Reviews for Top of the Tree
alia00 chapter 12 . 6/5
it's a very good fiction
G chapter 12 . 6/3
*Sigh* It's good to hear you're going to continue this story cuz' there are a lot of stories that I wish would continue,but seem pre~tty hopeless. Anyways, hope you're not having that hard of a time with school (Everone can emails with that).
doron chapter 12 . 5/7
Rose1414 chapter 12 . 4/21
Please update?
belladu57 chapter 12 . 4/19
Very good
a nun y moose chapter 12 . 4/7
Raced through the 12 chapters... Worst decision ever. It's that dreaded moment when i can no longer click on 'next.' Kozue is an intriguing character- wonder how she'll develop. Well, I suppose the real question is... will the lovable brat (I hope this doesn't rub off as too rude -") make it to 30 and beyond...
I'll be Anxiously awaiting the next piece of goodness
katsekala chapter 12 . 3/29
Poor Kozue. Great chapter! Many kisses!
Chitsuki-Tokiwa chapter 12 . 3/23
Very impressed with this story! Can't wait for more!
Harlie Ishmael chapter 12 . 3/22
This is an awesome book, hope you keep on writing... The way this story explains Kozue's life as a Sarutobi and how her family handled things is just mind blowing, your a fantastic writer...
Vampirelover12100 chapter 12 . 3/16
Wow! Just wow! I have to say that many fanfic writters don't have me as impressed as you have with this story.

You managed to curl and depict a child's way of thinking and selfishness within a character such as Kozue so neatly despite being 30-something herself.

But also the fact that Hiruzen is such a complex character himself when it comes to all sorts of things, plus the war, I'm just so astounded that you managed to write it all down so quickly and elegantly withe the finest and simplest of details that shows great depth is all of your characters and their mannerisms that demonstrate that they're so much more than just characters but as people to Kozue.

A truely magnificent author knows how to show both the light and dark parts of their creations and I applaud you on that.

Thank you for the amazing story and I do hope that you're not going to give up on it.
Shae Vizla chapter 12 . 3/15
Good story. I can understand Kozue's attitude : she remember her past life, being a soldier but she doesn't make the choice to choose this path in her new life. She remember a society that hated the concept of children soldiers, she remember dying once in the line of duty and she doesn't want to die even younger. She despise her father in puting the village first, to force her in a path to save face and because she know she will never come first, that he would send her to her death without question for the village's benefits and perhaps more because she's his daughter and doesn't want to show favoritism. She's not blind to the village propaganda, to the fact that shinobi aren't the good ones. She lived in a world who knew peace and she know the shinobi's life is not about honor, love and heroism.
nemesisswan chapter 1 . 3/4
Yet another writer with complete no good sense when it comes to the damn drama. Gross. And this writing style reminds me strongly of the one used in commercials - like you heroine is unable to create long, correct sentences. A very big NO.
unimportant chapter 12 . 2/27
Hey there, this is a really amazing fic btw, I just thought u should know that. And I get what u mean by busy, I am ignoring so much homework right now that I probably won't be able to finish it by Monday. Oh well. I hope to see another amazing chapter soon.
Gelasia Kidd chapter 12 . 2/22
-Sniffle- ;n; so sad
Cut The Dotted Line chapter 12 . 2/20
This is interesting and I can't wait to see where your headed with it. I also totally understand the whole 'making a chapter flow' thing. I have half written things sitting around as well. So, I totally get it. Just update when you can.

Also, did you ever find a beta? I've seen a few miss spelled words or grammar things, but it's nothing unusual and nothing I couldn't understand. Your story is really good. :)
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