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Goldenbassets chapter 4 . 2/18
Oh Jackie and Hyde, forever hurting each other. And Eric, forever making it awkward.
Goldenbassets chapter 3 . 2/18
Holy crap that was some intense JH time there! Way to be strong Jackie! How did you manage to say no to Hyde?! I get not wanting to be that girl but damn that took some strength!
107derwent chapter 4 . 9/11/2015
Ha! Just sit and wait forever, Hyde! She's not coming back! Haha i loved this story! The flashback was ass-kicking! Very nice to see Jackie struggling to stay in PP, even if she was back together with Hyde. She really needed something more for her life. I'm gonna check out right now the sequel! Thanks so much for sharing this! It's a wonderful story!
107derwent chapter 1 . 9/11/2015
Alright! I always wanted to read a story where Hyde is the one marrying to someone else! I already love this whole chapter!
Diane chapter 4 . 5/1/2014
Whoa what a story! Jackie a stripper and Hyde getting married to someone who's not Jackie? That sounds like a story I would never read but I did and oh my gosh I loooovbvved it! Thank you for writting it more soon please!
Maggie chapter 4 . 2/26/2014
OMG this is SO good! I loved it! Poor Jackie and poor Hyde oh gd this was amazing waaaayyy better than the real season 8 please write more like this!
Guest chapter 4 . 11/29/2012
Great story even though I was hoping for a happy J/H ending. Well written.

Hope you comeback with another J/H story soon.

This story was different from a lot of what's been posted on here lately and it kept me wanting to read more.
nannygirl chapter 4 . 11/6/2012
Brilliant, BRILLIANT work on this chapter!

The drama and tension was just…wow! You could really feel both their frustrations. And the descriptions were so wonderfully done, though out the whole chapter I could easily picture the setting, the characters, their actions all of it! Very awesome job there!

Wonderful beginning with Jackie coming in to the basement and I love that you had her reading a book of poems when I think other writers-myself included may have had her pick up magazine—the poem thing fits SO much better! I also really liked the way you gave us a glimpse into Jackie’s head and reading about how she was already not as happy as she should be, nice bit with how Point Place and the memories attached to the places were making Jackie feel claustrophobic. Nice little moment with Hyde coming out and finding her, her yawning and saying he looked hot made me smile. And I had to laugh at the image of Eric proposing to Donna at six in the morning—that is SO Eric!

It was really great hearing that Donna and Eric were engaged again but oh boy, it did not make for a good conversation between Hyde and Jackie. Liked the whole thing about Jackie being upset that Hyde didn’t tell her but Hyde makes a good point about why he kept the secret. Uh-o then Jackie starts talking about them getting married. Knew that this wouldn’t go well and I think she did too but I liked the point she made about how she shouldn’t have to avoid certain subject just because they would upset him.

Fabulous job on the part where they went into Hyde’s room, still arguing and the way Hyde tried to bring the whole talk to an end and get her to just lay down with him was something I could see Hyde doing but of course Jackie wouldn’t give in so easily especially when she was determined to find out his response. Oh gosh then he says he doesn’t think they’re good together….Oh Hyde..No! But I;m glad he gave her that full explanation instead of just leaving it like that. And then Jackie pulling off the blanket and Hyde’s shades and throwing them around the room—What an image! Lol

Think my favorite part of the chapter was the part where they’re in the kitchen and Eric’s there. You wrote Eric so well and he provided some great comic relief too but at the same time nothing too funny that the tension of Hyde and Jackie’s argument was lost. Poor guy getting told to shut up so much lol loved how by the end he was just like ‘shutting up’ lol Oh then Jacking bringing up Sam…Oh Jackie…No! lol loved Eric shaking his head after her lol. Also loved eth gasp Jackie gave when she realizes she’s gone too far and Hyde we can already tell is upset about the whole thing that I’m sure he regrets very much.

