Reviews for Taking Umbridge
Raigan123 chapter 13 . 12/5
After reading this you certainly deserve a review.
Overall it's a great story! I enjoy Fleur's perspective a great deal. It's refreshing.
Compared to your other big story this is clearly superior, in my opinion.
Better plot (epsecially the beginning), better dialogue, better pacing and tone.

Lastly a pernonal wish of mine: focus on this story and forget your other one.
Saslen chapter 10 . 11/2
Clearly, "the power he knows not" is the Chudley Cannons fanbase.
Saslen chapter 9 . 11/2
I absolutely love the way you're writing Molly. Too often, I've seen her bashed to all hell and back.
Saslen chapter 4 . 11/2
Interestingly enough, McGonnagall was incorrect about "I" and "me". Linking verbs like "to be" act kind of like an equals sign, so what's on one side of it is in the same form as what's on the other; just as the subject is in the nominative form, so is the predicate. In the words of Merriam-Webster, "Just as we would say 'She is the Queen,' we must also say 'The Queen is she.'"

Other examples might be "It was I who stole the last of the brownies" or "If I were he, I wouldn't have done that".

Similarly, linking verbs don't take adverbs, instead using predicate adjectives (e.g. "That food smells bad", not "That food smells badly", since "smells" isn't an active verb; it's merely being identified with the food).
Solstice07 chapter 13 . 11/2
oh come on. Just when the main pairing took off too, you can't do this to us mate. The fic has been pretty nice upto this point and I'll admit, I started reading because of the pairing. Please please please continue this. Also mark it Ron/Daphne, to prevent all the hate comments, and for the sake of your mentality too.
Guest chapter 3 . 9/4
Malfoy isn't boudiccas descendant because he's fucking French, not because Anglo Saxons(who also aren't descendant from celts) banged Picts.
WolfgangNH chapter 1 . 8/4
So sad this isnt complete
Slytherin7Piece chapter 13 . 7/19
Holy crap, I recognize Sonia25's writing style. I would bet anything that he/she also goes by the user names; kailashmaharana2500, ramchandrapadhi25, Ramadas25000, Resh 250, Roja25, Tinchu, emilyxyz942, and when this person gets bored with those aliases, he/she reviews as a guest. Two patterns I've picked up on with this person's syntax are that they use the acronym 'ff' when referring to a story and the reviews have horrible grammatical errors. The reviews themselves always come off as if the person is trying to speak more to other reviewers as if this person is trying to get others to join in their outrage at a perceived slight against a certain character.

Anyway, this is an interesting story and I hope you start this and When a Veela Cries back up again someday.
dbreezy93 chapter 13 . 3/1
Ughhhh best chapter so far and it looks like it’s been discontinued. Bummer.
Aredianx chapter 8 . 2/20/2022
Whatever the fuck is wrong with Ron has multiplied my dislike for his character and I can't wait for you to explain his problem. It has been 8 chapters of his bullshit attitude and he called Harry a halfblood with a messiah complex. How can you expect us to like him? When I first read the summary I thought he would mature and start paying attention to his classes but I guess I wrong. I can't even finish this chapter. I'm out.
Premedicated chapter 13 . 12/29/2021
I really hope you continue this, especially since we're right at the good part
Ronnie11 chapter 1 . 11/28/2021
plz update
JanuaryLestrange chapter 13 . 11/12/2021
Loving this story. I hope you are well.
kblankenship1025 chapter 13 . 10/13/2021
Hmm not bad for a start. At the pace of this story though you’ll be in the 300k range before we get to the sustenance.(if only I read the next chapter) The interaction is great. The “occlumency lessons” were really good. I’ve never seen the story telling in any fic.
gofortheeyesboo chapter 13 . 9/27/2021
I've been binging on Harry/Fleur stories lately, and this is one of my favorites! In fact this is one of my favorite stories overall. Having it be from Fleurs point of view is very refreshing. Seeing the golden trio from the outside looking in, is an interesting perspective. love it! But I'm crushed that it isn't finished. Selfishly I hope you come back to it some day.
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