Reviews for Falling
xxRenetxx chapter 52 . 8/10
This was one of the first fanfics I ever read...I actually think it WAS the first one I ever read still love it, it's very well written :3 I'll always love this story
Brenda Geraci chapter 32 . 7/24
Super - the two viewpoints of Donnie the scientist and Raph, is protector.
Brenda Geraci chapter 28 . 7/24
I've spent this afternoon reading your wonderful writings about my fav four and the "fifth turtle" April. It is like watching the TV series, but all the fill-in stories are so perfect in matching each brother in personality and spirit. Splinter, too. You go deeper, taking the reader with you. Sometimes I wish I could change places with April and be a part of their world. I've read nearly everything so far, but the bit with Raph sheltering Mikey's innocent heart to do with youngest's belief in Santa...well, I've cried nearly non-stop because of the tenderness and love that little scene elicits. Then you add April's "gift" to the end of this chapter... I am overwhelmed. There are really no words to express how these moments affect and change the lives of your readers for good. This is masterful writing, by any measure. You have touched my soul and made it better, and I believe many other readers will confess the same. Thank you.
AvidAuthor chapter 52 . 6/3
One of the first fanfictions I read, and one of the first I ever favorited. I love how you fleshed the characters out without changing them. To conclude, this is a very good fic.
Guest chapter 52 . 5/16
amazing just when i the next one coming out.
WalkingInTheSea chapter 52 . 4/22
Is it terrible for me to say I like this more than I like the shows? Cause I freaking love this! I've always wanted to see April and the turtles bonding time but the show doesn't satisfy me. So I came here and found this gorgeous gem of a story. I really like your writing and thank you for sharing. Bye!
Suisyo chapter 23 . 4/19
Loved this chapter! So well done, I'm having a hard time finding the right words! The concept was creative and works well with the canon story, and your writing of the characters' personalities, reactions and their interactions with one another was pretty damn spot on. I love the moments of understanding where she has these epiphanies about their plans and her friendship w/ the guys . Not to mention that the way you ended the chapter was wonderful, and had me grinning like a dork, but I loved it! Very touching with lovely heartfelt moments. One of the best TMNT fanfics I've read to date!
SGuest chapter 52 . 3/17
OMG, your writing is so awesome! I think I love every chapter I've read, and some are even better than actual episodes of the show! I've never really liked April in the show (too much back and forth between Casey and Donnie; obviously she should pick Donnie) but I absolutely love your version of her. She's strong and brave and has such a big heart when it comes to the guys. I love your version of Raph too, he's tough, but still has a soft side. The Jurassic Park reference with the coffee cup was amazing, and the ratroaches creeped me out, lol. I don't know how many times I've burst out laughing reading this. I seriously can't wait for the next chapter, and I hope life treats you well.
Guest chapter 52 . 3/12
thanks for continuing to write this an awsome story youve got going so keep up the good work
Guest chapter 6 . 1/10
You've really captured the dialogue style of the show, I've read this at least 3 times already!
Aronim chapter 40 . 1/4
Before I forget or wander off, I leave you this review: This is really, really great. The characters are absolutely magnificent and you have a firm grasp of both humor, action and heartache.

Also, the first arc reminded me a lot of the old turtles comic, where things got kinda serious, as well as the original comic, just with a lighter side.

Sad to see that you missed an opportunity in the Christmas bit. Raph could have eaten those cookies and milk. That way, Raph would get more cookies and Mikey would be even happier. Everybody wins. Or maybe I missed something.

All in all, you thoroughly deserve all those reviews. Well done.
Katelyn chapter 17 . 12/20/2015
I just want to tell you how much I've enjoyed your From The Sewers story. You are a great story teller. I love how no element of your story gets unused in the development of the plot - the small clues your drop early on in the story that loop back around to play major parts in the resolution are so smart, and I've read this whole story several times. You really capture the dialogue style of the show, and you don't overplay your Apritello bits, but make them so realistic but at the same time swoon-worthy. Props to you, this story is excellent.
Bookworm Gal chapter 52 . 11/21/2015
I'm always happy to see more of this. I am very intrigued to see how this story arc turns out.
ServerusSnapeIsMineAndOnlyMine chapter 52 . 11/14/2015
rusticangelic chapter 52 . 11/3/2015
It's very rarely that a story immerses me as yours have. Oh my goodness for the past few days nothing has mattered except reading this amazing set of fiction. I am hooked. Your ability to get the characters perfect even adding further depth has completely won me over. Off I go to find more of your awesome works! I am officially a fan.
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