Reviews for One Sky, One Destiny
The Sin Bin 66 chapter 1 . 6/28/2015
Absolutely loved it!
It was amazing, and exactly what I was looking for, desperate for others to see Kairi and Aqua's similarities and wonderfulness and tragedy.
I, too, am quite upset with how Kairi's been a bit side-lined for the, what, ten Kingdom Hearts games. I'm really hoping that in KHIII she'll get an awesome scene where she kicks some major butt with her keyblade. She deserved it. Keyblade-Wielder/Princess of Heart for the win! Hehe.
Also, was always struck by how unfair Ventus was to Aqua when it came to that scene with her and Terra after their great team-up boss battle. I get that Ventus practically worshipped Terra but it wasn't right what he said to Aqua when she was only doing what was best for them both. Downright callous, honestly. Little brat. Lol.
Anyway, just thought I'd review and share my sentiments. Hope you have a good day. :)
RadiantKeybladeFantasy chapter 1 . 4/13/2013
You did a good job writing this, I think! I almost teared up at some parts, especially with Terra stabbing himself before Aqua. I love the short back-stories you provided in-between the game segments - they were a really nice touch and I could totally see them having actually happened. You mixed them into the game's events so well - they just flowed so fluidly.

The way you delved into their emotions like that just blew me away. I really felt for them and, like I said, was near tears at times - or, felt I was, at least. Even your brief depiction of Namine really lets you know how big a role Kairi has played so far even without really doing too much. Your ability to dip deep into the game's storyline and come up with such emotional and detailed moments is amazing!

I've never noticed exactly how similar Kairi and Aqua are, but you're right, they, and the boys, too, are exactly alike more than many players may ever notice. This adds even more emotion to the Kingdom Hearts series and I totally can't wait for KH3. It's been 13 years since the first game's release. I can't believe it.
WolfieRed23 chapter 1 . 2/3/2013
Wow this is amazing. You took the games and compared my two favorite characters and made it an amazing story! You wrote both amazingly but I preferred Aqua(no offense but ever since I've watched Birth by Sleep on YouTube I've been trying to decide if I like Aqua or Kairi better) and I really love the way it flows. In short, AMAZING!
Shadowman-DDT chapter 1 . 10/23/2012
This was amazing! I always thought that people wouldn't hate Kairi so much if she had a more active role in the story. But she's a passive character, and had to be for the story to work. That not a bad thing mind you, but some people mistake her passiveness for uselessness. I think your right about Kairi not having her own story. She needs and deserves her own Reverse/Rebirth or 358/2 Days. something that gives of a glimpse into her mind and how she's handling all this.

And I always thought that Terra and Ven were in the wrong during BBS, but I could see Aqua blaming herself. Aqua is my favorite video game character ever, not just in KH (I love the scene when she falls into the Realm of Darkness, so fucking sad); and this got me thinking about her in a new way, so thanks for that.
vexinkora chapter 1 . 10/18/2012
great story you really expressed the characters well and i like how it's written
MonMonCandie chapter 1 . 10/14/2012
I am so glad I decided to read this! And you were right; I think some people do miss some of the little things that make Kairi and Aqua similar. :) I know I did and your 'charcter study' put things in retrospect for me! That bit where Terra and Sora stab each other with the Keyblade (though the former is debatable)? That didn't click with me until you mentioned it! XD

I think you did great with both characters! Aqua's thoughts were really spot on and I believe it may have touched one of her inner struggles that weren't shown in the game. And Kairi's was great too; sometimes I feel like some writers (including myself) actually underestimate her character. I find it hard to write Kairi over Aqua, but like you said, it's probably because Kairi doesn't actually have a solid story for her personality to take flight. I'm hoping KH3 will change that too and considering what the secret ending of DDD revealed, all I can say is that I'm excited. XD LOL

Again, this was a fantastic read. I didn't actually mind if there was hardly any dialogue as I felt that reading their thoughts worked perfectly for something like this. It had that sort of 'reminiscent' feel as if Aqua and Kairi were looking back at memories until now...if that makes any sense. This was very well-written and hardly any spelling mistakes.

Awesome job! b