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Troll chapter 1 . 3/1/2016
Guest chapter 6 . 11/21/2012
Story's good I'd say 3.5/5; I love it, PLEEAASSSEE! I want to see more
RedTheReaper chapter 6 . 11/2/2012
Name: Joe Tanning/Heller (Doesn't like to be called Joe)

Gender: Male

Nickname (Optional): Big Red or just Red (He prefers this name)

Nationality: American

Age/grade: 18/11th

Sexuality: Straight

Eyes: Ruby red

Race: Mixed with white and black

Height: 6'2

Hair: Dark red short, buzzed hair. He also has a goatee, and eyebrows are a little thick.

Body: Light but slightly dark skin and he's relatively muscular. He's also... well endowed, if you know what I mean.

Scars, Tattoos or Piercings: Has a scar on his right cheek.

Personality: He's a joker who doesn't take things too seriously. Whenever someone calls him an 'A$$hole', he reacts by smiling and saying "I know." He likes to brag about how the ladies love him, but he's really shy around girls. He tends to curse a lot and use vulgar sign language. When he gets really angry, the black side comes out of him and he starts to act... "ghetto-ish". He can be a jerk at times, but at heart he's a really nice guy. He is honest and isn't afraid to say what's on his mind. He’s always willing to help others and won’t let anyone die. He hates ungrateful people and he appreciates what he has. He’s kind of a vigilante and believes criminals should get what they deserve. He can be downright sadistic when killing zombies, even shooting them in the crotch or butt just for laughs. He REALLY hates the zombies and wants to exterminate every single one of them.

History (Before "Them"): Despite all the trails in his life, Joe has lived a relatively normal life. He and his older brother were adopted by a lesbian couple after his real parents were killed during a bank robbery. He used to be a weakling and all the kids would bully him. Tired of being picked on, he began exercising regularly and took up boxing. He’s been in quite a lot of fights, which is how he got his scar. His brother went off to join the marines, and sometimes he’d visit and show Joe some combat moves he learned. He and his older brother had a strong bond and he looked up to him as a hero. Joe’s brother died when he was 15, he learned that he was killed in action. Joe was depressed about it at first, but his brother always told him to keep going and that suicide is for pansies. When the outbreak started, he and his best friend, Danny, were trying to get to safety. Danny was attacked and bitten by a zombie, Joe then killed the zombie by crushing it’s head. Before he died, Danny asked Joe to avenge him. Joe promised him that he would kill every last zombie that he saw.

Traits: Strong determination, great endurance, creative, very strong, kind hearted

Location when it happened: Near the lunch room, talking to his friend.

Likes: Lesbians, video games (mostly shooters), guns, girls, funny jokes

Dislikes: Whiny people, zombies, criminals, ungratefulness, quitters

Love interest (With any Oc): A girl with a fun personality… and a cute butt. He likes Japanese girls.

Other details: Joe likes to watch nasty lesbian butt sex.

Fighting ability: Boxing and firearms

Weapon at school: His fist and anything that's available.

Preferred weapon: M16 rifle with flashlight attachment

Secondary Weapon: Spas 12 shotgun

Least liked weapon: Pistols, but he'll use one if he has to.

Advantages: Excellent accuracy, skilled with headshots, knowledge of guns, good with his fist, can fight on his own, never wants to give up, won’t let anyone die (himself included).

Disadvantages: His actions are sometimes reckless, he can be impatient, has a bit of a short temper (but he tries to be calm), and he can’t cook anything that isn’t microwavable.

Outfit at school: Red shoes with white laces and bottom, black track pants with red stripes on the sides, and a white tank top T-shirt. (He also wears fingerless gloves, he thinks they make him look cooler.)

