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Criis55 chapter 51 . 5/23
Wow! Seriuosly, W.O.W. this chapter... It was totally worth waiting an extra week for it! I'm glad you managed to finish the fight scene! Let me tell you that I loved it! It was like if I was there: suffering for Kohaku and when Naraku caught Sango with the tentacle, for a moment I thought that she would lose her legs again... You've done a good job with that scene!

Now into another things: Yes! I knew that Miroku was also keeping an eye in Kohaku! He showed that he really cares about what happens to Sango and her familly! Now I want to know more than ever what happened in his past! How did he end up helping Kikyou? It's obvious that he's not a bad person... but neither was Kikyou at the beginning... Aaaaah I want to know so many things! But I guess I'll have to wait a little bit more...

It's sad that Sango didn't tell her parents what happened... I understand that they have to recover but maybe she will feel relieved telling them what's been happening lately in her life...

Hahaha why do you always leave the characters on a cliffhanger?! First with Inukag on the wolf territory and now with Mirsan... You can't leave them like that! (Hahaha that means that you've done a good job hooking your readers into the story XD, at least for me)

Miroku seems to know everything... Does he know where Kagome and Inuyasha are? He would save Sango a lot of time just sifting there XD. And Hojou? What happened to him? I feel a bit bad for him... First Kagome chose Inuyasha over him and now Sango sifted away with Miroku... Hahaha well, let's see what happens with him in the future! (do not misunderstand me, I'm Inukag shipper all the way lol, but poor guy he still believes that Kagome is in love with him...)

Let's see what do you have up your sleeve for Inuyasha and Kagome in the following chapters... Aaaah will he finally turn into hanyou? Will Kouga keep his promise and free him? I'm dying to read the moment when Kagome, Inuyasha, Miroku and Sango meet!

Can I ask you a question? Are we going to see human Inuyasha in the near future? (I know that question is a little bit out of the blue but I think it's an important point in Inukag's relationship to show Inuyasha's weaknes and vulnerabilities)

Okay, I'm gonna finish it here hehe, I wish you have lots of inspiration and see you in your next update!
anonymous chapter 51 . 5/22
I hope Kagome tells Hojo and Sango when they catch up, she is dating Inuyasha. Cause technically Hojo and Kagome were still at dating for fun stage making both of them single. And Kagome has every right to move on. And Hojo only has a crush on Kagome. And he doesn't really understand her and vice versus Kagome doesn't understand him. They weren't friends before Hojo asked her out. The previous chapter said Hojo and Kagome didn't know each other, and Hojo asked her out out of the blue.
anonymous chapter 48 . 5/22
Kagome could spend around to koga's wolves that he is a weak youkai using the shikon no tama to get more powerful. This should cause the wolves to implode from inside out. As civil war breaks out, Kagome can get Inuyasha out.
Turniptree chapter 51 . 5/22
This story is magic. I'd pretty much given up on reading Inuyasha fanfics to many poorly written Kagome/ Sesshomaru stories. Kagome only belongs with inuyasha period! I love everything about this story and can't wait to see where it goes!
anonymous chapter 51 . 5/22
I wonder if Hojo is just chasing after Kagome for closure knowing she picked Inuyasha over him. She proved she didn't love Hojo by not staying with him. Or is Hojo just burying his head in the sand like a scared child who can't face reality.
RedViolet11 chapter 51 . 5/22
I really hope Sango doesn’t lose the use of her legs once the jewel shard is taken out
anonymous chapter 51 . 5/22
I hope Hojo falls in love with kykyou. He can show what real love is. Kykyou is a simple person like hojo. He could take her back to her original truths. Kykyou showed her simplicities and her lack of love for Inuyasha by saying Inuyasha should turn ningen. She couldn't live in his complex world.
anonymous chapter 49 . 5/22
Sango shouldn't underestimate Kagome. She is up to the challenge. Kagome and Inuyasha are two very complex beings and self identity. They can keep up with other and fulfill each other's needs. Hojo is a simpler person who will be forever running behind and left in the dust never catching up to Kagome. He could never get her and never fulfill her needs.
anonymous chapter 48 . 5/22
Koga has proof that Kagome loves Inuyasha. Koga is completely jealous of Inuyasha that Kagome is his woman.
anonymous chapter 47 . 5/22
What liar koga is. He knew Inuyasha will be tor tortured. He is a chief of his clan. Nothing more.
anonymous chapter 46 . 5/22
Koga no baka. He can see Kagome is in love with Inuyasha.
anonymous chapter 45 . 5/22
No wonder koga has no girlfriend. He has no manners.
anonymous chapter 44 . 5/22
So koga is pathetic as ever. He is cheating by using the jewel shards. Weaklings use something like the shards. Strong people take the time to train. Weaklings like koga will amount to nothing and do nothing.
anonymous chapter 43 . 5/22
Please. Koga is chief of his clan. Ayame is royal princess of all wolf youkai.
anonymous chapter 40 . 5/22
A few dates doesn't make people girlfriend and boyfriend. The same way a few dates doesn't make people husband and wife. Hojo is going way too fast. With all technicality, Hojo is single as ever.
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