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Guest chapter 6 . 6/17
The wind in the fire
Shadow phantom chapter 11 . 6/11
That previousl review cut a lot of me tipping of.

Ideas for the stories:

sasuke goes to orichumaru because the snake push more power corrupting sasuke into going for power.

Naruto has a clan in the village in the forest or rather an idea I came up with the forest of life, everything is as big the forest of death but its all luminescent and colerful and let's massive amounts of sunlike in give everything three times there original lifespan and makes everything glow even outside the forest and makes everything have power and more vibrant and colorful.

Naruto all clan compound will be will be made up of diamond infused colors crystals and white gems and white marble and will be selfsubsation many Naruto property the forest of life is three times the village was owned by his parents and has a diamond infused crystal wall around the forest and the compound is in a clearing in the middle of the forest and Naruto house is in the middle of the clearing, it a white tower 3 times as wide and tall as th hokages tower, with a round white cystal becon one the top of the tower that makes a fore field around the forst only allowing those of the clan or those given ascees and even keep out certain things and it selfsubstaning because it utilizes the the steams, river and small lakes and ponds in the clearing and the 10 acres of land for fruit,vegstiables,grains, dairy, meat, herbs and poisons.

Naruto has a chakra bloodline that allow him the ability to control the fallowing below with his will alone:

Fire, Water, Earth, Air, light, Darkness, Day, Night, Space,Time, Matter, Energy, Mass, Shape, Form, Gravity, Lightning, Electricity, Ice, Heat, Sand Lava, Boil, Yin, Yang, Emotions, Feelings, Senses, Instincts, Seasons, Reality, Plants, Aniamls, Life, Death, Metal, Liquids, Solids, Destruction, Creation, Weather, Storms, Gases, Blood, Bone, Poison, Nerves, Seals, Crystal, Gems.

Also I think it would be cool if every one Naruto cares that is dead or alive became immortals and that there a sequel with a time skip witch means that everyone in there clans if impossible to kill and is a gift from kami before the battle with the ten tails.

Also I think that Naruto body bloodline should come into be made when Naruto is knocked out and the nin-tails is trying save him from deaths from sasuke trying to kill when Naruto try's to stop him from go betraying the village in for Orichmaru, But despite this there is a price and gifts to this that will be list below: also before his two year trip he give the body line to his lovers.


1. Becomes a full immortal fox demon
2. Has fox ears instead of human ears and a number of tail depending on age and skill and potential and also have fangs and claws
3. Haves fox instincts, Foxes trickster behavior and a foxes slyness and love of traps and mischief and stealth.
4. Female nin-tails will also gain the bodyline


1. Immortality
2. Shapeshifting
3. Soul bound with nature
4. Wings, I thought that it would be cool naruto clan all had retractiable wings
5. Naruto clan can see into the past, present and future
6 Naruto clan have 3 forms they human form, half-demon forum, and full-demon form.

P.s any one with ore give this body line will become a demon and have immortality and so will there children.

P.P.S body line can only be given to some you care about
Shadowphantom chapter 8 . 6/10
I think it would by cool if that Yin Release, Yang Release and Yin/Yang Release become a blood limit and that Naruto starts his own clan in the village and that all clan member are extremely stubborn and loyal and can live for over a 5000 but the average life spande is 3500, they also grow 3 times faster until 21 years physical and never age over there prime, also they have extra organs will be below ideas were copied from A Loving Heart, A Body of Steel by renegadeofficer89, also I was thing that the nine-tail is a female and gets released from the seal and become one of Naruto's lovers I mean because if he's going to have a clan he going need multiple Peaple to start it I think ino, hinata, ten-ten, temari and fem nine-tail should be his lovers and also the nin-tail also give Narutos lover this bloodline to protect the and give then the same life spanded and improve on ther already blood born gifts and bodyline of Naruto clan below:

"Of course. The first organ that you'll gain is a secondary heart, giving you two hearts, each can take over the entire body's blood flow if one fails, and when both is functioning, it provides you with a massive increase in blood flow, giving you more oxygen and can prevent you from being tired.

The second organ is the Ossmodula, an organ that can strengthen, accelerates and enlarges skeletal system growth by being able to force the body to use multitudes of minerals like iron, titanium, and others to strengthen your bones, enlarging them and making them denser to the point of being almost unbreakable. You will also be much taller than other people at your maximum growth, at somewhere around two metres tall, maybe more. It will also change your rib cage, turning it into a mass of interlocking bone plates without gaps instead of a regular gaping ribcage.