When at home: T-shirt, red shorts and socks

Sleeping: T-shirt and boxers. (When he's alone, he sleeps naked)

Mother: Jennifer Tanning (Dead)

Father: George Tanning (Dead)

Brother(s): Donald Tanning/Heller (Dead)

Sister(s): None

Step/Foster Relations: Marie Heller, Nicole Heller 'Lesbian couple'

Reaction to Seiko: He likes Seiko and thinks her dirty jokes are hilarious. Whenever she's grinning weirdly, he can't help but wonder what she's thinking.
RedTheReaper chapter 1 . 11/2/2012
Are you still accepting OC's? If so, I got one!
Mzr90 chapter 6 . 10/30/2012
Cool chapter looking forward to how things go down in Sojiro's home.
Gambit Hawk chapter 6 . 10/28/2012
Short, but still good nonetheless.
ChaoticCrazy chapter 6 . 10/28/2012
Good chapter. Hope Geoff gets his own guns soon though. And I did notice in one line you referred to him as a her.
Aimii0 chapter 6 . 10/28/2012
Good chapter :)
The Queen of Water chapter 6 . 10/28/2012
Cool, I will wait for ch 5.
KingOfStories01 chapter 6 . 10/28/2012
Ah, so now we've got our first non-main OC, huh? And it's Ramon... oh, boy, this guy... I'm not sure how to react to him so far, he doesn't seem to bad so far, but looking at his profile makes me feel unsure about him as a character (he's a bit much, for a 16 year old). He'll certainly make everyone else redundant if he sticks around too long.

Oh, well... in any case, seems like Makoto warranted the least mention this chapter, hm... well, guess that's what happens when you're a shy person.

In any case, I'll consider looking into your other OC story. Might be fun to read.
giggity090 chapter 4 . 10/22/2012
Hello there just started reading your story. In my opinion has a lot of potential to be a great story. Anyway here's my OC i hope he plays a big part in your story.

Name: Ramon De leon

Gender: Male

Nickname: Rammy ( but hates being called that )

Age/Grade: 16, 3rd year

Sexuality: Straight

Eyes: One side is blue while the other is red.

Race: Mexican/American

Height: 6 feet and 2 inches

Hair: Semi-long, black/brown hair with sideburns down to his lower cheek.

Body: Medium build. Not full of muscle but not skinny either. Light brown skin.

Scars, Tattoos, or Piercings: Has several scars across his body, some are knife wounds and others are gunshot wounds. The only scar visible with clothing on is a small scar running across the left side of his face.

Personality: Because of his of looks many people see him as a mean and scary guy thus people make fun of him, avoid him, and start rumors about him. But in reality he is a very nice and considerate guy. When he first meets the main cast he will be cold, silent and slightly rude and finds them annoying. Slowly but steadly he sees them as good people who care about him as a person and finds them as fun people and interesting people to be around with. Despite his appearence he is very nice and generous to people to a point he will even forget his well being to help other people in need even give up his own life for a complete stranger. He has a pervy side when it comes to women ( especially when the girls have big busts ) but when it comes down to it he is always a gentlemen when it comes to women and girls. Surprisingly he gets very emberrased and blushes easily when complemented ( especailly by girls ). Ramon most of the time has a bored look on his face, and be sarcastic sometimes and tends to tease other people. He can be a bit of an idiot sometimes, say and doing stupid things. But don't let that fool you he is a very good judge of character, and likes to think outside the box.

