Reviews for Truth or Dare: Hocus Pocusified!
Guest chapter 1 . 10/4/2014
Guest chapter 1 . 12/22/2013
Ohhhhh! This aughta be good! :-) I wish to request Binx behave like a adorable kitten for 3 turns as a dare. In feline form, please!
Lilly chapter 1 . 6/19/2013
I have an idea! Why don't the characters be asked to express their secrets and worst embarissing fears(they all must have one) and for the Sandersons, they must serve the main characters for as long as the day continues till the day ends
Roze chapter 1 . 6/7/2013
Where's Billy? It's not fair to leave him out - poor guy!
Keeper of the Fandom chapter 1 . 4/24/2013
Oooh, haven't seen another one of these besides my own! Shame, really... Anyways, I dare Winnie to give ownership of Book over to Dani. I have a feeling she'll use it better than you ever could. Particularly because I dare Dani to learn magic from!

Now, I dare Sarah to never play with boys on hooks again. I mean it Missy! I will NOT pay to have ANOTHER mental ward constructed because of you! Ahem...Dani, attempt to explain technology to Binx. Binx, attempt to understand technology. Max, videotape the result.

Allison, uhm...use a magic ritual from Dani's Book to bring Emily back to life. Binx must be worried, and Emily distraught...

I hope I helped, Phantom!
King Kierain chapter 1 . 1/2/2013
Hmmmm i like this idea
1. Winnie has to be nice for the rest of this fiction! (MWAHAHAHAHA)
2. who's Sarah's favourite sister?
3. Mary has to dance like an idiot!
4. does Max love Alison?
5. Dani has to kiss Winnie on the cheek!
6. would Binx rather be human or cat?
Daimonikes chapter 1 . 10/31/2012
Thackery make out with serah
Rocky Pond chapter 1 . 10/23/2012
hey I have an OC that you might want to use


Full Name: Skylar Tori Davenport

Nickname: Sky, Fearless and Popstar

Occupation: school student, 5th generation monster hunter and co-host of this fanfic

Social Class: normal to rich

Age: 14

Eye Color: light blue with heaps of flecks of grey so sometimes it looked like her eyes were really grey

Hair Color, length and style: golden brown with honey and auburn highlights, an inch above her bellybotton and always styled different she has swideswep bangs that she either let's stay out or she uses some wierd thing I don't know the name of to make them disappear but she usually has them out.

Weight and Height: 41 Kg and 4'10

Skin Type: olive

Dstinguishing marks: her super high cheek bones that are sometimes described as like plums.

Is he/she healthy: very healthy

Favorite Color: red velvet

Music: normal music teens listen to in 2012

Food: pasta and bolonaignse (do NOT know how to spell that word)

Mode of Transportation: skateboard, scooter, walking, jogging, running and catching a cab

Hobbies: singing, dancing, acting, monster hunting and mocking Bree with a southern accent

Habits: singing, dancing, acting, monster hunting and getting in trouble for different things

Greatest Strength: her monster hunting skills

Greatest weakness: trouble making

Hometown: Dubbo, NSW, Australia, Southern Hemisphere, Earth, Solar system, Universe, Space

Mother: Jackie Davenport (39, nice)

Step Mom: Tasha Dooley

Ex Step Mom: Francis Jones (35, mean)

Father: Donald Davenport (38, nice)

Sibling(s): Chase Davenport(15, nice), Bree Davenport(16, nice), Adam Daenport(17, nice), Beck Jones (11, nice but has to pretend to be mean because of his mom, ex tep brother) and Callum Menzie (8, mean, ex step brother) Leo Dooley (14, nice)

Other Family: Aunt Rosa (34, nice)

Optimist (positive) or Pessimist (negative): Optimistic especially when she planning revenge on her step mom

Introvert (shy) or Extrovert (outgoing): Extrovent

Talents: karate, sining, dancing, acting, mocking Bree with a southern accent and monster hunting

Extremely skilled at: her talents

Extremely unskilled at: knitting

Good Characteristics: her many talents

Character flaws: her mischeviousness causing her to get detention

Biggest regret: saying yes to her dad when he asked if she liked her step mom before her dad married her

Biggest accomplishment: auditioning and getting into hollywood Arts (she lives in Hollywood now)

Darkest secret/ does anybody know/ how'd they find out: she has extremely powerful bionics (like on lab rats except hse has all thier's and 2000 more

Friends: lab rats, Leo, students at Hollywood Arts and Phantom

Most liked thing about character: Her kind nature, talents and sense of humour

Most disliked: her troubleness

How do they react in a crisis: well, she uses her bionics to think of a solution or plan for the crisis

How do they face problems: the same way

Kind of problem they usually run into: crumbling or exploding building (thank goodness for her speed)

How they react to new problems: the same way as a crisis

Favorite Clothing: anything tom-boyish, goth, skater girl, sporty, surfer chick, bubbly, flirtatious or casual

Jewelry: gold hoop earrings, a signet ring with a garnet in the middle and a gold pocket watch on a gold necklace that she sometimes wears

Other Accessories: she sometimes dies her hair red velvet

Where do they live: hollywood

Where do they want to live: Hollywood (she loves Hollywood) or on a purple planet she once dreamt of that is safe to breathe on and each day the people get small presents (no matter what you think she is quite random)

Spending habits: She loves spending money on things like sky store or bibble but her friends stop her from spending to much

Most prized posession: Her inappropriate giraffe named Mr. Longneck

People they secretly admire, why: no one

Person they are most influenced by, why: by her siblings because she has learnt so much from them

Most important peron in their life before the story starts, why: despite there frenemie status her sister Bree is who the most imporant person to her

How do they spend their week just before the story starts: the usual going to school, being random, dying her hair red velvet, training with her siblings and just being Skylar

Love Interest: No one