The third is the Biscopea, an organ that can increase musculature growth and makes your muscles not just stronger, but denser, so much so that a regular hit from you will feel like an impact from a Doton jutsu. This organ will also help in your growth and healing as well. It will also thicken your skin, up to a point where regular thrown weapons will be unable to pierce your skin. The increased, denser muscles also give you a higher speed than is normally possible, even with chakra enhanced muscles.

The fourth is the Haemastamen, an organ that will change your blood's composition, increasing its capability to carry oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body, thus further improving your stamina and healing, and also your growth due to better nutrient carrying capability.

The fifth is the Larraman's Organ, which produces special cells called Larraman's Cells which can seal wounds nearly instantaneously, which when combined with your natural Uzumaki healing and vitality, allows you to even regrow entire organs and limbs lost, even during the heat of battle, enabling you to fight non-stop, somewhat like a Battle Continuation skill.

The sixth organ is the Catalepsean Node, which enables you to be able to continue for days upon days without sleep, and needing only minimal sleep if any, by shutting down parts of your brain temporarily when it is unused.

The seventh organ is the Preomnor, a secondary stomach that can neutralize any and all biochemical contaminants and any poisons that you ingest, and even enables your body to create the poisons that you ate or encountered.

The eighth is the Omophagea, an organ that allows you to absorb information from enemy brains that you eat, allowing you to gain their memories and skills. Though brain eating may sound disgusting, sometimes it is the easiest way to gain more knowledge and information from an enemy, and they can even be digested by the Preomnor as well.

The ninth organ is the Multi-lung, which adds a third, special lung that at normal condition, will improve the oxygen absorption rate of the body, but will close off the two regular lungs and only uses the Multi-lung in conditions where oxygen is rare like underwater, basically you can breathe in water, or in toxic environments, where the Multi-lung will also filter out the poison or toxic contaminant and only absorbs oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide to maintain normal breathing.

The tenth organ is the Occulobe, which will improve your eyesight so much so, that not just you can see much further than a normal human, you can also see during the darkest of nights like it's in daylight, which when combined with the Catalepsean Node, allows you to fight perfectly in any condition, ignoring lighting and the need to sleep. Also, it gives you special visual mode: chakra sight where you can see the flow of chakra like the Sharingan and infrared sight where it allows you to see the heat of something, allowing you to see a target even in total, absolute darkness. They are interchangeable; just think about it and your eyes will change visual mode accordingly instantly.

The eleventh organ is the Lyman's Ear, a complete ear replacement that completely removes the effects of nausea, dizziness and vertigo due to motions and prevents a loss of balance in any condition, preventing enemies from destabilising your base. It also gives a higher and much better listening capability that after some training, you can filter out all other noise and listen to only the sound of your target, among others.

The twelfth organ is the Oolitic Kidney, a kidney that works in conjunction with the Preomnor and the Multi-lung to remove, purify and categorize any poisons, toxins and bacteria that enters your body, and sends them to the Betcher's Gland to be recreated for the body.

The thirteenth organ is the Neuroglottis, an organ that allows you to biochemically assess a wide variety of things by taste and/or smell, checking for toxicity and nutritional content to determine whether or not the substance is edible. It also allows you to track a target just by using taste and/or smell alone.

The fourteenth organ is the Mucranoid, a type of sweat glands that coats your body with a certain waxy substance that allows your body to operate at conditions where most other people would consider deadly, protecting you from extreme heat, extreme cold, and even vacuum environments. It can even cancel out the effects of some low to mid level jutsus.

The fifteenth organ is called the Betcher's Gland, which is actually two separate glands, one in the mouth in the saliva glands and one within your body, which produces a mixture of poisons that you have eaten, inhaled, injected or whatever and causes your blood to become poisonous while your saliva to be both acidic and poisonous, giving you weapons when you have none and allows your own body to gain a last ditch victory against an enemy via your blood. The acidic saliva also allows you to digest stuff that most consider inedible like concrete and metal, and the acidic saliva appears only when consciously triggered, to prevent tragedies during certain... intimate events.

