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Jeremy Shane chapter 1 . 1/4/2009
good chapter
udon'tknowmebutiknowme chapter 8 . 10/3/2007
since they're maried, can't they live wherever they want? it's not like they're dating, jess can move 2 boston w/ rory and they can share an apartment. y's it such a problem that they won't c eachother? they should b livig 2gether
udon'tknowmebutiknowme chapter 5 . 10/3/2007
aww! so cute! i would LOVE seeing him dipping her infront of all those ppl! little OOC, but so GOOD!
udon'tknowmebutiknowme chapter 1 . 10/3/2007
whoa! they're geting married? yay! one thing, divide up where other ppl r talking into different paagraghs, it'll make t much easier to read.
Curley-Q chapter 25 . 3/29/2007
I had read this once a long time ago and been looking for it for the past couple of months. I had been talking to a friend abou fics that we had read and somehow started a conversation about this one, but couldn't remember the title or your pen name. I am so happy I found it again! Love your work!
Kerry chapter 18 . 8/17/2006
I know this is a minor thing but I work in a fabric store so I have to say this. Toile (you spelled it twall) is a cotton fabric with a complex repeating patter such as a picnic scene. I think you are thinking of tulle which is the sheer netting-like fabric that is what veils are made out of and is the typical decoration for weddings.
Tye chapter 25 . 9/4/2003
How, in the almighty universe, did this fic get only 84 reviews? I read it through a google search in the winter and it has been one of my favorites since.

I loved everything about it.

I stole 'Daniel' as Jess's middle name from you, but I credited you. Bad thing, I credited as Vona, and on this site you're sassyangel05. Sorry, I'll recredit.

Anyway, your work is great! Keep writing :)

ILoveJess1 chapter 3 . 4/12/2003
Wow!I love you!I seriously love you!I am soo tired that I think I'm going to wait until tomorrow to finish reading it and reviewing it(otherwise my mom will kill me for staying up all night and then I wouldn't be able to read it again!)I love you!I love this story!And anyone who says any different is simply suffering from temporarily impaired judgement!Tomorrow I am soo going to check out more of your stories!And this one again!I wish this were a real book!
ILoveJess1 chapter 2 . 4/12/2003
You are so awesome,you can't imagine how much I admire you!I realize that I'm sounding a little crazy(even kookyier than my regular craziness!)but I just hold you in the highest regards!Seriously, in my mind and my world,Jane Austen couldn't holda candle to you!
ILoveJess1 chapter 1 . 4/12/2003
Oh MY GOSH!*!*!*!*!You cannot imagine how excited I am right now!Not even if you tried profusely!I read this story a long time ago but it was before I knew how to review, and I cannot even express to you how much you inspired me!Also, well,I have some big bones to pick here!Who cares if it's OOC this story was amazing and sweet and I swear that I am the person who loved this story the most!I'd defend it to anyone!Also,I'm not even going to bother telling you all the names of the people i'm just going to go through all 81 reviews and point out the problems!The ending did not suck!The lines were great!And maybe the lines didn't have perfect grammar and maybe it was a LITTLE hard to read,but this story is WELL worth it!I'm serious!(Isn't it sad that I'm actually going to pick apart every bad review you have?)Okay,the grammar crticizing is getting a little rediculous cares WHY Madeline and Louise got closer,it's just great that they did!Too rushed and unbelievable!I'm sorry,did I miss the headline news part at the beginning!Oh,well I guess I just didn't see it because I didn't go to ,I went to !Where I read the greatest story of ALL time!Psh!Another one,Jess climbing into Rory's bed and she let him?Geeze, he wasn't there to seduce her!And I think that was one of the sweetest parts of the story,who cares if there wasn't an intro?These people are starting to annoy me,this story is great!In the time frame that it's in!Not far-fetched,sweet!Hitting the last page now...Okay,am I the only one that sees if they were acting in character that this story would have been served an injustice?This story was in a league of it's own(I don't care if that sounds cliche)It's the cold hard truth!And the first review you got said weird?Okay,SWEET,I'll say it in Spanish and French if you really need me to!It's sweet!

Okay,I'm usually very mild mannered(I know you probably have a hard time believing that considering I just tore down every review that was negative)but I just don't want you to have ANY doubts about this story!Seriously, I never do this,even when people get on my back about being in character and when I get a review that is kind of mean(I've only really gotten one,but I'm just starting out and I have no intention on writing them in character all the time,so I know I'm in for more bad reviews!)But even then I don't do this!I'm serious,I don't know,there are not even words to tell you how much i loved this story!YOU are the person that made me start writing fanfictions!*I still think about this story about once a week,and I'll tell you I am so not kidding!And I read this many many months ago!Now I am so not surprised that I loved your A Thousand Mile fanfic,I am such a dodo! I should have known it was yours,it was your style!But I didn't, but i loved it so much that i had to go to your name and then I got all wired and wound up and I probably won't be able to sleep for a week!Which is not good considering it's so late that it's actually the next morning!I have to read this story again,it is SOO going on my favorite stories list!It'll be the first one!Okay,this review's getting long, so i'm going to open up a new one to finish praising you!
LCI-0203 chapter 25 . 2/27/2003
coffeeaddict4life chapter 25 . 1/24/2003
this is like the 4th time Ive read this story. YOu should do a sequel
HelzBelz chapter 25 . 10/18/2002
Utterly perfect! It was great! I can't think of any more words at this hour but imagine the highest quality of review and that's what I would have said! Can't wait to see what you come out with next...
tara chapter 25 . 10/8/2002
your story was the best one i have ever i liked that you got riry and jess together.
Jayde6 chapter 25 . 9/14/2002
Aww... I loved this!

It sooo needs a sequel!

And... next time can you space out the sentences?

It freaks my eyes out when they are all together.

(in my oppinion, anyway)

I loved it!

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