Reviews for Hannah-Marie What!
kitsunerocker chapter 8 . 6/15
I can't wait to see what max and ruby do to them. Will Hannah turn out to be related to one of them.
Guest chapter 8 . 5/17
Cub that is the word that made me laughing suddenly that my family jump at least 10 feet in the air because we were all sitting in silence until I suddenly I burst out laughing
heather chapter 8 . 4/15
please continue
redsnivy chapter 8 . 4/3
i found the fire a good idea. you did good with this story...i love it.
Peacelovefairy chapter 1 . 3/5
I like thumbs up
GhostnamedSven chapter 8 . 2/13
Please continue
GothicPheonix chapter 8 . 1/13
I look forward to reading more. Please update when you can
Jazzy Girl kataanglover chapter 8 . 11/12/2014
Please update quickly there are few fanfics for this fandom.
Evilkat23 chapter 8 . 10/12/2014
I LOVE this story! Please continue it! This is one of the best Scary godmother stories on this site, and trust me, I've practically read them all. XD
mcetchenforever234453 chapter 8 . 10/12/2014
More please
Shaddowridder221 chapter 1 . 10/4/2014
Love the story but it's just like the story scary godmother reading Hannah-Marie wait what?! Is a copy or is the other one the copy?
Cora shadowcat chapter 8 . 9/30/2014
Her foster parents got what they deserved and more thanks for doing that .Please UPDATE soon!
Guest chapter 8 . 9/29/2014
Yay Lisa and Greg pay!
Guest chapter 8 . 9/27/2014
Great chapter! I enjoyed the flame idea, I loved skully's "do. You. Think. You. Are. Evil?"
BeachChic13 chapter 8 . 9/29/2014
I cant wait for more! This was a great chapter! :D
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