Reviews for The Staircase
Guest chapter 74 . 9/27
Guest chapter 70 . 9/21
Chapter 70 is hands down one of my favorite chapters of all the fanfics I have ever read. What an incredible way to bring it together. All your character building and story telling paid off immensely. I'm excited to finish this incredibly tale.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/14
“There’s no such thing as ‘non consensual sex’. That’s rape.”
Guest chapter 1 . 7/28
Romanizing Rape.
fellows89 chapter 74 . 7/28
angelaashu2 chapter 1 . 7/2
I'm sorry Its a comment for another story... But yes I have read chapter 27 as well and its a really great Chapter . Regina is treating Emma with so much care I yet have to read about who's wedding Regina was talking about but I wanna say sorry About the other Comment.
angelaashu2 chapter 27 . 7/2
oh My God. I'm so In love With this Story And Really Like Where it is Going . Them Being Comfortable Around each Other, And Regina Is Opening Up to Emma. And I have A feeling That Regina wants Emma To say It... And Wow Agust Talked To Emma. And Gave her a Lil Push To confess Her Feelings. Cool . This Is All great And Here Comes The Wicked wedding Surprise.. Zelena . I would Love to Know How It will play Out...
Guest chapter 74 . 6/22
Very well done. Great story!
zanniroc chapter 74 . 6/18
it seems you 'writed' all the wrongs... and very well crafted imo. thankyou for the happy ending :) xx
Jax25 chapter 74 . 6/6
Not sure how much you pay attention to reviews on old fics, but I was enthusiastically recced to the fic by a friend, and I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed it. I must admit that I was surprised to read your author's note at the end about your American friends who helped you with wording, because there are several places where characters in the story said things that an American would never say . In all, I kind of wish you'd let someone go through and do an edit, but I don't suppose that will happen. The story itself was wonderful. Thanks so much for it, and for leaving it up when you left the SQ fandom.
Luthearl chapter 74 . 5/27
Loved it!
Guest chapter 74 . 5/17
I absolutely admire your brilliant writing throughout this entire story. I enjoyed it from beginning to the end.
deyoncemohan chapter 41 . 4/30
Regina a beast in this chapter
lynn-writer chapter 74 . 4/28
Thank you for leaving this story up. It was enthralling, and I absolutely love Loreena :)
jessielb84 chapter 1 . 4/23
I have literally sat here and read this story for two days only stopping to eat and sleep. Wow...very well written. great job.
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