History ( before " Them "): His mother was a DEA investigator/housewife while his father was an ATF captain who had experience as a former Delta Force member with 2 tours in Afghanistan and 1 tour in Iraq. Ramon a carefree kid always had a smile on his face that would make anyone day brighten. It wasn't until his parents were asked by the their agencies to assist to help Mexican government with hunting down local drug cartel leaders and to do investigations on the cartels. Thinking that they were safe in the U.S. agreed to the job. As months passed they soon became very famous throughout the Mexican police and military due to his parents skill and teamwork. Arresting key cartel members, raiding and shutting down drug plants, exposing corrupt police officers, hunting down the gun-traffickers supplying the cartels with military grade weaponry, and exposing politicians in the government who were loyal to the cartels. They seemed like Mexican answer to the problem they knew this, but also did the cartels. Most of the cartels sick and tired of losing money, men, guns, and having their moles in the police and military being rated out. One, day while packing to go to Mexico again for another assignment, hearing shouting outside his father peaking out of his house window saw several dozens of armed men exit out of a few vans. Warning his wife to what's happening and telling her to go hide Ramon somewhere safe. She ran back out of the house carrying Ramon she hid him in a revine, gave him her cross, kissed him on the cheek and told him that she loves him and ran back inside. Manuel was getting his M-16A3 out of his locker grabbing clips for the gun in a hurry and saw his wife run back inside. They both decided that no matter what they had to protect their even if they died. In the revine Ramon heard gunfire for over 30 minutes until it stopped. Ramon ran out of the revine hid behind the wall on the left side of his house and peaked his head out and heard screaming and saw men pulling his mommy and daddy there clothes full of threw and made them stand against the front of their house. The men rasied their guns at them... Ramon tears coming out of his eyes wishing this was a dream and wants to wake up... and then he saw the men execute his parents by gunfire and watched them slump to the ground. After the men left 6 year old ran crying to his parents shaking them and begging them to wake up... they didn't. For the next years of his life he was in the custody of his grandparents. Having many military men in his family he began learning anything he can when it came to it the subject. At the age of 10 he began firearms training with his uncles and cousins. Him discovering he is natural shot to a point of beating many of his family when it came to sharpshooting. He also learned about C.Q.C and was very fluent in on how to use a blade. To get change of scenery and maybe help Ramon become a little less cold his grandparents sent him to stay with his second uncle with his family in Japan.

Traits: very good strategist, very durable being able to take a lot of punishment,being clueless, cursing in spanish, loyal, knowing basic medical skills, and being sometimes the voice of reason.

Location of when it happened: sleeping in his classroom.

Likes: busty women, playing spanish guitar, cooking Mexican food, playing with children, his friends and family, addicted to Starbursts, sleeping/being lazy, and music from the 50's through the 90's ( like the Beatles, Queen, Bill Withers, and Micheal Jackson)

Dislikes: unnecessary killing, hates when he couldn't save someone, deathly scared of ghosts and scary movies, them, naive people, and when someone hurts his friends.

Love interest ( with any OC ): Being the perverted bastard he his he wants a girl with big ** and **. But that is only half of what he wants. Ramon wants to find somebody who he could connect emotionally with and to have a good time around her too.

Other Details: has ADHD, still suffers from bad nightmares about his parents death.

Fighting ability: Expert Marksman, and familiar with hundreds of different guns,acceptable C.Q.C, and very good with any kind of blade

Weapon at school: Machete

Prefered Weapons: Hk416 assault rifle semi-auto ( ACOG scope, vertical foregrip, laser sight on right side on the gun, FMJ rounds, dual magazines, and removeable silencer ). 1911 45. Tactical ( 9 round magazine, laser sight on bottom, and removeable silencer ) A pair of trench knives.

Least liked weapon: Long blades like the Katana and others.

Advantages: Being able to use all sorts of different types of guns, training he received from his family a few were ex-Special Forces, calm head most of the time, adapts to the situation at hand, best shot in the group, great tactician, and very skilled with his trench knives.

Disadvantages: Loses focus easily because of his ADHD, not very flexible and can't do extreme martial arts, not the fastest in the group either, loses his anger and will thrash anything in his way, and when panicked can't think properly and will make mistakes.

Outfit at School: Black leather jacket with a white line going from the shoulders to the bottom of the jacket and has a picture of a star inside a circle on the back of the jacket. He wears a white undershirt with a picture of smoking gun barrel in the middle. He wears blue jeans, with black dress shoes and he also wears regular glasses.

Home Outfit: Basically wear the same thing. But changes his jeans to a dark blue color and changes his dress shoes for combat boots.

Sleep: nothing but boxers on.

Parents: Deceased

Reaction to Seiko: When he firsts meet her she almost killed Ramon because she thought he was one of Them. Almost knocking him off the ledge of the apartment, falling to his death. After she helps him up he could've sworn she was eyeing him like piece of meat. After she was done " looking " at him she invited him inside
Gambit Hawk chapter 5 . 10/22/2012
This is really good! Glad I came across this story!

