Reviews for FiM:Equestrian Heroes!
Vilkath chapter 86 . 2/21
Pretty good story, especially once it started to move away from following canon so much. Early on Naruto was there, said things to bring a little common sense to the problems that occurred but never really made a difference in what actually happened. Luckily things have been improving so far. One thing I am a little disappointed at so far is that this world is pretty dark. Lots of bad guys and creatures willing to steal, kill and rape people in some of the most horrific ways. Yet the 'Good Guys' mostly stick to the G rated punishment system of the original series for the most part. It seems like deadly bandits and monsters are right outside towns, and invade them on a regular basis yet the citizens of Equestria pretty much turn a blind eye to them until it stops on their door step and they can't ignore it any longer. Ability seems highly variable too. You have the couple of ultra hax ponies and beings that can curb stomp an entire army with easy, and then you got every one else who couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag. Despite the fact they all pretty much have magic, wings, strength etc that their races give them.
Subzero the Hunter chapter 83 . 2/14
Cant find Story on FimFiction.
gamelover41592 chapter 257 . 2/11
awesome job the fusions fights were great but why cliffhanger here?
Leafeon12 chapter 256 . 2/6
Nice chapter! :D Do you still have plans on making Twilight an alicorn in your story to be just like Nxy?
gamelover41592 chapter 256 . 2/6
awesome fusions! :D
spanky1988.awj chapter 256 . 2/6
Can't wait for chapter. 257!
sonsammy1 chapter 167 . 2/1
This is a good story but one of the few things i don't like is that you focus to much on Rarity and Naruto not much of Naruto and the rest of his harem and Fluttershy is basically nonexistent.
Azryth chapter 255 . 1/28
I am really enjoying this. I can't wait to see what you have in store for this story. So many entertaining ideas. I can't wait to see some other things as well. Like how you mentioned Naruto working on giving Kurama some kind of physical body which he could use. The interactions between Kurama and the Main 6 (especially Fluttershy) could be a lot of fun.

Again, having fun with this. Hope to see more soon.
KTlovesmoney chapter 150 . 1/23
I Give This Chapter A 88/100
Perfect Storm having the power that he does brings up some troubling thoughts for Naruto and Kurama. Twilight knowing how to Clone herself, think of the possibilities.
KTlovesmoney chapter 149 . 1/22
I Give This Chapter A 83/100
Time for some more Epic Battles between Naruto, Twilight, Rainbow Dash Spitfire, Perfect Storm, Midnight, and Hot Streak. Hopefully Rarity will be OK.
KTlovesmoney chapter 148 . 1/22
I Give This Simi-Extra-Chapter A 92/100
Filthy Rich is actully a very desent Person, and very Good friends with the Apple Family.
For a moment there, Naruto sound alot like Gui/Guy and Lee with his talk about Flames.
You've got to Love the tree disguise Fluttershy uses in this Episode on TV.
Now that is some Good Naruto/Fluttershy Bonding, you got to love the secret Deviant in Fluttershy.
And so we get more Clues to the Mystery that is Hot Streak.
KTlovesmoney chapter 147 . 1/22
I Give This Extra-Chapter A 92/100
Yay, another Wedding Planning Chapter, As I think I've said before, I enjoy these Chapters.
"The worst kind of Patient you can get was/is a Doctor", now thats a Good saying.
Got to Love the interactions Between the rarley seen or heard Cookie and Hondo.
There should maybe be a "to" inbetween "Will" and "collect", unless the W in "Will" is lower Cased.
I think Orange woulden't be that bad a color if it was a very light colored Orange.
Kind of Funny that they wasted a favor when what they were looking for was so close by.
Its always good to end athe Chapter with some classic Humor.
KTlovesmoney chapter 146 . 1/22
I Give This Extra-Chapter A 87/100
Around the begining you forgot to put "what" inbetween "gifts is" and "some couples do".
Near the Center you could get rid of the "his" between the "setting up" and "a room".
Trixie sure changed her Mind pretty quick after spending some time with Naruto.
The only thing missing from Trixie's Dream to make it sapier would be a Naruto and Trixie Jr.
Twilight's Reaction to Trixie barging in is almost as Funny as Her little Joke at Trixie expense.
KTlovesmoney chapter 145 . 1/22
I Give This Lime/Extra-Chapter A 95/100
Near the Center you spelled "Nurses" as "Nerves".
You got to love Naruto's reaction to Rainbow Dash's Idea, and her reaction to his reaction.
And you got to admit, for a quickly thought up Plan, it is a good one.(Naruto adopting Scootaloo)
Its a Good thing he has the support of his Herd with this, and Naruto finally has a reason to keep his House.
KTlovesmoney chapter 144 . 1/22
I Give This Part 2 of 2 Chapter A 88/100
Ah, you just got to love the TV Episodes with the rarely seen or heard from Luna.
Who doesn't like cuddling up with a lovely Lady by your side at night.
It's always nice to see the/a sisterly bond between Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash.
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