page to see if you'd written anything else for the Elder Scrolls, barring 'Real Vampires Don't Sparkle' (which was also great). This was when I found 'After the Fires Fade'. I had no idea what it was about, having never played the game, but I started reading. And reading. And reading. Many hours later I finished it, then immediately read your Prototype one-shots, mourned that there wasn't more and then wasted no time in heading out into the Prototype fandom in search of more stories about this fantastic game.

I didn't actually find many others up to the standards of yours and after the reading frenzy was over, I was left sitting thinking 'what now?' The obvious answer occurred almost immediately - play the game. So it was duly ordered and arrived and (barring an unfortunate installation error that delayed me by half a day and nearly had me lobbing my PS3 out of the window) I sat down to play it.

And I enjoyed, I definitely did, Alex's powers are enormous fun - but my sister and I primarily play games for their plot and characters, and after reading such rich versions of the characters in your stories, I was almost a little disappointed by the character interactions in game. So I suppose what this is a really long-winded way of saying is; I like your stories even better than the actual game. xD And I felt like I absolutely had to tell you this, regardless of how late it is, because I've never experienced that before - for me, you are kind of the definition of Prototype and its fandom.

Aaaaannd I'm going to stop talking now, because I think this might be coming off as slightly creepy. xD (A Dead World is fantastic too btw, I love it. :D) Thanks again for writing such fantastic stories!
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