The sixteenth organ is called the Linker Core, and will be a second chakra core for your body, in that it regulates, controls and manages the production, suppression, and usage of your chakra and youki in the future towards the surroundings and everything around you, in that it will work together with the Progenoid Glands to properly release only the required amounts of chakra for a jutsu, giving you perfect chakra control at any moment, though you can still overcharge a jutsu manually by forcing the Linker Core to pour more chakra into a jutsu, and automatically when the jutsu used is the one you just learned. All the unneeded chakra within your body will be stored within this organ, and will be released into your chakra network as necessary, not just preventing any chakra waste and allowing you to have theoretically limitless chakra due to the regeneration being higher than the usage, it also makes people underestimate you due to them thinking that you are just a civilian because most of your chakra is within the Core, instead of your chakra coils. It will also prevent your chakra network from being blocked, since the Progenoid Glands will order the Linker Core to release a pulse of chakra if it detects foreign chakra within your chakra system. This will also act as a chakra exercise for your first chakra core, situated at the navel since extra chakra is always diverted to the Linker Core, it forces the first core to produce more and more chakra to refill your system which will stay almost permanently low, except in battle situations.

The seventeenth and most important organ of all is the Progenoid Glands, which acts as a second brain that controls the functionality and synergy between all the new organs and the original organs and allows you to let go of some of the functionality to the Gland, thus making you an even more effective fighting machine then what you are now. It also provides you with numerous other effects, like a perfect immune system where you won't be downed by any disease, natural or artificial, better reaction time due to enhanced synaptic connection between the brain cells, among others. It also prevents you from being caught in any kind of genjutsu since you will have a second brain that will check all sensory inputs and body and chakra status to see if there is any discrepancy between the inputs and will order the Linker Core to release a chakra pulse if it detected otherwise. It also can potentially give you psychic abilities, though this will only appear when your mind is trained enough.

Other Powers of Naruto clan are:

Can brath under water Because of the extra lung

Can heal from any would make it so they can only die of old age

Know every know thing about stealth, hunting and craftsmanship because they are born hunters and craftsman. Also found love of it because they are born with the knowgle at birth and they love all nature

Also can control the elements and sub elements by will alone and and Can also control plants an
SilverKitsune-Ch chapter 11 . 4/23
End of Next Week? I'm about to cry... Am I messed up? 'Cause Complete was last updated in 2013, and it's 2015...
I mean, I have a suggestion, but it's rather stupid. PM me and I'll tell you, because, well; I'm one of those people that prefers one-on-one, nobody-else talks.

My username is SilverKitsune-Chan, and if by the time you read this I've changed it for some reason or another, the user ID is 6177771

This story is really cool, and I'm hoping this is just a rather long update period... Bah, who do I think I'm talking to? I said by the end of the month, and I think it's been either 7, 8, or 9... oh well. Happens to us all, I guess.

(And as you may be able to see, it cut off the last two letters in my user for the 'name here' spot of the review. sorry. Hope you can still message me!)
ViciousFitz chapter 11 . 2/27
Next week. A year later, lol.
reviewer chapter 11 . 2/27
lovely chapter and i hope that you dont just end with him having yin and yang release... i hope he becomes strong enough to create a whole solar system
firehelm chapter 11 . 2/17
Lol its been more than a week. jk idc about that.

This is a nice story though. A strong naruto that doesnt cross the border between logically strong and impossibly strong. So its a good balance.

I feel like you couldve just continued but just put in your own plot twists as in a AU type of setting?
LadyLucyoftheCursedDark chapter 11 . 2/15
This is a wonderful fic. But, unfortunately, you seem to have not updated. I think you should call this an AU and continue with your idea of keeping with the major showdown between Naruto and Madara... It's probably going to be a very interesting plot whatever you do. But anyway, please do update as soon as you can... :)
BBBBGarden Golden chapter 11 . 2/12
Hello Savi0r, well I know that you never offered and perhaps it is arrogant of me to ask, but would you be willing to put this fic up to adoption? I would like to start a fic, that is similar to this one, the same main idea, but with my own twists, let me know if you would allow me to do so.
Tepheris chapter 6 . 1/18
This indeed was a fascinating concept for a story, but I feel like you've made Naruto too powerful far too quickly. It's one thing in Super!Naruto stories where Naruto starts abusing the crap out of Kage Bunshin when he's at the Academy age. But to go from canon Naruto power level to where he's stronger than Kakashi in just a month is a bit too much. Your writing is great, and you haven't written anything I found morally repugnant. Your scenes are well written, the buildup to the three minute rampage of Naruto on the Oto army was particularly cool. I guess I just don't like Super!Naruto stories that much.
bh chapter 11 . 9/29/2014
don't mould you fan fiction on the cannon
XxElementalStormxX chapter 11 . 9/10/2014
Yes final
Night69Raven chapter 11 . 9/7/2014
I love the story please continue to write
michumichu79 chapter 11 . 7/27/2014
uzumakicho chapter 8 . 7/26/2014
Way too much at once. Entertaining, but too much.
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