Name: Adam Piers

Gender: Male

Nickname (Optional): Just Adam

Age/grade: 18, 4th year

Sexuality: Straight

Eyes: Deep Blue

Race: American

Height: 5'10, 155 pounds.

Hair: Medium-length dark brown hair with one bang covering part of his face (think Leon Kennedy in RE 6).

Body: Athletic, lean and cut.

Scars, Tattoos or Piercings: None.

Personality: Though he has a cool exterior, Adam is not shy or quiet and speaks confidently and almost coldly, but still manages to convey a very friendly, respectful and caring nature about him with a good sense of wit and humor. He will go out of his way to make sure everyone is safe and risk his well being to save those close to him. He will not leave anyone behind or push anyone under the bus. Determined to survive and help others do the same, he has unflinching loyalty to his friends. Unnaturally brave and able to keep his composure in most circumstances.

History (Before "Them"): Adam was originally born in the United States to a nurse mother and a NAVY Seal father. His father was away a lot, so Adam grew up mostly with his mother. Adam's mother was a very kind and loving woman, always putting her son and husband before anything else. Adam's father was transferred to Japan and Adam and his mother went with him when Adam was 5. While in Japan, Adam's mother contracted a very rare blood disease and soon died of it when Adam was 6. Deeply saddened and worried for his son's well-being, Adam's father left the NAVY and became a police officer under Japan's SWAT unit to keep close to his son and raise him. He started training his son as a young soldier when Adam was 8 to help toughen him up. When he was 9, Adam enrolled in Bojutsu classes. Although his father was harder on him than his mother, Adam's father always made it clear that he loved his son very much and would do anything for him. Going into high school, Adam was back to his normal state of mind, though a lot tougher than before. He was an adept drawer and painter.

Traits: Fast and agile, quick thinker, can drive a variety of vehicles efficiently (most notably motorcycles).

Location when it happenned: In the school gym with a couple Bojutsu classmates practicing with wooden Bo staffs.

Likes: Good hearted people, practicing Bojutsu/martial arts, drawing and painting (he will draw his love interest often when he meets her).

Dislikes: Selfishness, drama, uptight individuals.

Love interest (With any Oc): A woman with a good heart, great sense of humor and can hold their own. Someone he can rely on and trust whole heartedly and will never abandon someone for their own sake.

Other details: He doesn't like to bother others with his personal problems, so he tends to hide his inner thoughts a lot.

Fighting ability: Exceptional knife and handgun combatant, able to duel wield handguns and use either hand for the knives. An expert at Bojutsu. Highly trained hand to hand combatant, being able to do a variety of kicks and suplexes with ease.

Weapon at school: A 4 foot long metal pipe, his practice Bo staff snapped in half.

Preferred weapon: His 5 foot long collapsible steel Bo staff, which collapses into a 2 foot long pole as well as a pair of MK. 23 SOCOM pistols, which he can duel wield and keeps in holster on each thigh. (will pick up the guns and holsters after he kills his infected father.)

Least liked weapon: Doesn't like explosive type of weapons. They tend to attract "them" in large numbers.

Advantages: Reliable and trustworthy. Can keep his composure together through nearly any situation.

Disadvantages: Doesn't like to kill infected children, not overly strong, horrible cook.

Outfit at school: School uniform which consisted of a white button-up dress shirt, red tie, green blazer, khaki dress pants and black formal shoes. After the outbreak, he has removed his blazer, rolled up his dress shirt's sleeve to just above his elbow and undid the top button of the shirt, loosening the tie. He also started wearing black fingerless Man Transformer Tactical Gloves.

When at home: A slim-fit maroon red v-neck T-shirt with an opened black no-sleeve collared shirt over it, black cargo pants and black shoes. He'll wear his fingerless gloves with this attire too.

Sleeping: Bare-chested and a pair of black cargo shorts.

Father (living or deceased): Jake Piers - Deceased. Died in a SWAT team attempt to barricade the infected in one place. Reanimated and infected.

