Reviews for FiM:Equestrian Heroes!
KTlovesmoney chapter 68 . 7/23
I Give This Interview-Chapter A 88/100
Naruto's Turn to "Face the Music" so to speak.
KTlovesmoney chapter 67 . 7/23
I Give This Extra-Chapter A 92/100
The "Dark" Ones are usually the ones with the Cutest Personalities.
You just got to Love the"Back and Forth" between Naruto and The Royal Sisters.
KTlovesmoney chapter 66 . 7/23
I Give This Chapter A 79/100
Someone going to a Library to "write a book", I'm not sure if that is Ironic or what.
And so they Catch one of the Condemned without much effort.
KTlovesmoney chapter 65 . 7/23
I Give This Date-Chapter A 92/100
I found more or less the best Pic. to show what Pinkie Pie looks like in this Chapter:
KTlovesmoney chapter 64 . 7/23
I Give This Chapter A 85/100
Celestia playing Matchmaker is funny on so many Levels, and so is how Twilight reacts to Naruto's Honesty, and with that the wheel can start rolling with their Relationship, I'm guessing you ment "things" and "times" not "thigns" and "things" around the top, that is one Evil and Mischievous little Bird.
KTlovesmoney chapter 63 . 7/21
I Give This Chapter A 86/100
Zecora Costume sounds Super Sexy.
ShiningShadow1965 chapter 221 . 7/19
Interesting on how you done this chapter on each element and their aspects and abilities. Very well thought out plot and idea I like it excellent job bravo.
gamelover41592 chapter 221 . 7/19
this was excellent and you actually tackled something that a lot of Brony reviewers keep talking about well done :)
KTlovesmoney chapter 62 . 7/17
I Give This Side-Chapter A 80/100
Rarity finally tell Spike she is already Dating, and he seems to take it well enought, and Luna is still adjusting to modern day life.
KTlovesmoney chapter 61 . 7/17
I Give This Side-Chapter A 86/100
And so offically enters Shining Armor and Princess Cadance, and Naruto finally gets back into shape.
KTlovesmoney chapter 60 . 7/17
I Give This Part 5 Side-Chapter A 85/100
And so starts the story of how Ditzy first met Naruto. Can't wait till Rarity finds out it was Princess Luna that Naruto went out on a Date with.
KTlovesmoney chapter 59 . 7/17
I Give This Part 4 Side-Chapter A 86/100
Now we get to hear from Fluttershy how she met Naruto. She thinks he makes a Great Safty Blanket. You just got to Fluttershy's Happy Little 'Yays', they are just so Cute.
KTlovesmoney chapter 58 . 7/17
I Give This Part 3 Side-Chapter A 85/100
Now lets hear what Pinkie Pie has to say. Aww, such a cute Mother-Daughter like Bonding Moment.
KTlovesmoney chapter 57 . 7/17
I Give This Part 2 Side-Chapter A 88/100
And now its Applejack's turn to Speak. And so Naruto act as AJ's own Personal Nurse. I may be more of a Waffle person, but those Potato-Apple Pancakes sound Good even to me. AJ's reaction to Naruto stopping the Massage is Priceless.
KTlovesmoney chapter 56 . 7/17
I Give This Part 1 Side-Chapter A 85/100
And the First gathering of the Herd begins. I'm guessing around the top you Mean "Eye" instead of "I". A bit lower I guess you ment "Lie" and not "Like". Around half way down I guess you ment "Same" not "Name". And so Rarity has said her Peace.
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