Great job on the scene with the two outside and I really like dhow you had Hyde trying to shoot a couple of baskets but missing—again another Hyde action I could picture very much. The whole talk about Sam was really well written and I thought both of them made some really great and powerful statements. But oh gosh, I did not see Jackie admitting that she and Kelso had slept together coming. That was…Wow! Really loved how you wrote the way Jackie tells him and how Hyde wants to badly to know what it is she’s talking about, you could really hear their voices there. Hyde’s response being aloof—definitely not a good sign. Oh and their last words to each other—at least until they meet in the future—“ "We're not even Jackie. You won, you finally won." As he opens the sliding door he hears her call out "fine, walk away again. I'm done Steven!" Oh gosh, not gonna lie that was hard to read. And then the last line of story—heartbreaking, so so heartbreaking.

Overall this chapter and this story was amazingly awesome! It was so different from any other JH story I’ve ever read and I’m so glad that you wrote it and shared it with us! I’m standing and applauding you for this job so very well done! I do hope one day you’ll post that sequel oneshot you were talking about. I would definitely read it!

Wonderful job once more! I very much enjoyed it! Thanks so much for sharing! Till next time keep up the fabulous work!
MistyMountainHop chapter 4 . 11/3/2012
Wow... I wonder if Jackie was telling Hyde the truth about Chicago. She could have just told him she slept with Kelso to hurt him.

Either way, Hyde's feeling toward Jackie at this point were very mixed. He didn't want to be without her, but he also didn't want to fully commit. I can understand why she "opted out" of the relationship and was done.

Definitely a sad story, but the description and tension throughout were nicely done. :D
MistyMountainHop chapter 3 . 11/3/2012
He looks at the tip of the cigarette as it lights up with her pull. He has never seen her smoke a
cigarette. Other things, sure, but never a cigarette. She used to say it makes her lungs ugly, and she is too pretty for anything in her body to be ugly. - Very nice bit of narrative.

Ah, good. Hyde does ask Jackie what happened. :D

Hyde's feelings for Jackie were clearly never resolved. His first go-to place is to assume her current
lifestyle stems from him. But, as she rightly said, she's had three-years-worth of experiences he wasn't part of. She's no longer the Jackie he knew.

It's very sad what brought Jackie to this place. And Hyde is still in love with her. Oh, man...

I wonder had Jackie given into Hyde's physical overture, would she have allowed him to help her out of this situation? Would he have let her in past his body? Or will the fact that Hyde backed off to let Jackie "do things on her own" end up rewarding both of them in the end? Or destroying one or both of them? Very interesting questions this chapter (and story) raises.
MistyMountainHop chapter 2 . 11/3/2012
The bidding war Hyde engages in for Jackie is very tense.

Fascinating that she says absolutely nothing (verbally) during her private time with Hyde. That's actually quite revealing about her character. Also interesting that she doesn't seem to have any feelings whatsoever about Hyde (and Kelso, Fez, and Eric) discovering her new profession. Whatever happened to bring her to this place in life must have numbed her to her own feelings...

Except for her basic, primal need for Hyde, as evidenced by what happened when she sees his eyes.

I wonder why, however, Hyde didn't ask her straight away, "What happened? Why would you, of all people, choose this life?" I hope he does ask her.
MistyMountainHop chapter 1 . 11/3/2012
What an intriguing setup! Hyde seems to be about to get happily married, then Jackie turns out to be a stripper at his bachelor party.

The opening description set the scene well, and I loved the last five paragraphs of the chapter. I could see Hyde being desperate to get Jackie alone to find out how she ended up in this life.
Guest chapter 4 . 11/2/2012
I have loved SO much this last chap !

I'm sad that this story don't finish well but I like it, too !
Jeremy Shane chapter 4 . 11/1/2012
Legendary Chapter & More Please
schottzie chapter 4 . 11/1/2012
Of course I was hoping for a happy ending but hey, life-and fanfic-does'nt always turn out that way. Good job-I enjoyed it. Hope you write more.
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