Mother (living or deceased): Helena Piers - Deceased. Died of a rare blood disease.

Reaction to Seiko (How you would like your OC to interact with my OC): Beautiful and kind-hearted. Believes if anyone could survive this, it would be her. No problems trusting her.
The Queen of Water chapter 5 . 10/22/2012
Cool, I will wait for ch 6.
Aimii0 chapter 5 . 10/22/2012
Ok, sorry I misunderstood the question from previous chapter XD I like that you paired her with Sojiro, he seems really cute. :) And about lemon.. uhm, yes. But not too much :D
Kamihana Kajimura chapter 4 . 10/21/2012
Name: Shigael Anzai
Nickname: Gael
Age: 17 1/2
Nationality: Mexican/Japanese
Body: he stands at 6'7 with broad shoulders and a lean figure. Weighs 190 lbs
Hair: Dark spiky brown hair with blond tips. It is almost shoulder length and kept in a small pony tail while the front is slicked back.
Eyes: A dark olive eyes that are pretty narrowed but not slitted. Very expressive.
Clothing: A beige-ish hoodless jacket, he rolls the sleeves up to his elbows. Under it is a crimson cotton long sleeved dress shirt. Royal blue (almost black) jeans that are fairly tight. (not spandex tight nor cholo loose) Orange, blue and black basket ball shoes. He has a chain draping from his pocket which belong to a makeshift chain he received from a friend.
Personality: A NUTJOB! Not really..He is very passionate about stuff and a bit dramatic. He's kinda hyper due to his diet of red bull and oreos. He likes joking around stuff and os freakishly competitive. He is super determined and the type of guy that would blow up a whole country to take out a single person. He says the most embarassing things with a very serious face. He likes bursting people's bubbles and crashing the back down to earth (though he means no harm ;)
Another OC: hey I just sluaghtered 5 undead by myself! Yah !
Shigael: Well you didnt kill them all now didja? :D
OC: N-no...Q.Q
Shigael: When your self esteem returns so will I! I am the bubble bursting super hero, 'REALITY'!
Despite that he knows when to stop
bothering someone and is actually incredibly
caring, responsible and reliabe. Not many
people know it but he is huge sap and
animal lover. He does not get along with
cocky people and wont hesitate to kick
someone's ass. although he is flirtious with the ladies he is nervous to go all the way with one becuase of a previous 'job'
Likes: animals, chick flicks, manga, roses, basketball, oreos, red bull, fireworks, farris wheels and strangley relaxing activities.
Dislikes: stuck up ppl, animal abusers, scary shit, bothersome ppl, people with no motivational drive, negative ppl
Talents:EVERYTHING! Lol not! He plays bass, wicked at basketball, can drive like a lunatic and do crazy stunts but cant assure you the car will afterwords or that you'll be alive, cooking, conforting
Weapon: Ax but mostly explosives
Fighting skills: He has always preferred to use his quick witt and speed to escape crazy shit but is a fairly good fighter.
Romance: Sure but it will have to be someone who wont hold him back or a weak shy girl with no petsonality. No tough girls either...I'm thinking polar oposites :D Ya know a really stuck up girl with lots of swag XD or you could suggust an OC and we'll see.
History: As a little boy his father abondened him, his younger brother and his ill mother so at the age of 12 he stepped up and began to work as a go-getter in a near by store. After his grandparents died and his family stopped receiving money everything got worst. He worked 2 jobs as a bellboy and dishwasher by 15. Soon he realised he needed more money he had to resort to doing some very shameful jobs. He became an old hag's boy toy and the money helped to pay for his mother's medicine and send his little brother to a private school. He's had the weirdist shit thrown at him all his life and can take anything on. His mother unfortunatly passed away and due to his age his brother was taken to some relatives. Now he's alone family wise. His will to survive is only driven by the wish to save his brother and take him somewhere safe.
Mother- Felicia Guiterz Anzai. Sweet and naive. Dead(natural causes)
Father- unknown
Brother- Fabio Guiterz Anzai. 14 and a very bright and cunning kid. Alive
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